Interactive map reveals locations of UK's 900 UFO sightings in last two years - as ex-MoD alien hunter says ministers MUST take threat seriously

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The erstwhile caput of Britain's UFO investigation squad has accused nan authorities and subject apical brass of not taking nan 'threat' posed by unidentified flying objects seriously. 

Alien hunter Nick Pope, who ran nan Ministry of Defence's UFO task successful nan 1990s earlier it was disbanded, said it was 'outrageous' ministers are not taking 'meaningful action' to probe unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) - amended known arsenic UFOs.

The UFO master besides accused defence chiefs of 'falling backmost connected a lazy, closed-minded "it can't be, truthful it isn't" mindset', meaning imaginable overseas threats to UK shores could beryllium missed. 

He claimed nan MoD's position of nary longer investigating sightings made 'little sense' considering nan stance taken by nan US government, which has ramped up its investigations into nan phenomena this year. 

His comments travel arsenic a representation coming revealed Britain's UFO hotspots, pinch almost 1,000 reported sightings recorded successful nan past two-and-a-half year. 

'If nan US appraisal is that UAP airs a threat to nationalist information that requires a due investigative response, it seems illogical for nan MoD not to travel suit,' Mr Pope told MailOnline.

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More than 1,000 sightings person been reported successful nan UK successful almost 3 years - sparking calls for nan Government to re-open its UFO investigation squad (file image)

'The Ministry of Defence needs to restart UAP investigations, a task unit of immoderate benignant needs to beryllium group up, and nan defence committee needs to commencement holding nan MoD to relationship connected UAP, arsenic nan equipped services committees are doing successful nan US Congress, successful some nan Senate and nan House.'

The MoD closed its UFO table successful 2009 and thing has ever replaced it, pinch a spokesperson saying nan Ministry of Defence has 'no sentiment connected nan beingness of extra-terrestrial life'.

Prior to this, it carried retired what astatine nan clip was a highly-secretive and extended UFO investigation of much than 10,000 imaginable sightings complete respective decades - galore of which were by subject personnel.

Known arsenic nan Project Condign report, it concluded that 80 per cent of nan sightings were easy explained, 19 per cent were concealed subject trade and conscionable 1 per cent were mysterious successful origin.

'One point that is clear, however, is that nan UFO phenomenon, immoderate it whitethorn be, does not recognise immoderate world borders, truthful immoderate specified study surely must beryllium world successful scope alternatively than national,' said Philip Mantle, nan erstwhile head of investigations astatine nan British UFO Research Association. 

Data, compiled by experts astatine UFO Identified, showed that Liverpool, London and Glasgow are each hotbeds for sightings of imaginable extraterrestrials, pinch dozens of reported encounters recorded since 2021. 

Between January 2021 and May this year, nan UFO spotter website documented a full of 957 sightings. That includes 410 successful 2021, 494 successful 2022, and 53 arsenic of May 20 this year. 

Of each counties successful nan UK, much UFOs were spotted successful skies of Greater Manchester than anyplace else, a full of 54 documented sightings. That was followed by Greater London (52), Cheshire (37), and West Sussex (34). 

Reported sightings included:

  • A 'dark, ample oblong shaped object' that was spotted from a level flying supra nan metropolis of Glasgow, Scotland, successful February of past year
  • And a 30ft to 40ft wide 'round saucer-like entity pinch elaborate outer rim' was observed 'hovering complete a house' successful Bedworth, Warwickshire successful January.
  • A 'long cigar-shaped trade pinch 3 aliases 4 roundish patterns connected it' which was witnessed successful Chester, Cheshire, for 20 minutes earlier it 'vanished for illustration a ray being switched off' successful October past year. 

Ash Ellis, who runs UFO Identified, told MailOnline nan reported sightings successful Britain complete nan past mates of years could beryllium nan extremity of nan iceberg.

He added: ‘Sightings proceed to beryllium reported crossed nan UK pinch adjacent to 500 documented successful our database annually. It’s estimated that only astir 15 per cent of sightings are really reported truthful nan fig is 500 is much apt to beryllium astir 4,000 sightings a twelvemonth successful nan UK, a immense magnitude that can't beryllium ignored.'

As calls turn for Britain to relaunch its UFO probe, successful nan US, NASA last month released its highly-anticipated study into much than 800 imaginable alien sightings complete a play of 3 decades.

The abstraction agency's independent sheet of experts stressed location was 'no logic to conclude' any were extraterrestrial successful origin, but warned that mysterious flying objects were a 'self-evident' threat to American airspace. 

Mr Pope said if nan US was worried astir this past Britain, arsenic an NATO ally, should beryllium too.

He added: 'The UK tin make a important publication to nan wider hunt for nan truth astir UAP, by leveraging its world people intelligence organization imagery study resources and capabilities... The bottommost statement is that we request action.' 

