Jason Momoa catches up with pal over lunch as he takes a break from his busy work schedule - after hosting Saturday Night Live

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Jason Momoa has been everyplace arsenic of late, from nan stages of Saturday Night Live to nan newest trailer for his adjacent Aquaman film. 

But connected Tuesday nan action prima enjoyed immoderate downtime successful nan trendy Los Angeles vicinity of Los Feliz.

Jason, 44, looked successful precocious spirits arsenic he caught up pinch a friend complete lunch.

The A-lister enjoyed a cup of java while enjoying nan caller aerial and sunshine pinch his pal.

The prima sported a plum purple T-shirt, burgundy trousers, and wore his hairsbreadth slicked backmost into a messy bun.

Take five! Jason Momoa enjoyed luncheon pinch friends successful nan trendy Los Angeles vicinity of Los Feliz connected Tuesday 

Jason flashed a lukewarm grin arsenic he sat al fresco, his portion resting connected nan countertop beside him.

The bearded prima shoved his hands into his pockets arsenic he listened to his friend chat distant extracurricular nan eatery.

It has been an action-packed fewer days for nan actor.

Not only was nan latest trailer for his upcoming movie Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom released, but Jason has besides been engaged promoting his vodka Meili.

The prima besides precocious returned from New York aft hosting Saturday Night Live.

The Game Of Thrones alum had nan chance to show disconnected his comedic skills by taking portion successful a assortment of skits while philharmonic guest, Tate McRae, besides rocked nan stage.

Before appearing successful sketches, nan character kicked disconnected nan section pinch an opening monologue. Jason was greeted pinch a lukewarm applause from nan unrecorded assemblage arsenic he stepped onto nan stage.

The prima put connected a stylish show donning a yellow, bomber overgarment arsenic good arsenic a brace of grey trousers arsenic he began to reside nan crowd.

Momoa expressed his gratitude to return to SNL and gushed, 'It intends truthful overmuch to me.'

Coffee break: The Aquaman prima enjoyed a cup of java while enjoying nan caller aerial and sunshine pinch his pal

Chit chat: He listened to his pal arsenic he stood successful he sunshine 

He past revealed that his mother was besides successful attendance to cheer connected her boy and humorously added, 'If you spot her, beryllium careful, she's still recovering from giving commencement to me.'

Jason expressed, 'But I'm truthful happy to beryllium here. I emotion this place. I emotion life! I emotion waking up washing my luxurious hairsbreadth pinch a afloat vessel of shampoo, and I emotion playing Aquaman, because I emotion nan ocean.'

He opened up astir his childhood, revealing that erstwhile he was younger, he had dreams of being a marine biologist.

'The problem was that moreover though I was calved successful Hawaii, I grew up successful Iowa, which is not really known for their oceans.'

The prima explained that he watched a movie called, In God's Hands, and stated that he saw his relative 'in these 50 ft waves, truthful I went backmost to Hawaii to surf pinch my family, and I ended up getting connected a TV show called Baywatch.'

He's back! Momoa hosted nan latest section of Saturday Night Live, 5 years aft making his hosting debut 

Opening monologue: Before appearing successful sketches, nan Aquaman character kicked disconnected nan section pinch an opening monologue

Momoa notably portrayed nan characteristic of Jason Ioane successful Baywatch: Hawaii from 1999 done 2001.

'I telephone it nan B word. But I fell successful emotion pinch acting, and I only stayed for a fewer seasons because you really don't want to get stuck successful nan B hole,' he joked.

'And now I consciousness for illustration my life has travel afloat circle,' he expressed to nan audience.

'I do a batch of activity protecting our oceans and mini land nations. I moreover started my ain h2o institution to destruct azygous usage integrative h2o bottles,' Jason stated, referencing to Mananalu Pure Water that he launched successful 2019.

'This activity really intends a batch to me. I'm serious. We're going to prevention nan whales, nan coral reef, nan spongebobs because Jason Momoa loves life.'

To reason his opening monologue, nan character said a Hawaiian saying, which he revealed translated to: 'Take attraction of nan Earth, return attraction of each other.'