Jason Kelce reveals the one thing that helps his golf game as NFL legend competes in star-studded tournament

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By Oliver Salt

Published: 16:14 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 16:16 EDT, 11 July 2024

Jason Kelce has opened up connected nan concealed to his occurrence connected nan play people while taking portion successful this week's personage tourney astatine Lake Tahoe.

Kelce is 1 of respective high-profile names competing successful nan 2024 American Century Championship, on pinch actors Rob McElhenney and Miles Teller, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, NFL backmost Aaron Rodgers and galore more.

And arsenic he battles it retired pinch a number of celebrated faces in nan Sierra Nevada Mountains, nan retired Philadelphia Eagles fable has revealed that sinking a fewer beers during rounds really improves his crippled - truthful agelong arsenic he doesn't overdo it.

'There's a constituent of an overturn. Usually 2 to 3 [beers] complete nan people of nan round, that's my saccharine spot,' he told Access Hollywood. 'Once I'm complete 2 to three, crippled starts to spell downhill quickly.

'But location is for illustration a 2 to 3 scope wherever I decidedly play importantly better. So nan plaything lube is real.'

NFL fable Jason Kelce has opened up connected nan concealed to his occurrence connected nan play course

Jason Kelce is fresh to return connected his relative Travis Kelce successful a crippled of golf! Speaking pinch Access Hollywood astatine nan 35th Annual American Century Championship presented by American Century Investments connected July 11, nan 36-year-old revealed his chances against his younger brother. pic.twitter.com/IkurTGNYUa

— Access Hollywood (@accesshollywood) July 11, 2024

Kelce was seen swigging a portion connected nan people arsenic he posed adjacent to a motion celebrating relative Travis' existent reign arsenic nan 2023 Korbel Long Drive Champion, aft nan Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity deed an unthinkable 363-yard thrust past year.

Despite his younger sibling's occurrence successful Korbel, Jason insists he is not looking to outdo him astatine Lake Tahoe this week.

'Oh man, I'm not trying to hit anybody I don't think. I'm trying to really conscionable put together a respectable round. That's my goal.

I was talking to [WWE star] The Miz yesterday and he said he vanished 2nd to last, truthful I conjecture I'll effort to hit The Miz. But he was talking a large crippled and he was looking to amended his, truthful we'll see.'

Kelce's plaything was brutally mocked by fans connected societal media aft he was seen practicing connected the Edgewood Tahoe South driving scope connected Wednesday.

A number of users drew sadistic comparisons betwixt nan 36-year-old and US President Joe Biden, pinch 1 penning connected X: 'That was a Biden plaything each day'.

Last month's statesmanlike statement included a dense dose of play talk pinch challenger Donald Trump boasting that he won 'two nine championships' connected courses he owns while insisting Biden 'can't deed a shot 50 yards.'

Kelce says that 'two to three' beers puts him successful nan 'sweet spot' erstwhile he's playing a round

On Wednesday, footage of nan retired Philadelphia Eagles center's convention astatine Edgewood Tahoe South driving scope was posted connected X, wherever fans likened his plaything to Joe Biden's

In response, Biden claimed apical person a 6 handicap during his days arsenic Barack Obama's VP, which Kelce referenced successful his instrumentality interactions connected X.

'No chance I'm a 6 handicap!' Kelce wrote to nan fan.

'Me either,' nan instrumentality responded.

A 6 handicap would person put Biden among nan top-10 percent of amateur golfers, which Trump wasn't buying successful nan slightest.

'That's nan biggest lie—that he's a 6 handicap,' said Trump, who has faced akin allegations of dishonesty connected nan course.

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