J.Lindeberg Continues Bold Foray Into Tennis, Plans Male Ambassador

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Marketa Vondrousova of nan Czech Republic joined J.Lindeberg up of nan 2023 U.S. Open. (Photo by ... [+] Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

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J.Lindeberg signed its first tennis jock successful 2022. Then nan Sweden-based marque added 2023 Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova successful August. Next up, nan institution expects to denote nan summation of a antheral jock astatine nan commencement of nan 2024 season. It’s each adding up to a continued push into tennis from a marque hoping to span some manner and sports.

“We judge that we tin bring a caller position to nan tennis world and present innovative designs that merge sophistication pinch sportiness, offering thing distinctive,” Karin Elwin, J.Lindeberg caput of marketing, tells maine astir nan brand’s increasing beingness successful nan sport. “Tennis is simply a trending athletics that has a wide style-conscious audience, and we want to adhd a bold separator to nan measurement players dress connected and disconnected nan tennis court.”

Already known for some skis and play collections, signing tennis ambassadors successful 2022—starting pinch Mirjam Bjorklund of Sweden and Petra Martic of Croatia—was conscionable nan opening for nan 1996-born brand. Elwin says adding caller ambassadors that align pinch nan brand’s values intends to bring J.Lindeberg to caller audiences. “Collaborating pinch top-tier tennis players gives america an opportunity to not only heighten our on-court presence, but besides stock our marque communicative successful much divers manner and sprots contexts,” she says.

Bold patterning is portion of nan upcoming J.Lindeberg tennis collection.


And that’s why since tennis offers much crossover opportunities compared to different sports, Elwin says, nan athletics is simply a “great level to show nan communicative of our brand.” By signing athletes known successful some nan diversion field, but besides manner circles, it helps nan institution clasp a athletics agelong known for being fashion-forward. “This synergy betwixt manner and sports is what makes our marque guidelines out,” Elwin says, “and we spot tennis arsenic a awesome opportunity to proceed to span nan spread betwixt these 2 worlds.”

In that vein, pinch diverseness and inclusiveness halfway values, Elwin says adding a antheral subordinate to nan ambassador lineup is essential. She says they will motion a “top antheral tennis subordinate successful nan opening of adjacent year, that will beryllium an breathtaking caller summation to complement our existing lineup, pinch a unsocial style that aligns perfectly pinch our brand.”

The past fewer years has seen non-traditional tennis brands entering master tennis successful focused ways. Whether Lululemon, Free People, Vuori aliases J.Lindeberg, nan sports continues to tie caller apparel-focused brands into some nan recreational and master realms.

The J.Lindeberg tennis collections characteristic elements for female and antheral players.


“Tennis is simply a hub of fashionable sports and provides a unsocial opportunity to span capacity and style,” Elwin says. “That makes it an charismatic level for brands for illustration J.Lindeberg, who judge successful defying normal and pushing nan boundaries of manner and sports.”

Vondrousova says she shares a imagination for “breaking caller conventions successful nan tennis world” pinch J.Lindeberg. “Their caller postulation offers a unsocial crossover betwixt high-end manner and diversion capacity pinch a creation that is trendy, stylish and athletic,” she says astir nan upcoming Nov. 30 launch.

As J.Lindeberg continues to turn successful nan sport, nan brand’s apparel offers a operation of tennis-specific designs for on-court capacity and off-court styles meant to transverse sporty elements pinch a fashionable manner touch. “Tennis for J.Lindeberg isn’t conscionable a sport, it’s a lifestyle,” Elwin says, “and we’ve poured this ethos into our designs. The collections embody passion and performance, and merge style pinch functionality, delivering a unsocial operation that reflects nan principle of our brand.”

Petra Martic of Croatia signed pinch J.Lindeberg successful 2022. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

VCG via Getty Images

Elwin says nan tennis cogwheel features modern, bold and inclusive designs. And while they prioritize fashion, they don’t want to discuss connected nan value and method aspects needed for performance.

J.Lindeberg apparel uses agelong exertion for easiness of activity pinch a tailored fresh and places a attraction connected somesthesia control. They infuse 37.5 exertion into nan garments for ambiance control, and nan cogwheel besides features moisture-wicking cloth and breathable mesh paneling placed successful high-heat areas.

Elwin says nan marque hopes to proceed to animate much group to prosecute successful nan sport, each while spanning contented and exertion and combing productivity pinch method features. For early collections, expect J.Lindeberg to purpose for a “refreshing perspective” that blends nan brand’s circumstantial operation of style and performance.

With nan likes of Vondrousova successful nan mix—she looks guardant to moving intimately pinch designers connected collections—that brand-specific look will proceed to germinate successful a tennis-driven way.

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