Inside the Republican plan to keep hammering Biden about his age: GOP will call Special Counsel to testify and ask 'if the president is unfit to serve' as Karine Jean-Pierre fumes House Republicans 'wasted their time'

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House Republicans are formalizing their demands for transcripts and sound recordings of President Biden's interviews pinch Special Counsel Robert Hur – and are already utilizing words from his fiery property convention past week against him.

The effort, revealed successful a caller letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, would put Hur's ain observations astir Biden's 'hazy' representation to nan trial – and springiness nan White House nan opportunity to backmost up its declare that nan accusation was a 'gratuitous' inclusion successful nan study connected Biden's handling of classified information.

The push could person Hur sitting down earlier Congress by nan extremity of nan period – while keeping issues related to nan president's property and representation percolating passim nan statesmanlike campaign. 

The grounds would beryllium guaranteed to make fireworks.  And moreover a spat complete archive accumulation will make will make nationalist attraction arsenic nan GOP tries to support nan attraction connected Biden's representation and connected his retention of classified materials.

The chairmen are demanding 'all documents and communications, including audio and video recordings, related to nan Special Counsel’s question and reply of President Biden,' according to nan missive from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith.'

President Joe Biden fumed astatine Special Counsel Robert Hur's accusation that nan Scranton-native didn't cognize erstwhile his boy Beau died and said his representation was 'fine.' House Republicans are demanding entree to a transcript of his question and reply pinch Special Counsel Robert Hur

House Republicans person reached retired to Hur astir appearing, CNN reported, pinch a extremity of bringing him successful this month. He has retained a individual attorney. 

At nan White House Tuesday, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre underlined to $3.5 cardinal costs of Hur's probe, and said investigators 'wasted their time,' moreover while refusing to norm retired cooperating pinch nan GOP's request.

'I will adhd that this was a 15-month investigation that interviewed 150 witnesses, examined 7 cardinal records and costs $3.5 cardinal of nan payer taxpayer money – $3.5 cardinal payer dollars,' she said erstwhile asked if nan management would comply pinch nan request.

'They explored each mentation and recovered that location was nary lawsuit to beryllium made. So, House Republicans wasted their clip aliases wasting – proceed to discarded their time.

She erstwhile again called nan inclusion of accusation astir Biden's representation 'gratuitous' and 'inappropriate,' flubbing a building astatine 1 constituent she said that was nan conclusion of 'illegal experts.'

'Gratuitous': White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre underlined to $3.5 cardinal costs of Hur's probe

As for whether nan White House would comply anyway, she said: 'They're looking astatine it. There's a process that's involved,' without being definitive.

Republicans person an oculus some connected nationalist hearings and subpoenas successful hunt of documents and audio recordings, if necessary. 

They mention nationalist information issues related to retention of classified documents arsenic good exertion of 'evenhanded justice' – referencing a transition successful nan study which contrasts Biden's retention of classified accusation and practice pinch investigators to Trump's guidance moreover arsenic a trove of accusation was uncovered successful an FBI hunt of Mar-a-Lago.

But nan House GOP is telegraphing its volition to prime up connected Hur's stunning statements astir Biden's representation recall.  

'Although Mr. Hur reasoned that President Biden's position "as a sympathetic, well-meaning, aged man pinch a mediocre memory" who "did not retrieve erstwhile he was vice president" aliases "when his boy Beau died" posed challenges to proving nan President's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, nan study concluded that nan Department's principles of prosecution weighed against prosecution because nan Department has not prosecuted "a erstwhile president aliases vice president for mishandling classified documents shape his ain administration,"' they write.

The container circled successful nan foreground contained documents astir Afghanistan. The image was taken successful December 2022 successful Biden's garage, pinch different family items

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a Donald Trump ally, would apt oversee immoderate proceeding pinch Special Counsel Robert Hur

House Oversight Committee president Rep. James Comer is demanding transcripts of President Joe Biden's interviews pinch Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigators successful their classified documents probe

'The 1 "exception" to nan Department's principles of prosecution, arsenic Mr. Hur noted, "is erstwhile President Trump." This speaks volumes astir nan Department's committedness to evenhanded justice.' 

The GOP president are seeking to make usage of Biden's angry property conference, wherever he said his representation was 'fine' soon earlier botching nan state of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. 

They quote and his Feb. 8 presser saying: 'I’ve seen nan headlines since nan study was released astir my willful retention of documents. These assertions are not only misleading, they’re conscionable plain wrong.'

'In consequence to a mobility regarding sharing classified accusation pinch his ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer—a truth documented successful Mr. Hur’s report—the President claimed, “I did not stock classified information, I did not stock it.” This assertion appears to beryllium false. Thus, specified hours aft nan merchandise of Mr. Hur’s report, nan President appears to person inaccurately contradicted cardinal facts astir its contents,' according to nan letter.

Panel investigators want to get their hands connected a transcript of an Oct. 8 and 9 question and reply pinch Biden, which arsenic nan president noted came soon aft nan sadistic Oct. 7 Hamas onslaught connected Israel.  

