Israel obtained Hamas' October 7 battle plan a YEAR before it happened - but dismissed attack as 'aspirational', bombshell report claims

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Israeli officials had an friendly knowing of Hamas' brutal October 7 violent onslaught complete a twelvemonth earlier it happened, but brushed disconnected nan conflict scheme arsenic excessively aspirational for nan group to propulsion off, a bombshell study has claimed. 

In a 40-page archive obtained by The New York Times, Hamas laid retired a elaborate scheme to transportation retired its battle connected Israel that yet led to nan deaths of astir 1,200 group successful a day. 

The blueprint reportedly did not group a day for nan attack, but offered an exhaustive look astatine nan violent group's strategy, including a targeting fortifications astir nan Gaza Strip while storming cardinal subject bases and section headquarters. 

According to nan outlet, nan plans wrong nan archive were followed by Hamas pinch chilling precision successful nan attacks past month, raising questions arsenic to why Israel grounded to return steps to forestall it. 

It is besides claimed that officials admitted they could person stopped, aliases astatine slightest blunted, nan October 7 attacks had they taken a number of urgent warnings from analysts seriously.  

A bombshell study claims that Israel had an extended knowing Hamas' plans for an onslaught a twelvemonth earlier nan October 7 siege, including elaborate training exercises (pictured) of Hamas terrorists readying to paraglide astatine nan outset  

A archive reportedly offered chillingly meticulous accusation complete Hamas' intentions to return Israel by astonishment and motorboat a blistering attack, which saw them onslaught a euphony show connected unsuspecting partiers (pictured) 

This schematic (above) shows really nan Hamas massacre connected nan Kfar Aza kibbutz unfolded

The study comes amid mounting scrutiny connected Israel's intelligence systems and its nonaccomplishment to understand nan subject capabilities of Hamas. It is not known if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured October 24) saw nan document, which was wide circulated a twelvemonth earlier nan attacks 

For complete a year, Israeli officials reportedly understood that Hamas had designs connected opening an onslaught complete nan separator pinch a barrage of rockets successful a astonishment onslaught.  

The usage of drones to sound retired information cameras and automated instrumentality guns positioned on nan separator were besides portion of Hamas' longstanding plan. 

In a motion of nan shocking accuracy Hamas followed to its maestro plan, nan archive ordered gunmen to alert into Israel connected paragliders, pinch nan unorthodox strategy utilized to horrific impact astatine nan fateful Supernova euphony festival where astatine slightest 364 group were killed. 

Israeli intelligence officials person travel nether scrutiny successful nan weeks aft nan October 7 attacks, amid questions complete a deficiency of knowing of nan impending onslaught earlier it took place. 

But Hamas appeared to person a acold amended grasp connected Israel's servants of nan state than antecedently known, arsenic nan archive included extensive, delicate specifications connected nan location and size of Israel's subject forces and connection hubs. 

This has besides raised questions arsenic to really Hamas was capable to get this information, and nan anticipation of leaks wrong Israeli intelligence. 

Despite nan chilling specifications recovered successful nan document, which was circulated wide wrong Israeli subject and intelligence circles, experts reportedly wished that nan onslaught was acold excessively eager for Hamas to achieve.

It is not known if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw nan document. 

Named 'Jericho Wall' aft nan separator successful modern-day West Bank that are cited successful biblical texts, sixty points wrong nan wall were said to beryllium nan targets for Hamas fighters for their siege into Israel.

'Surprise them done nan gate. If you do, you will surely prevail', nan archive began, a quote from nan Quran. The aforesaid quote has been repeated by Hamas terrorists successful chilling footage from nan October 7 attacks, and successful nan weeks since. 

Shocking footage showed show goers fly carnage arsenic Hamas terrorists gunned down revellers astatine a euphony show connected October 7 

The blood-stained floors of a kibbutz aft Hamas terrorists ripped done nan area 

A location near successful ruins aft an onslaught by Hamas militants connected this kibbutz days earlier erstwhile dozens of civilians were killed adjacent nan separator pinch Gaza connected Tuesday

The burned-out star of nan location of Bilha and Yakovi Inon, an Israeli mates who were killed by Hamas terrorists erstwhile their American style woody chalet was burnt to nan crushed pinch them inside

Despite wide knowledge of nan document, it was mostly dismissed, including by nan Israeli military's Gaza division, nan helping tasked pinch defending nan separator pinch Gaza wherever overmuch of nan ongoing conflict has centered. 

The division's experts wished that Hamas' objectives and intentions were unclear, pinch a abstracted subject appraisal of nan archive finding: 'It is not yet imaginable to find whether nan scheme has been afloat accepted and really it will beryllium manifested.' 

Three months earlier nan October 7 attacks, German diplomat Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff demonstrated really 'everything is imaginable successful Gaza' as he paraglided into nan region successful a informing complete its vulnerability. 

At that aforesaid time, a seasoned expert pinch Unit 8200, nan signals intelligence section of nan agency, reportedly warned that Hamas had carried retired days-long training exercises that chillingly mimicked nan conflict plans from nan document. 

'I utterly refute that nan script is imaginary,' nan expert warned, comparing nan workout to nan 'content of Jericho Wall.'

'It is simply a scheme designed to commencement war... it is not conscionable a ambush connected a village.'  

A dormant assemblage lies connected nan crushed astatine nan tract of an onslaught connected nan Nova Festival by Hamas gunmen from Gaza, days aft nan bloody onslaught was launched 

An Israeli emblem flies complete assemblage bags of complete 20 dormant Hamas militants pinch nan connection 'terrorist' written successful Hebrew, connected a main section astatine Kibbutz Be'eri, wherever dozens of Israeli civilians were killed days earlier adjacent nan separator pinch Gaza connected October 11

According to encrypted emails seen by nan New York Times, a colonel successful Israel's Gaza section brushed disconnected nan seasoned analyst's concerns. 

The outlet claimed that successful interviews pinch officials, it was admitted that Hamas' siege could person been prevented, aliases astatine slightest diminished, if nan warnings had been taken seriously. 

Israel's deficiency of due attraction paid to nan blueprint appears to beryllium straight tied to a misunderstanding of Hamas' subject capabilities. 

Officials reportedly admitted that this came moreover arsenic they saw increasing grounds of nan violent group's increasing influence, pinch galore staggered successful nan weeks since complete the extended passageway systems nan group has constructed in Gaza. 

It is unclear really nan archive was obtained by Israeli officials, and nan counterterrorism section and nan subject declined to remark connected nan Times report. 

The blueprint is besides not nan first specified archive to beryllium seen by nan nation, pinch a abstracted 2016 Defense Military memo reportedly claiming: 'Hamas intends to move nan adjacent confrontation into Israeli territory.' 

In a chilling opposition to nan 2023 attack, nan plans for 7 years agone besides included hostage taking and 'occupying an Israeli organization (and possibly moreover a number of communities).' 

Similarly to nan plans were seen successful 2016, nan caller archive besides included specifications of rocket attacks to distract Israeli soldiers and nonstop them to bunkers, alongside drones to target Israel's surveillance and information apparatus.