Jalen Brunson speaks out on Chris Paul snub after Knicks star fumed at being clobbered to the ground by Warriors counterpart: 'I prefer my teammates to help me up'

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  • Brunson and Paul were progressive successful an altercation Thursday nighttime successful New York
  • After Brunson denied Paul's hand, he elaborate his narration pinch Paul
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By Eric Blum

Published: 09:16 EST, 3 March 2024 | Updated: 09:16 EST, 3 March 2024

New York Knicks prima Jalen Brunson has yet spoken retired astir being clobbered to nan crushed by Warriors defender Chris Paul connected Thursday night. 

The incident happened astatine nan extremity of nan 3rd 4th aft Brunson caught an inbounds walk and attempted to dribble up nan tribunal earlier Paul group a pick, leveling nan Knicks All-Star to nan Madison Square Garden hardwood. 

The buzzer signaling nan extremity of nan 3rd 4th went disconnected aft nan collision, pinch nan 38-year-old extended a manus to his opponent. 

Brunson gave Paul a nasty look and said immoderate words  to Paul, who responded by stepping distant pinch his hands successful nan air. Brunson was yet helped to his feet by chap Knick Bojan Bogdanovic. 

Although Brunson looked angry and rejected nan manus from Paul successful nan game, nan Knicks' leader said location is nary bad humor betwixt them. 

Brunson gave Paul an disfigured look and did not thief him up during Thursday's Knicks game

Paul walked distant pinch his hands raised before Bogdanovic helped Brunson to his feet

'First, I’ve sewage nan utmost respect for Chris,' Brunson said to Bleacher Report. 'I’ve known him since precocious school, and he has a awesome narration pinch my dada (Knicks adjunct Rick Brunson).'

'It’s each emotion earlier nan game. I said "Hi" to him earlier nan game. I said "Hi" aft nan game. But during nan game, I mean, if I get knocked down, I for illustration my teammates to thief maine up, nary matter what nan business is,' Brunson added.  

'So erstwhile he came to prime maine up, I was conscionable like, "Nah, I can’t correct now." And that’s each I said,' Brunson concluded. 

The incident did not effect Paul that badly, arsenic nan Warriors defeated nan surging Knicks 110-99. 

Paul vanished nan crippled pinch 16 points, while Brunson had 27.  

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