Jack Draper is relishing the 'healthy rivalry' created by his new title as British No 1... claiming Dan Evans and Cameron Norrie 'won't like the fact' he's top of the charts

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  • Jack Draper hit Elias Ymer 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 to scope nan 2nd round 
  • The caller British No 1 believes his title will stoke a patient rivalry among nan Brits 
  • He will return connected Cameron Norrie successful information two, which will delight nan location fans 

By Nathan Salt

Published: 06:11 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 06:23 EDT, 3 July 2024

Jack Draper believes Dan Evans and Cameron Norrie will beryllium bothered by his position arsenic British No 1 - but believes it is creating a 'healthy rivalry' among nan Brits. 

Draper took to Centre Court connected Tuesday evening for nan first clip arsenic British No 1, filling successful for Andy Murray pursuing his withdrawal from nan men's singles. 

Draper was put done nan ringer successful his match, yet navigating his measurement to information 2 courtesy of a 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 triumph complete Elias Ymer.

Asked afterwards astir his opinionated successful nan locker room pinch nan No 1 position adjacent to his name, Draper pointed to nan added information for his rivals to sound him disconnected his perch. 

'I haven't really thought astir it excessively much,' he said. 'Obviously he won't for illustration nan truth that I'm British No 1 now. I'm a batch younger. 

Jack Draper is keen to clasp his position arsenic British No 1 - and nan unit that comes pinch it

Dan Evans (left) and Cameron Norrie (right) are 2 players looking to usurp Draper arsenic No 1

'Obviously sewage Dan and Cam, Andy mightiness beryllium stopping soon. Dan and Cam decidedly astir apt won't for illustration seeing maine being British No 1. I deliberation that creates a really patient rivalry and environment.' 

Draper is simply a rising prima successful this crippled and aft claiming his first ATP Tour title precocious successful Stuttgart, he followed it up by beating Carlos Alcaraz astatine Queen's.

Those results helped bring Draper to Wimbledon arsenic a seeded player, thing he is keen not to return for granted. 

'It was a awesome emotion to evidently travel present seeded, emotion for illustration I beryllium a small spot much pinch nan apical players successful nan world,' he said. 

'That's precisely wherever I want to be. Yeah, I haven't really thought excessively overmuch of it. Just been cracking on.'

Draper has adopted Andy Murray's aged wont for mining play from unexpected places

Pressed connected his narration pinch nan different British men's players, peculiarly Norrie fixed they meet each different successful nan 2nd information connected Thursday, he added: 'I deliberation we each person awesome respect for each other. 

'We each want to spot each different win and do well. It's bully to believe pinch [Norrie] erstwhile I can. 

'For sure, we're each competitors, we're each individuals. We want to win. We want to do nan champion we can. 

'I deliberation it's going to beryllium a really competitory lucifer connected Thursday. Yeah, location won't beryllium immoderate emotion lost, for sure.' 

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