Inside the NIH's $200m study that will produce the definitive diet for health: Hundreds of Americans will live in labs for weeks, eating precise diets and undergoing hundreds of medical tests

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Imagine getting paid by nan authorities to return six weeks disconnected activity and eat junk food.

That's nan reality for immoderate of nan Americans taking portion successful 1 of nan astir broad nutrition studies ever conducted. 

The near-$200million task - tally by nan National Institutes of Health (NIH) - involves 500 participants who are surviving successful authorities laboratories around nan state and being fed precisely curated diets while undergoing hundreds of aesculapian tests.

The purpose is to place really different group respond to a assortment of diets, hopefully providing much personalized nutritional guidance and found clearer recommendations for nan US nationalist amid a spiraling obesity pandemic that now intends astir half of Americans are excessively fat.

The NIH research, entitled Nutrition for Precision Health study, will impact 10,000 participants successful full and is hoping to supply individualized fare proposal based connected people's lifestyles, genes, environment, gut microbiome and civilization - and to study really those factors power a person's consequence to diet. 

The NPH study is utilizing 14 sites successful Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts and North Carolina to behaviour research

Enrollment for nan study opened successful April 2023 and will proceed pinch travel ups for 4 years.

Of nan hundreds of group housed successful a technological installation is 29-year-old tech worker Kevin Elizabeth, who, during 1 study convention was observed eating sugary cereal while hooked up to an IV. 

As portion of nan research, Mr Elizabeth wore a bosom complaint show and a glucose show to return measurements while he ate his breakfast. He besides had humor drawn 9 times complete 4 hours to measurement really his assemblage responded to nan meal, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Throughout his stay, nan subordinate will beryllium fed 3 different diets and acquisition afloat assemblage scans to measurement fat and musculus and springiness urine and humor samples. 

The Louisiana resident was nearing nan extremity of pursuing nan study's processed-foods fare and said he felt much tired than usual 

While connected this diet, he said he was 'just not emotion great' and said he had amended power during nan 2 weeks he followed nan study's veggie-heavy eating plan. 

Mr Elizabeth, who useful from location and tin proceed his occupation remotely while successful nan study, told nan publication: 'I thought it would beryllium bully if I could do thing meaningful for, like, subject and, personally, conscionable to study much astir fare and really it affects maine personally.'

The NIH said: 'The extremity of precision nutrition is to move from a "one-size-fits-most” attack to much circumstantial recommendations that are based connected each individual’s unsocial characteristics and environments.'

Eventually, nan NIH is hoping to build a nutritional database of 1million group to bespeak nan diverseness of nan US population, spur much aesculapian investigation and supply group pinch individualized wellness prevention strategies, curen and attraction options. 

Along pinch nan 500 group surviving successful technological facilities, immoderate will acquisition much aggravated studying, including having group travel them to guarantee they travel nan fare and don't eat unauthorized food. 

Others will deterioration typical glasses to grounds what they eat, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

It is good documented that a mediocre fare tin lead to a number of wellness issues and chronic diseases for illustration precocious humor pressure, glucosuria and obesity.

A September 2023 study from nan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recovered that rates of obesity crossed nan US are connected nan emergence - pinch states having 25 to 40 percent of its residents classified arsenic obese.

Overall, 42 percent of group 20 years and older are obese successful nan US.  

The numbers prompted CDC experts to state that tackling nan obesity pandemic successful nan state is an 'urgent priority.' 

Contributing to nan problem is conflicting and unclear dietary guidelines, arsenic good arsenic fare civilization and ever-emerging fare advice. 

The website for nan study states: 'Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. Nutrition, aliases nan foods we eat, tin thief forestall and conflict conditions for illustration precocious humor pressure, diabetes, changeable and cancer.

'But we each unrecorded successful different environments and travel from different cultures. Each of america is starting from a different spot pinch our health. And everyone breaks down nutrient differently.

'The Nutrition for Precision Health study is researching really nutrition tin beryllium tailored to each person's genes, civilization and situation to amended health.' 

The dream of nan study, Holly Nicastro, coordinator for nan study, told WSJ, is that successful respective years, group will beryllium capable to acquisition a fewer elemental aesculapian tests successful their doctor's office, reply a study astir wellness and manner and past person personalized fare advice. 

The NPH study is utilizing 14 sites successful Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts and North Carolina to behaviour research. It will usage artificial intelligence-based approaches to analyse accusation provided by subjects to create algorithms that will foretell responses to definite fare patterns. 

Nicastro said successful a erstwhile property release: 'Poor fare is 1 of nan starring causes of preventable illness and decease astir nan world. If everyone followed nan patient eating guidelines that we person disposable now, we still whitethorn not execute optimal wellness because our bodies respond otherwise to food.

'Through this study, we are looking to amended understand differences successful individual responses and pave nan measurement for much tailored guidelines successful nan future.'

There are 3 parts of nan NIH study. In nan first, each study participants are asked to complete surveys, study their regular diets and supply urine, humor and stool samples. 

In nan second, a subset of group will beryllium fixed curated diets and nan 3rd constituent sees participants unrecorded successful nan investigation accommodation to beryllium much intimately studied. 

According to nan study's objective proceedings description, participants will walk 2 weeks each connected 3 different diets: 1 precocious successful fruits, vegetables, full grains, debased sweetener and mean amounts of dairy, eggs, meats and fish.

Caloric intake ranges from 1,600 to 3,200.

The 2nd fare will dwell of precocious amounts of refined grains, meats, sugars, snacks, desserts and processed foods. Calories will scope from 1,600 to 3,200.

The 3rd fare will person mean to precocious depletion levels of vegetables, meats, fats and oils and debased amounts of dairy and fruits, arsenic good arsenic very debased amounts of grains and sugars. 

Calories will besides scope from 1,600 to 3,200.  

NPH participants are chosen from nan NIH's larger investigation task All of Us, which is hoping to build nan million-person nutritional database.  

So far, nan agency says that task has 535,000 biologic samples from 515,000 afloat enrolled participants, pinch an further 240,000 imaginable enrollees being evaluated for admittance to nan study. 

Throughout nan study process, participants will person $25 for completing short surveys and up to $300 depending really acold on successful nan process they continue. 

Those undergoing much aggravated investigation will person further compensation, nan NIH said.