J.D. Vance reads Dr. Seuss book on Senate floor to wish his son happy 4th birthday in bid to stall $95 billion Ukraine aid bill

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A Republican lawmaker publication a Dr. Seuss book aloud connected nan Senate level successful a move to stall nan $95 cardinal assistance package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, publication 1 of Dr. Suess' astir celebrated works, 'Oh, nan Places You'll Go!' dedicating it to his boy Vivek connected his 4th birthday.

The Republican concisely paused from his arguments against nan foreign aid package to nonstop his boy a day wish. 

'Now, I want to move connected to different argument,' Vance said Monday day connected nan Senate floor. 'But earlier I do, I americium mindful of thing that's very adjacent to my heart, personally. I person 3 beautiful children.'

'And I'm sorry, Vivek, that I can't beryllium pinch you for your day dinner, but I want you to cognize that Daddy loves you very much,' he continued.  'And I'm going to publication this into nan grounds because possibly you tin watch it astatine home.'

The begetter of 3 past publication nan entirety of nan book while connected nan level earlier sending a connection to his son: 'I emotion you.'

Sen. J.D. Vance publication nan entirety of Dr. Suess' 'Oh, nan Places You'll Go!' connected nan Senate level Monday arsenic a day dainty for his boy Vivek's 4th birthday

The overseas assistance package provides $14 cardinal for Israels warfare against Hamas successful Gaza

The woody besides provides an further $61 cardinal for Ukraine arsenic nan warfare pinch Russia rages on

After sending his boy a day wish, Vance quickly sewage backmost to business. 

'Returning to nan matter astatine manus ... really overmuch clip remains?' 

Vance's stunt is reminiscent of different Dr. Suess inspired reside connected nan Senate level complete a decade ago. 

In 2013, Sen. Ted Cruz infamously publication 'Green Eggs and Ham' connected nan level during an effort to stifle Obamacare. 

'When Americans tried it, they discovered they did not for illustration greenish eggs and ham and they did not for illustration Obamacare either,' Cruz said astatine nan time. 'They did not for illustration Obamacare successful a box, pinch a fox, successful a location aliases pinch a mouse. It is not working.' 

Vance made aggregate attempts to stymie nan transition of nan woody including sending a memo bashing nan woody to each of his Republican colleagues Monday morning. 

He besides hosted a Twitter Space that evening to bash nan overseas assistance package pinch chap Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Elon Musk, task capitalist David Sacks and erstwhile statesmanlike campaigner Vivek Ramaswamy were besides progressive successful nan speech railing against nan $95 cardinal deal. 

Despite Vance's efforts, nan monolithic package yet passed.

The measure secured nan basal 60 senators needed to nonstop nan authorities to nan House Tuesday greeting aft a uncommon all-night convention ending successful a 70-29 vote. 

Proponents of nan overseas assistance package said it was basal to securing U.S. allies' prosperity

Vance claimed successful a memo to colleagues that nan measure could airs a threat to a early Trump presidency if nan erstwhile president is elected 

In total, nan package includes $61 cardinal for Ukraine, $14 cardinal for Israel successful its warfare against Hamas and $4.83 cardinal to support partners successful nan Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan, to deter aggression by China.

Last week, Republicans tanked a bipartisan $118 cardinal bipartisan woody to beef up separator information while backing Ukraine and Israel. They accused it of not going acold capable to unafraid nan separator and said it would cement Biden's 'open border' policies.

It wasn't easy to get Senate Republicans onboard pinch nan thinner $95 cardinal woody without migration measures arsenic tempers flared complete nan tanked separator deal.

But ultimately, complete a twelve Republicans voted to walk nan measure pinch Democrats because of nan fearfulness that Russian President Putin would beryllium emboldened.

The ballot Tuesday greeting had nan support of 22 Republicans. However, 2 Democrats, Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Peter Welch of Vermont, and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, voted against it.

Speaker of nan House Mike Johnson, R-La., meanwhile, has signaled nan legislature package has an uncertain future. 

'Now, successful nan absence of having received immoderate azygous separator argumentation alteration from nan Senate, nan House will person to proceed to activity its ain will connected these important matters,' Johnson said precocious Monday. 'America deserves amended than nan Senate's position quo.'