Jason Sudeikis and Lake Bell rock out at a Guns N' Roses concert as they share prime box seats at the Hollywood Bowl

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Jason Sudeikis and Lake Bell enjoyed an evening retired together connected Wednesday while catching a Guns N' Roses concert.

The 48-year-old Saturday Night Live alumnus and nan 44-year-old character and filmmaker were pictured seated adjacent to each different successful a container spot astatine nan storied Hollywood Bowl.

The 2 could beryllium seen chatting and enjoying immoderate snacks astatine nan concert, which marked nan first show of a two-night tally from Guns N' Roses, who were making their Hollywood Bowl debut, on pinch an opening slot from The Black Keys.

Jason and Lake's friends outing follows successful nan aftermath of his messy divided from character and filmmaker Olivia Wilde, and it comes months aft Lake was reported to beryllium dating Chris Rock.

DailyMail.com has reached retired to representatives for Sudeikis and Bell. 

Rock on! Jason Sudeikis, 48, and Lake Bell, 44, were spotted enjoying a Guns N' Roses performance from container box seats astatine nan Hollywood Bowl connected Wednesday

Taking it easy: The erstwhile SNL prima and nan comic character looked friends and seemed to beryllium chatting and eating immoderate snacks

A root besides confirmed to DailyMail.com that Jason and Lake are not a romanticist couple, but 'just friends.'

The comic stars' relationship goes backmost 15 years, and they person worked together onscreen successful nan 2008 movie What Happens In Vegas, arsenic good arsenic nan raunchy 2011 drama A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.

Jason opted for a casual look to nan stone performance pinch a bubblegum pinkish hoodie and a achromatic shot cap.

He besides sported a well-groomed salt-and-pepper beard.

Lake had connected a achromatic top, and she wore her highlighted brunette hairsbreadth down.

It's unclear if nan 2 were joined by different concertgoers successful their box, which is located adjacent nan beforehand of nan venue and adjacent to nan stage.

The partitioned-off sections usually characteristic 4 to six canvas chairs, on pinch a foldable array aliases 2 to bask meal aliases snacks earlier aliases during nan show.

While Jason has been successful nan news for months owed to his shocking divided pinch his erstwhile partner Olivia Wilde, he had astir precocious dated his Ted Lasso castmate Keeley Hazell.

Old pals: A root confirms to DailyMail.com that nan 2 are 'just friends.' They person known each different for 15 years and person starred together onscreen before

No fuss: Jason was casual successful a pinkish hoodie and a achromatic shot cap, while Lake wore a achromatic top

The 2 were first linked successful 2021, but they were reported to person gone their abstracted ways nan pursuing year.

Prior to that, he began his years-long romance pinch Olivia Wilde successful precocious 2011, aft first gathering months earlier astatine an SNL afterparty.

He projected to her successful 2012, though nan 2 would ne'er marry.

In 2014, nan mates welcomed their first child, a boy named Otis, nine, and 2 years later their girl Daisy, seven, was born.

But nan mates were reported to person divided successful 2020. The play escalated nan pursuing twelvemonth erstwhile Olivia was reported to beryllium successful a narration pinch erstwhile One Direction personnel Harry Styles, whom she acted pinch and directed successful Don't Worry Darling, which starred Florence Pugh.

She was subsequently rumored to person started a narration pinch Styles connected group earlier having divided from Sudeikis, though she subsequently denied those charges. 

DailyMail.com reported successful September that nan 2 stars had settled their kid custody battle, pinch Jason agreeing to salary $27,500 per period to his ex.

Although they were said to not beryllium connected speaking position arsenic of past last year, nan 2 person been seen looking friends astatine their children's sporting events successful caller months.

The ex: Jason's astir caller narration was pinch his Ted Lasso castmate Keeley Hazell. They were linked successful 2021 but divided nan pursuing year; seen successful March successful LA

Difficult split: His messy custody play pinch Olivia Wilde was yet resolved successful September. They began making love successful 2011 and exchanged rings successful 2012, but divided successful 2020. She subsequently began making love her Don't Worry Darling prima Harry Styles; seen successful 2018 successful Beverly Hills

Settled: Jason and Olivia stock 2 young children. He will now salary her $27,500 per period successful kid support; pictured successful 2013 successful NYC

That was fast: Lake was astir precocious linked to Chris Rock successful nan summertime of 2022, but he said successful a unrecorded Netflix typical from March of this twelvemonth that he was single; seen successful July 2022 successful NYC

Lake's latest romance was pinch nan superstar comedian Chris Rock.

The 2 were linked successful nan summertime of 2022, and things seemed to power up erstwhile a bikini-clad Lake was spotted connected a luxury yacht successful Croatia in July 2022 pinch Chris and different stars, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

However, nan 2 person not been seen together successful months, and Rock said successful a unrecorded Netflix typical from March of this twelvemonth that he was single. 

Lake is champion known arsenic a talented comic actress, but she has besides ventured into penning and directing pinch her acclaimed 2013 movie In A World.... 

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