Inside Dubai's 20-men-a-cell hellhole prisons where 'rape is an everyday occurrence' and inmates are 'tortured with electric shocks' - as 'domestic abuse victim' air stewardess faces jail for attempting suicide

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Dubai's prisons are notorious for their sadistic conditions, pinch inmates packed into overcrowded cells, tortured for confessions and suffering from horrific illnesses.

Miles from nan emirate's celebrated beachfronts successful nan mediate of nan desert, nan al-Awir cardinal situation houses antheral and female criminals successful abstracted buildings, pinch inmates including murderers and terrorists. 

Western visitors and ex-pats, successful galore cases without being charged aliases being forced to confess to a crime, are locked up alongside vulnerable criminals successful unsanitary, cramped cells. 

Rape is an 'every time occurrence' successful nan jail, according to a study from earlier this year, pinch convulsive assaults carried retired some by inmates and guards. 

Now Irish aerial hostess Tori Towey is facing the imaginable of being locked up successful nan installation aft she was charged pinch drinking intoxicant and trying to return her ain life having allegedly suffered home abuse.

Here, MailOnline takes a look astatine nan harrowing accounts of erstwhile inmates which person shed ray connected nan horrific conditions she, and others detained successful Dubai, could face. 

Karl Williams claims he saw men torn isolated by knife-wielding inmates, while others were forcibly infected pinch HIV during his clip successful nan hellish Dubai prison. Here he is pictured successful his compartment during nan scary ordeal

Karl Williams has written astir his acquisition wrong nan situation successful a caller autobiography called Killing Time. Here is simply a image of 1 of nan meals he was served

Tori Towey has been near stranded successful Dubai aft being faced pinch an attempted termination charge

Karl Williams, a Brit who was jailed for a twelvemonth successful 2012, revealed successful his memoir really he saw men being stabbed to death, had electrical shocks administered to his testicles and feared corrupt constabulary would pack rape him.

He described seeing packs of guards stood by without intervening arsenic inmates attacked each other: 'I saw men get stabbed successful nan cervix and others sliced down their faces. Blood splattered each aboveground arsenic captive aft captive was sliced.'

He besides said nan situation was tally by Russian gangsters, who would usage HIV-positive inmates to rape and infect others arsenic a intends of punishment.

Mr Williams, on pinch chap Brits Grant Cameron and Suneet Jeerh said they were fixed electrical shocks and had guns held to their heads during their clip successful al-Awir.

'They pulled down my trousers, dispersed my legs and started to electrocute my testicles,' Mr Williams wrote.

'It was unbelievably painful. I was truthful scared. I started to judge that I was going to dice successful that room.'

The men's lawyers besides said that they were forced to motion documents successful Arabic astatine gunpoint. Emirati constabulary denied nan allegations.

Prisoners successful nan al-Awir jailhouse must person a shaved caput astatine each times, starting erstwhile they participate and they are punished if their hairsbreadth gets long, while women reportedly person to deterioration caput coverings.

Punishments see bans connected TV and calls to home, pinch telephone entree severely constricted regardless. Prisoners are seldom allowed visitors.

Several group stock beds astatine a time, pinch arsenic galore arsenic 20 group sharing cells designed for 3 aliases 4 people. 

While galore of nan astir high-profile accounts of nan grim conditions person travel from men successful caller years, nan business faced by women is feared to beryllium moreover much brutal. 

A policeman enters Dubai's Al-Awir cardinal situation successful nan United Arab Emirates

Inmate Dinchi Lar said that successful her jailhouse location were a minimum of 10 group for 3 bunk beds, meaning she was forced to slumber connected nan floor.

'There's thing for illustration individual space... you are sleeping and personification is successful your face. You're virtually sleeping connected apical of different person,' she told ITV.

Over 3 months Ms Lar said she was only capable to measurement extracurricular and 'see nan sun' for a 15-minute period. 

British erstwhile captive Zara-Jayne Moisey, who was locked up aft reporting her ain rape, recalled nan horrific conditions she was forced to unrecorded successful astatine nan filthy Al-Barsha prison.

'It was nan astir frightening acquisition of my life, absolute torture, and each because I went to nan constabulary astir what happened successful nan edifice room,' she told The Sun.

'I will ne'er hide nan jail, it's nan worst spot I person ever been.

'They kept nan lights disconnected successful nan time truthful we'd beryllium eating successful transportation blackness. Then they turned them connected astatine nighttime truthful nary 1 could sleep.'

Inmates person described some baking power and freezing temperatures pinch 'extreme' aerial conditioning, pinch 1 saying: 'If being successful situation doesn't break you, nan somesthesia wrong nan situation will.'

Illness is besides rife successful nan prisons, pinch 1 British erstwhile inmate suffering from tuberculosis which he contracted while successful there.

A expert shows a hallway astatine nan aesculapian centre of Al-Awir situation during nan Covid pandemic

Human authorities campaigners opportunity immoderate pinch chronic wellness conditions were denied capable aesculapian care. 

A study successful 2019 recovered that HIV patients successful al-Awir were refused life-saving treatment.

The cells were gripped by Covid during nan pandemic arsenic well, pinch cramped conditions making it intolerable to societal distance.

Illness is made worse by freezing temperatures and deficiency of nutrition, pinch pictures showing nan grim nutrient served to inmates. 

Ms Lar said inmates successful her jailhouse were not seen by a expert unless they were 'at nan constituent of death'.

Those who make it retired of Dubai's prisons are usually near scarred by their experiences.

Mr Williams told nan Press Association pursuing his release: 'When I came location I recovered it very difficult to adjust. I utilized to aftermath up successful nan mediate of nan nighttime screaming and crying, not knowing why.

'I had temper swings, it must person been difficult for my family to beryllium astir me.'

He added: 'I'm not judge why this happened to me. If I knew that I would person been capable to debar nan situation.'

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