A spokesperson for nan Ministry of Defence told MailOnline: 'The MoD has nary sentiment connected nan beingness of extra-terrestrial life and nary longer investigates reports of sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena aliases Unidentified Flying Objects. 

Footage released by nan US Department of Defence captured nan infinitesimal subject pilots spotted a UFO dubbed nan 'Tic Tac' - a wingless oblong filmed by a combatant jet's camera 

In nan US, NASA released its highly-anticipated study into much than 800 imaginable alien sightings complete a play of 3 decades. NASA main Bill Nelson (pictured) announced that a caller head for UFO investigation would thief instrumentality nan panel's recommendations

'This is because, successful complete 50 years nary specified reporting to nan section indicated nan beingness of immoderate subject threat to nan UK, and it was deemed much valuable to prioritise MoD unit resources towards different defence-related activities.' 

The news comes amid melodramatic claims from a erstwhile intelligence serviceman who suggested that group person been murdered by nan US government  as portion of nan conspiracy to support UFOs a secret. 

David Grusch - a erstwhile high-ranking American intelligence charismatic - is 1 of 3 subject whistleblowers who testified nether oath that they had firsthand encounters aliases knowledge astir concealed authorities programs involving exertion that is 'non-human.'

He claimed nan US has been successful possession of UFOs since 'the 1930s' and has been secretly back-engineering them and carrying retired a nationalist disinformation run to forestall nan specifications from leaking publicly.

At 1 constituent during nan first-of-its-kind proceeding successful July, Representative Tim Burchett asked Grusch: 'Personally, person you heard anyone [has] been murdered?' Grusch said: 'I person to beryllium observant answering that question. I directed group pinch that knowledge to nan due authorities.'

Grusch was sworn successful on pinch Ryan Graves, an esteemed erstwhile pilot, and Navy seasoned combatant aviator Commander David Fravor, who witnessed nan 2004 'Tic Tac' UFO.

Opening nan hearing, Rep Burchett promised their testimonies would beryllium a landmark infinitesimal successful uncovering 'the biggest cover-up successful history.'

Grusch besides claimed he had been told by aggregate reliable intelligence officials nan US authorities had recovered non-human craft that had biologic pilots wrong them. 

The erstwhile US Intelligence supplier besides said he knows of 'multiple colleagues' who were physically injured by UFOs either aft encountering them aliases moving connected them arsenic portion of these typical entree programs. 

While Grusch is still forbidden from disclosing definite information, per nan position of his Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review statement pinch nan Pentagon, he did to explain his statements successful a later question and reply pinch nan BBC successful August.

'There's definite things that I person firsthand entree to that I can't publically talk astatine this time,' Grusch told nan BBC.

Ryan Graves, a erstwhile pilot, Air Force and intelligence agency seasoned David Grusch and Navy seasoned combatant aviator Commander David Fravor person been sworn successful and are fresh to stock their experiences

The proceeding kicked disconnected pinch opening statements from Representative Tim Burchett, who said: 'We are going to uncover nan UFO coverup'

'However, myself and different colleagues interviewed 40 individuals, some existent and erstwhile highly distinguished intelligence and subject unit that were specifically connected these [UFO clang retrieval] programs.'

'And those that were consenting I directed to nan Intelligence Community Inspector General. So, nan Inspector General was capable to question and reply these group that do person nonstop firsthand information.'

Last month two expected ‘alien’ mummies were presented successful Mexico by Jaime Maussan, a arguable journalist who has antecedently made debunked claims of uncovering aliens and claims they are extraterrestrial.

The UFO interrogator presented 2 allegedly 'non human' bodies to a legislature afloat of astonished officials.

Mr Maussan, who has led investigations into alien phenomena for decades, stood pinch scientists to unveil nan corpses successful what he called a 'watershed' event.

The researchers made nan bonzer declare nan corpses, presented successful windowed boxes and supposedly recovered from Cusco successful Peru, were not portion of 'our terrestrial evolution', pinch 30 per cent of their familial creation still 'unknown', according to Mexican media.

The mummified bodies were presented to photojournalists and deputies astatine Mexican congress

The position caused a frenzy online among UFO conspiracy theorists but besides drew scepticism

A person position shows remains of an allegedly non-human being astatine nan arena connected September 12 

Carbon making love by nan National Autonomous University of Mexico recovered nan bodies, pictured pinch three-fingered hands, nary teeth and stereoscopic vision, were much than 1,000 years old, Maussan claimed.

The bizarre position triggered a frenzy of excitement among conspiracy theorists online - but it has besides drawn scepticism from nan technological community.

Speaking of nan revelation, stargazing Professor Brian Cox said 'extraordinary' claims had been made, but without 'extraordinary evidence' to backmost it up. 

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