Jerry Jones' alleged daughter has defamation suit against Cowboys owner tossed by judge: The 26-year-old claims billionaire paid her millions and gave her a $70K car in effort to conceal that he was her biological dad

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  • The female named Alexandra Davis besides revenge a lawsuit against Jones successful 2022
  • Jones has ne'er publically confirmed aliases denied that he is nan woman's father
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By Tyrell Feaster For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:24 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 22:27 EDT, 31 October 2023

A national judge has dismissed a defamation suit against Dallas Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones, who was being sued by a 26-year-old female claiming to beryllium his daughter.

In nan lawsuit, plaintiff Alexandra Davis claimed that Jones, his lawyer Don Jack, and a family advisor named Jim Wilkinson 'initiated a deliberate plan' to represent her arsenic 'an 'extortionist' and a 'shakedown artist.'''

Back successful 2022, nan 26-year-old Davis revenge a abstracted suit against Jones, claiming that he paid her mother $375,000 and group up 2 trusts so that she would not uncover that he was her biologic father.

In his 36-page bid dismissing nan lawsuit, Judge Robert W. Schroeder III wished that immoderate of nan alleged defamatory statements were either were either existent aliases 'not defamatory.'

Schroder besides ruled that Davis qualified arsenic a 'limited nationalist figure' and owed to specified had grounded to make a valid declare of existent malice, which is simply a request nether nan defamation law.

Dallas Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones had a defamation suit against him thrown retired Tuesday

Davis is pictured astatine 16 alongside her mother, Cynthia, during nan filming of a reality TV show 

Although he dismissed nan suit pinch prejudice, nan judge still gave Davis and her lawyers nan chance to amend their complaints and reason nan defendants id successful truth enactment pinch malice erstwhile they made erstwhile comments that were yet published connected nan subject.

'We are amending our pleading and we are pleased that nan lawsuit is moving forward,' said Andrew Bergman who is 1 of nan lawyers for Davis.

Davis and her lawyers insist she is not motivated by money. 

Wilkinson, however, has contradicted that declare by accusing Bergman of demanding 'Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott] aliases Dak [Prescott] money' to make nan suit 'go away.'

Bergman, connected nan different hand, insists his customer ne'er asked for immoderate money successful bid to settee nan case. 

Alexandra Davis was seen getting a achromatic Range Rover for her 'Sweet 16' statement connected a reality show called 'Big Rich Texas,' which supports Arkansas lawyer Don Jack's declare that nan car was bought for nan woman, now 25, by Dallas Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones

Alexandra Davis (right, astatine her Sweet 16 statement 9 years ago) is suing Jones for paternity

Jones's filing from Monday says he was sued only aft he refused Davis's petition to 'make a deal' to 'assure that he would not beryllium publically aliases privately identified' arsenic her father

Jones, a 81-year-old joined begetter of three, has not confirmed aliases denied that he is Davis's father. 

Jones has already paid astir $3 cardinal Davis, including a $70,000 Range Rover for her 'Sweet 16' statement 9 years ago, according to Jack, the Arkansas lawyer who says he facilitated nan transactions.

Jones's alleged payments to Davis besides included afloat tuition astatine Southern Methodist University, Jack told ESPN in 2022.  

'On galore occasions I person made payments connected behalf of Mr. Jones to Cindy and Alex Davis,' Jack said successful a statement, referencing nan plaintiff and her mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer.

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