Jason Kelce represents his and brother Travis' high school, Cleveland Heights, ahead of Eagles and Chiefs' Super Bowl rematch, as the Philly center rocks a varsity jacket and his signature flipflops!

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  • Jason Kelce attended nan Ohio precocious schoolhouse pinch his relative Travis arsenic kids
  • The violative lineman has ne'er defeated nan Chiefs successful his 13-year-career
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By Jake Nisse

Published: 18:29 EST, 20 November 2023 | Updated: 18:33 EST, 20 November 2023

Jason Kelce turned up to nan Eagles' Monday nighttime matchup astatine nan Chiefs wearing immoderate inspiration from his younger days, arsenic he rocked a varsity overgarment from Cleveland Heights High School.

Kelce attended nan Ohio schoolhouse pinch his relative Travis, and starred connected nan football, lucky and lacrosse teams arsenic his overgarment showed successful a video posted by nan NFL's X account.

The violative lineman completed his look pinch immoderate achromatic sweatpants and flipflops - contempt nan low-40s temperatures expected for nan Monday nighttime clash.

Meanwhile, nan Eagles' relationship besides posted a video of Jason - pinch a motion to his relative Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

The video was captioned, 'Lately we've been dressing for revenge,' a play connected nan lyrics from Swift's opus 'Vigilante S***.'

Jason Kelce arrived to Arrowhead Stadium successful his precocious schoolhouse varsity overgarment - and flip flops 

The Eagles besides made a motion to Jason's brother's narration successful posting Taylor Swift lyrics

At nan clip of writing, Travis has yet to beryllium spotted earlier nan game.

While overmuch of nan brothers' family are expected to beryllium seated successful a luxury suite astatine Arrowhead Stadium, that won't see Jason's woman Kylie.

The mom of 3 told Spectrum Sports KC that she'll beryllium braving nan elements and sitting successful nan stands for nan highly-anticipated matchup.

'I will beryllium successful nan stands tomorrow, I'm a stands girl,' she told Spectrum Sports KC aft putting connected a section lucky session successful nan Kansas City area connected Sunday. 'I emotion sitting successful nan stands, cheering pinch nan fans, moreover if it's successful an opposing squad stadium.'

Jason's woman Kelce said she will beryllium snubbing container seats to beryllium successful nan normal stands for nan game

She added, 'I americium conscionable hoping that we person capable group successful nan stadium saying ''Go Birds'' that we will get my husband's first triumph against nan Kansas City Chiefs successful his career,' she said.

It's unclear if Kylie will person nan couple's 3 children by her broadside astatine Arrowhead, which is known for having immoderate of nan loudest fans successful football.

Meanwhile, Travis' woman Taylor Swift will not beryllium successful attendance arsenic he embarks connected her 'Eras' circuit successful South America.

However, her parents will reportedly beryllium astatine nan crippled pinch Travis and Jason's parents Donna and Ed.

Jason, a 13-year seasoned of nan NFL, has ne'er hit nan Chiefs successful his career.