Jamie Carragher slams 'nonsense' claim that Harry Kane is England's greatest-ever player as Gary Neville agrees with Wayne Rooney's verdict about the Three Lions captain

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  • Gary Neville agreed pinch Wayne Rooney that Harry Kane is England's greatest
  • Jamie Carragher has labelled nan declare astir nan Three Lions prima arsenic 'nonsense'
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By Ryan Walker

Published: 15:26 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 15:40 EDT, 11 July 2024

Jamie Carragher has deed backmost astatine Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney's 'nonsense' declare that Harry Kane is England's greatest-ever player.

Kane scored nan first extremity of England's 2-1 Euro 2024 semi-final triumph complete nan Netherlands connected Wednesday evening arsenic they came from down to triumph nan last 4 clash.

The Bayern Munich striker has starred successful nan Bundesliga since moving to Germany past summer, scoring 36 goals successful 32 convention appearances during his debut season, and likewise impressing pinch England.

Kane is nan joint-top scorer astatine nan ongoing European Championship pinch 3 goals and tin triumph nan aureate footwear grant erstwhile England return connected Spain successful Berlin connected Sunday evening.

However, nan 30-year-old has grounded to make his accustomed effect connected guidance defences astatine nan tourney and immoderate judge nan England skipper could beryllium struggling pinch fatigue and injury.

Harry Kane (pictured) was hailed by Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville arsenic England's best-ever player

Kane scored nan opening extremity successful England's comeback Euro 2024 semi-final triumph complete nan Netherlands connected Wednesday

Jamie Carragher has deed backmost astatine claims Kane is England's top subordinate connected societal media

Kane is England's grounds goalscorer pinch 66 strikes for nan nationalist squad and was labelled arsenic nan country's best-ever striker by Rooney anterior to Euro 2024 getting underway.

Rooney told nan Overlap previously: 'I deliberation he is incredible. I deliberation nan goals he has scored. The assists he has added complete nan past fewer years arsenic well. For me, I would opportunity he is England's greatest-ever player. 

'I judge that. You were talking astir Jude earlier pinch his activity rate, pinch Harry location is ne'er an issue. He is nan eventual professional. He ne'er misses a game,' he added.

Neville was initially stunned astatine nan clip but agreed pinch his erstwhile Man United team-mate's appraisal erstwhile analysing England's tally to nan Euro 2024 final. 

Both Neville (left) and Rooney (right) are immense admirers of Kane for what he has done pinch England

Kane hasn't been astatine his accustomed champion for England astatine Euro 2024 but is still nan tournament's joint-top goalscorer

'That is monolithic praise from personification who has been astir nan artifact Wayne Rooney. I wouldnt disagree pinch him either, I deliberation Harry Kane has been perfectly sensational,' he told Sky Sports.

'You conscionable cognize afloat good he is going to present for you. I deliberation he is beneath his champion astatine this tournament, it does look for illustration he is carrying something. But you look astatine that grounds now and who he is up location pinch immoderate of nan awesome strikers of each time.'

Liverpool icon Carragher has now deed retired astatine his chap pundits, posting successful consequence to Neville's statement connected Instagram: ' I emotion Harry Kane but that's absolute delirium from nan 2 of you!!'.

Kane would spell someway to dispelling Carragher's comments if he guides England to nan European Championship title arsenic nan Three Lions look to avenge their erstwhile last conclusion three-years ago. 

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