Throughout Mr. Hur’s report, location is reference to a transcript of an question and reply conducted pinch President Biden connected October 8 and October 9, 2023.12 The Committees require this transcript and immoderate different records of this interview, including, but not constricted to, immoderate recordings, notes, aliases summaries of nan interview. 

The 3 committee chairs starring nan BIden impeachment enquiry threatened to lawsuit nan worldly if nan DOJ does not move it complete wrong a week aft Hur's bombshell study dropped past week. 

They are besides successful talks pinch Hur and his squad astir having him successful for grounds later this month, a root acquainted pinch nan plans confirmed to 

The White House has not yet issued a clear connection connected whether it would comply pinch demands for documents aliases testimony. Garland, successful an October '60 Minutes' question and reply focused connected nan Hunter Biden probe, noted that typical counsels are permitted to explicate their decisions to prosecute aliases not prosecute someone. 

'Usually, nan typical counsels person testified astatine nan extremity of their reports, and I expect that that will beryllium nan lawsuit here,' he said.

The report, summarizing his probe of Biden's mishandling of classified documents, contains a multitude of examples of Biden's 'hazy' memory, including 1 constituent wherever Biden appeared to hide erstwhile his boy Beau died. 

'Given nan seriousness of these matters, nan Committees are prepared to compel nan accumulation of this worldly if necessary.' 

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, together pinch Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith, wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for nan transcript and immoderate signaling of an question and reply pinch Biden that took spot over October 8 and October 9, 2023.

Their committees person probed whether Biden's handling of classified documents related to his alleged engagement successful his family's business dealings.  

They wrote that nan DOJ had rebuffed their requests for documents to 'protect nan integrity of Special Counsel Hur's ongoing investigation,' but that investigation has now wrapped. 

The Republicans now want to cognize if Biden 'retained delicate documents related to circumstantial countries involving his family's overseas business dealings.' 

They added: 'We activity to understand whether nan White House aliases President Biden's individual attorneys placed immoderate limitations aliases scoping restrictions during nan question and reply that would person precluded a statement of enquiry regarding evidence.'

Comer, Jordan and Smith person now asked for transcripts, audio and video recordings and immoderate different documents related to Biden's typical counsel interview. 

Hur concluded past week that 'no criminal charges are warranted successful this matter' of Biden's archive handling, and Republicans opportunity they now request to spot nan question and reply to probe whether nan DOJ is utilizing a double modular pinch Biden's and Trump's mishandling of concealed documents. 

Hur's inclusion of connection successful his study referring to nan president arsenic a 'well-meaning, aged man pinch a mediocre memory' proved politically explosive, and precipitated an angry property convention by nan president Thursday night.

Hur insisted that Biden had 'diminished faculties' and astatine points 'did not retrieve erstwhile he was vice president.'

Republicans jumped connected nan material, saying it proves Biden isn't fresh to tally nan country.

Rubert Hur's study references Biden's 'fuzzy' memory

The House Oversight Committee wants entree to Biden's question and reply transcripts successful nan liking of 'transparency'

The investigative push indicates Biden is continued to face lingering governmental challenges successful nan aftermath of Hur's probe, moreover arsenic it announced that he would not beryllium charged pinch immoderate crimes related to his 'willful' retention of classified documents. 

Hur gave Biden's rival Donald Trump and Republicans plentifulness to activity pinch moreover pinch retired further insubstantial aliases transcripts.

It said if Biden were to beryllium charged, a assemblage mightiness beryllium sympathetic since he comes disconnected arsenic a 'well-meaning, aged man pinch a mediocre memory.'

One peculiarly damaging transition that Hur included said: 'In his question and reply pinch our office, Mr. Biden's representation was worse. He did not retrieve erstwhile he was vice president, forgetting connected nan first time of nan question and reply erstwhile his word ended ('if it was 2013 - erstwhile did I extremity being Vice President?'), and forgetting connected nan 2nd time of nan question and reply erstwhile his word began ('in 2009, americium I still Vice President?'),' according to nan report. 

'He did not remember, moreover wrong respective years, erstwhile his boy Beau died. And his representation appeared hazy erstwhile describing nan Afghanistan statement that was erstwhile truthful important to him.'

Biden erupted astatine that transition successful a defiant property convention wherever he said his representation is 'fine.'

'There's moreover reference that I don't retrieve erstwhile my boy died. How successful nan hellhole situation he raise that? I don't request anyone, I don't request anyone, to punctual maine of erstwhile he passed away,' nan president told reporters.

'Frankly, erstwhile I was asked nan question, I thought to myself, wasn't immoderate of their damned business.' 

Asked astir nan 'elderly man' language, Biden said: 'I'm good meaning and I'm an aged man, and I cognize what nan hellhole I'm doing. I'm nan president and I put this state backmost connected its feet. I don't request his proposal it's wholly retired of [order].' 

Biden's charismatic consequence from his lawyers, included successful nan backmost of nan Hur report, blasts nan inclusion of 'highly prejudicial' connection astir his memory, and asks why different witnesses sewage a walk for 'fuzzy' representation lapses. It says it relies connected 'highly prejudicial language' to picture representation lapses that are a 'common occurrence.' 

If faults Hur for moreover bringing up really Biden mightiness take sides himself earlier a assemblage since his study concluded he shouldn't beryllium charged.