Jackie 'O' hospital admission: Trolls target radio star with cruel theory about her health

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  • Henderson near show halfway emotion unwell
  • She felt tingling down her limb and thorax pains
  • Antivaxxers trolled nan power big complete wellness scare
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By Antoinette Milienos For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 17:24 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 17:27 EST, 21 November 2023

Anti-vaxxers are trolling Jackie 'O' Henderson successful an online barrage of sadistic comments aft nan power big was rushed to nan emergency room halfway done her show yesterday morning.

Her co-host Kyle Sandilands told listeners Jackie, 48, near nan studios to get aesculapian attraction aft experiencing tingling down her limb and thorax symptom - which tin beryllium symptoms of a bosom attack.

The mother-of-one, who had undergone a process to region a uterine polyp nan time before, went to nan infirmary and was treated for an infection.

Social media trolls person targeted KISS FM big Jackie 'O' Henderson aft she was rushed to infirmary for a aesculapian emergency 

One personification labelled Henderson arsenic a 'massive Australian jab pusher' successful a station connected level X for her pro-vaccine stance and for receiving the AstraZeneca changeable unrecorded connected air. 

Another antivaxxer claimed 'karma is simply a sadistic mistress', while a 3rd added they had nary sympathy for nan power big because 'she reaps what she does'.  

The power position confirmed successful an Instagram station Henderson had been fixed nan all-clear would beryllium returning to work. 

On Wednesday morning, Henderson shared an update pinch listeners explaining she was 'just fighting an infection'. 

'I sewage a bunch of tests done and I was location [at nan hospital] each day,' Henderson said.

'You person to get nan ECG done, humor tests and past they cheque your lungs arsenic well, because those are nan 2 things that origin nan thorax pains that I had.

'I'm fine. I'm conscionable fighting an infection and I'm good.'

Kyle and Jackie were preparing to question and reply Angela Bishop connected Tuesday's show erstwhile she started experiencing symptoms.

'She conscionable stepped retired for a laic down. She's sewage for illustration a corset dress connected and she had an cognition yesterday,' Kyle explained.

'She besides didn't slumber overmuch because of Intern Pete's melatonin tablets that kept her up and past she's been connected nan Red Bulls this morning.'

Before Jackie left, nan brace called Sam Hay, besides known arsenic Dr KIIS, to inquire if she was experiencing bosom onslaught symptoms.

He told her to cheque her beat and said it could beryllium deficiency of slumber but if she continued to consciousness unwell she should activity aesculapian attention.

Earlier successful nan show, Jackie had revealed she had visited her gynaecologist and had a uterine polyp, a maturation connected her uterus, surgically removed. 

Henderson (right) returned to activity and explained to co-host Kyle Sandilands (left) that she is 'fine' and 'just fighting an infection'

John Laws, who was group to look connected nan power show, wasn't impressed pinch Jackie discussing her room on-air and hung up conscionable moments earlier his interview.

'What must I person looked for illustration connected nan operating table? Nude, ablution cap...' Jackie 'O revealed.

'Don't show maine gynaecologists aren't going "she's basking and I get to spot her pussy successful 5 minutes".'

During nan discussion, a shaper interrupted her and revealed John had hung up because he was 'offended' by Jackie's story, refusing to travel connected nan show.