Jason Kelce confirms he rushed off the field in Eagles win over Bills because he needed a bathroom break: 'I'd been holding it all game!'

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  • Kelce antecedently joked astir different teams' stadiums not having capable stalls
  • The Eagles hit nan Bills, 37-34, successful overtime to amended to a 10-1 play record
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 15:26 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 15:26 EST, 29 November 2023

Philadelphia Eagles halfway Jason Kelce confirmed that he needed a bath break precocious successful their crippled against nan Buffalo Bills connected Sunday. 

With 25 seconds left, Eagles kicker Jake Elliott stepped successful to return a 59-yard section extremity pinch a chance to necktie nan crippled astatine 31 and completing nan section extremity besides gave nan Eagles, particularly Kelce, a lifeline successful nan shape of an overtime period. 

On nan latest section of nan New Heights podcast, Kelce revealed to his younger relative Travis that he did not time off nan section aft Elliott's conversion because he was banged up. 

'I had to return a p***,' said Kelce. 'I knew aft he made nan section extremity that I wasn't going to person to do it connected nan sideline. That I was going to beryllium capable to spell in.

'I was going to blue-tent it. because I had to go. I had been holding it and past aft he made it, I thought this is going to OT, I tin spell do this successful nan locker room existent quick.' 

Jason Kelce confirmed that he took a bath break up of overtime against nan Bills

Fans were worried that Kelce would not return to nan crippled aft giving distant 2 penalties

Kelce's younger relative Travis went connected to tease him astir what he needed nan break for. 

'Nothing gets successful nan measurement of Jason Kelce taking a s***,' said Travis.

'P***, it was a speedy one,' Jason responded. 'In and out.'

'Yeah, we each cognize what you were doing,' Travis continued. 

Kelce antecedently joked astir different teams' stadiums' not having capable stalls for visiting teams, which whitethorn person factored into his speedy travel to nan bathroom. 

Kelce mentioned really nan mini magnitude of stalls is 'not perfect pre-game erstwhile you're trying to clip up your pre-game ritual.'

Eagles kicker Jake Elliott converted a 59-yard section extremity to necktie nan crippled and unit overtime

Kelce made a important artifact for Jalen Hurts successful overtime to thief nan Eagles unafraid a 34-37 win

Fans were initially concerned by Kelce's exit, not knowing if he'd return for nan overtime play aft giving distant 2 penalties successful regulation. 

The Eagles went connected to conclusion nan Bills, 34-37. After his bath break, Kelce re-entered nan crippled and made a important artifact that allowed his backmost Jalen Hurts to tally into nan extremity area and triumph nan crippled for Philadelphia. 

The triumph moved nan Eagles to a 10-1 grounds arsenic they proceed to lead nan NFC East and clasp nan champion opinionated successful nan NFL this season. 

The Eagles look to widen a five-game triumph streak to six against nan San Francisco 49ers connected December 3.