JANET STREET-PORTER: Celebrities' crass Halloween outfits just give me nightmares! Why the prize for the Most Tasteless Costume goes to... Lil Nas X's 'human tampon' (followed closely by the Osbournes' tone-deaf Kanye stunt)

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It takes a batch to daze me, but I can't thief emotion that stylish vocalist Lil Nas X's prime of Halloween outfit this twelvemonth was wholly disastrous. The astir glamorous man successful rap - nan first achromatic queer creator to apical nan US charts pinch his opus Old Town Road - headed retired connected nan municipality dressed arsenic a human-sized, blood-stained TAMPON.

Instead of a matching bag, nan prima chose a grotesque padded vulva attached by a agelong achromatic string, matching his leggings and precocious heels.

I emotion Lil Nas X - his music, his immense shape presence, his fabulous consciousness of style, and his ground-breaking achievements. He showed existent bravery by coming retired erstwhile he reached nan number 1 spot.

This statement outfit is simply a agelong measurement from nan pinkish cowboy chapeau and chaps of Old Town Road, aliases nan gorgeous golden bra Nas sported onstage astatine Gastonbury this summer. Like Lizzo and Cardi B, he chooses costumes that are designed to daze and entertain and blur preconceptions of gender. But this clip he mightiness person gone excessively far.

The guidance from fans was disastrous. Shock, outrage, and disbelief. For once, astir were speechless.

Lil Nas X heads retired connected nan municipality dressed arsenic a human-sized, blood-stained tampon

Why, why, why was nan mobility being asked complete and over.

Theories flooded in.

Was Tampon Man a smart governmental move, calling retired menstruation arsenic thing we must celebrate, not brushwood nether nan carpet? Was nan elephantine tampon a timely remark connected nan shame and injustice of play poverty? Was Nas supporting women aliases simply utilizing our biology arsenic drama worldly to get much attraction online?

The maestro of media manipulation mightiness person overstepped nan people this clip around.

Runners-up successful nan title for astir tasteless Halloween costume 2023 were Sharon Osbourne and Ozzie, arsenic Bianca Censori and Kanye West and their attention-seeking wanderings astir Venice past summer. Sharon semi-naked, clutching a cushion was a brave effort astatine Bianca's bare-faced cheek, but arsenic for Ozzie, pinch a achromatic container complete his head, was truthful wrong. There's a definite irony successful 1 popular prima who has publically talked astir his intelligence wellness 'journey' posing successful fancy dress arsenic nan world's astir troubled rapper. Pot and kettle outpouring to mind.

And mediocre Margot Robbie was heavy criticised for daring to observe Halloween successful full disguise, hidden successful a achromatic wig and a vendetta mask. After months of being Barbie, who tin blasted her?

As for Lil Nas, it's nary astonishment nan arguable prima didn't want to dress up arsenic a pumpkin, Fred Flintstone, aliases moreover Dorothy from nan Wizard of Oz (as Harry Styles did successful 2021). Even a no-holds-barred rapper for illustration Cardi B towed nan Halloween statement and dressed up arsenic Marge Simpson successful 2021.

Margot Robbie was heavy criticised for daring to observe Halloween successful full disguise, hidden successful a achromatic wig and a vendetta mask

Lil Nas had ever said he intends to break down barriers and show that nan sky's nan limit for gays and blacks. He turned up astatine nan Metropolitan Gala this twelvemonth arsenic dressed arsenic nan world's astir making out pet - nan precocious Karl Lagerfeld's feline Choupette!

Naked isolated from a tasteful matching loincloth, his assemblage was painted metallic each complete and encrusted pinch crystals. Somehow I knew that he would ne'er settee to beryllium David Beckham this Halloween. Or Barberella, aliases Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Nas operates connected different imaginative level.

But a tampon?

Some complained he was telling women thing they already knew. Because having a play isn't a load of laughs and seeing a elephantine tampon connected a catwalk aliases astatine a costume statement isn't going to make your cramps spell away.

Nas surely drew attraction to nan truth that there's nary glamour successful a tampon. Month aft month, millions of women strengthen menstrual pain, moving because they can't spend to enactment astatine home.

Periods aren't thing women mostly celebrate, nary matter what nan jolly ads for pads mightiness show you.

Apart from being accused of mediocre taste, Nas has caused a sensation by simply ignoring 1 of nan unwritten showbiz rules of Halloween: you must travel arsenic a characteristic from a movie, a book aliases a comic strip. And your characteristic must require a squad of constitution artists, wigs, prosthetics ensuring your personage friends will grit their teeth and show you really awesome you look. Nas's human-sized tampon looks for illustration a load of wadding dumped successful pail of reddish paint, a 5 infinitesimal job.

So it's nul points from me, connected craftmanship alone.

Runners-up successful nan title for astir tasteless Halloween costume 2023 were Sharon Osbourne and Ozzie, arsenic Bianca Censori and Kanye West and their attention-seeking wanderings astir Venice past summer

Halloween's immense fame shows really mindless consumerism dominates intermezo these days. No societal arena is simply a occurrence unless you tin station it connected societal media and get a load of likes. What happens to each nan messiness afterwards, nan discarded decorations, nan integrative snakes and spiders? As for those well-documented personage parties, they are an orgy of preening and posing.

This twelvemonth we saw Adele arsenic Morticia performing successful Las Vegas (looking much aliases little normal) and David Beckham astatine home, puckering up for nan camera arsenic – David Beckham wearing horns.

Mariah Carey popped up arsenic Jessica Rabbit filmed successful a driveway successful a flattering aureate glow, pinch a curiously sculptured face. A spot for illustration a melon successful a wig.

Paris Hilton - queen of self-promotion - appeared up successful TWO different Halloween outfits, 1 channelling Britney Spears successful a bluish mini dress and nan different an appalling reddish integrative fringed bodysuit formerly worn by her pal Katy Perry connected tour.

In nan UK, we return a little superior approach, Stacey Soloman dressing up her family arsenic characters from nan Wizard of Oz and moreover making nan array decorations is very saccharine but I announcement her 2 oldest sons had wisely opted not to opt successful to nan celebrations (fear of embarrassment?). Jonathan Ross dressed up his location this year, and cancelled nan lavish statement of erstwhile years, sparing america nan show of his personage friends dressed up arsenic Morticia, David Beckham aliases Jessica Rabbit.

In New York, wherever no-one celebrates Halloween pinch much enthusiasm than TV presenter and erstwhile exemplary Heidi Klum, nan standards are highly high. This year, Heidi enlisted 10 performers from nan Cirque de Soleil dressed successful civilization made costumes to support her entranceway to her ain party, dressed arsenic a peacock. Less fancy dress, much capacity art.

Celebrities' crass Halloween outfits conscionable springiness maine nightmares, writes JANET STREET-PORTER

I deliberation we tin beryllium judge that successful 2023, no-one isolated from Lil Nas, thought to observe Halloween arsenic a tampon.

During his short career, he's sold millions of records, won prestigious awards and been chosen arsenic 1 of nan 100 astir influential group successful nan world by Time magazine.

Sadly, nan tampon represents a uncommon mis-step from nan king of cool.

It's a complete turkey - and Thanksgiving is weeks away.

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