India reveals plans to send an astronaut to the MOON by 2040... so, can it do it for a fraction of the cost of the US and China?

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Artemis was nan copy sister of Apollo and goddess of nan satellite successful Greek mythology. 

NASA has chosen her to personify its way backmost to nan moon, which will spot astronauts return to nan lunar aboveground by 2025 -  including nan first female and nan adjacent man.

Artemis 1, formerly Exploration Mission-1, was nan first successful a bid of progressively analyzable missions that will alteration quality exploration to nan satellite and Mars. 

The uncrewed flight, which successfully launched successful November past year, travelled much than 1.4 cardinal miles connected a way astir nan satellite and backmost to Earth. It splashed down successful nan Pacific Ocean successful December 2022, 25-and-a-half days aft launch.

Artemis 1, formerly Exploration Mission-1, was nan first successful a bid of progressively analyzable missions that will alteration quality exploration to nan satellite and Mars. This schematic explains nan various stages of nan mission

Orion stayed successful abstraction longer than immoderate vessel for astronauts has done without docking to a abstraction station, while it besides returned location faster and hotter than ever before. 

It will now beryllium followed by Artemis II, a parented ngo which is scheduled for motorboat adjacent year.

The unit will alert astir nan satellite and backmost to hole for Artemis III, which NASA is targeting arsenic nan ngo to return humans to nan lunar surface. 

Eventually NASA seeks to found a sustainable quality beingness connected nan satellite by 2028 arsenic a consequence of nan Artemis programme.

The abstraction agency hopes this colony will uncover caller technological discoveries, show caller technological advancements and laic nan instauration for backstage companies to build a lunar economy. 

Who is Victor Glover? The man group to go NASA's first achromatic astronaut to orbit nan moon

Victor Glover (pictured) was selected arsenic an astronaut successful 2013 and became nan first African American ISS expedition crewmember to unrecorded connected nan ISS 7 years later

NASA is group to nonstop nan first-ever achromatic astronaut to nan moon.

Victor Glover, 46, was selected to return portion in the abstraction agency's Artemis II mission — nan US' first lunar ngo successful a half-century.

The Pomona, California, autochthonal will beryllium nan first personification of colour to recreation into heavy space, hundreds of thousands of miles beyond nan low-Earth orbiting International Space Station (ISS).

NASA officials opportunity nan divers unit assignments signify nan taste shifts that person taken spot since nan original Apollo missions, which ended successful 1972, astatine a time when achromatic men dominated abstraction exploration.

Glover was besides nan first achromatic man to ever unrecorded connected nan International Space Station (ISS) successful 2020 and is among 15 African Americans to beryllium selected arsenic an astronaut.

In his esteemed profession since being selected arsenic an astronaut successful 2013, Mr Glover has logged complete 3,000 formation hours successful 40 different aircraft.

Artemis II - which will motorboat successful November 2024 - will spot nan four-man unit orbit nan satellite successful the Orion spacecraft but not land.

Their extremity is to trial caller technology, including power shields that protects Orion arsenic it travels 24,500 mph successful 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit connected its measurement back.

If successful, NASA plans to motorboat an expedition to onshore connected nan satellite titled Artemis III. Another occurrence would spell retired a travel to Mars for NASA. 

‘I wanna convey God for this Amazing opportunity,’ Mr Glover said during a caller convention Monday.

‘This is simply a large day. We person a batch to celebrate. It’s truthful overmuch much than nan 4 names that person been announced. We request to observe this infinitesimal successful quality history.

'Artermis II is much than a ngo to nan Moon and back. It’s much than a ngo that has to hap earlier we nonstop group to nan aboveground of nan moon. It is nan adjacent measurement connected nan travel that gets humanity to Mars.

‘This unit will ne'er hide that.’

Mr Glover was calved successful 1976 successful Pomona, astir 30 miles eastbound of Los Angeles.

The metropolis is acold from nan glitz and glamour of Hollywood, known for its precocious poorness complaint and comparatively precocious crime. 

Mr Glover grew up successful Ponoma, CA, 30 miles eastbound of Los Angeles

He said his parents and teachers served arsenic mentors arsenic him increasing up.

'Early connected successful life it had to beryllium my parents; they encouraged maine and challenged maine and held maine to precocious standards. Outside of home, I had teachers that did nan same,' he told USA Today successful 2017.

'They each challenged me, and they encouraged me.'

Mr Glover continued that his teachers and parents urged him to spell nan engineering schoolhouse and yet go a trial aviator — starring to him becoming an astronaut. 

He graduated from Southern California's Ontario High School successful 1994, and went connected to attend California Polytechnic State University, earlier completing his postgraduate acquisition astatine Air University and nan US Naval Academy.

'I’m nan first personification successful my family to postgraduate from college, and being astatine graduation pinch my mom and my dada and my stepdad and my small brothers and my grandparents,' he said to USA Today.

'That was unreal, that was cool and it was typical for me.'

In 1999 he was commissioned arsenic portion of nan US Navy. After completing formation training successful Corpus Christy, Texas, he was 'given his wings' and awarded nan title of aviator successful 2001.

He past moved to San Diego to study to alert the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, known arsenic 1 of nan Navy's much versatile aircraft.

After spending nan adjacent 2 years training successful Florida and Virginia, he was deployed to Iraq successful 2004 for six months.

Mr Glover was moving successful nan agency of nan precocious Sen John McCain arsenic a legislative chap erstwhile he was selected by NASA to go an astronaut successful 2013.

NASA only selects a fistful of nan thousands of group that use to beryllium a personnel of nan nation's astronaut corps each year. Only 15 achromatic astronauts person ever been selected retired of 348.

A immense mostly of nan 41 existent astronauts person a subject background, for illustration Mr Glover.

He completed his astronaut training successful 2015. Three years later, he was selected to beryllium a portion of nan first ever operational formation of SpaceX's Crew Dragon, a reusable craft designed by nan patient Elon Musk recovered successful 2002.

As portion of that mission, he would unrecorded connected nan ISS from November 17, 2020 to May 2, 2021.

The astir six-month-long enactment connected nan position makes him nan first achromatic astronaut to inhabit it.

Jeanette Epps, 52, who was selected to beryllium an astronaut successful 2009 is group to go nan 2nd African American, and first achromatic woman, to unrecorded connected nan ISS aft nan motorboat of Boeing Starliner-1 successful 2024 aliases later.

In 2020, Mr Glover said it was an grant to beryllium nan first achromatic personification selected to nan ISS.

'It is thing to beryllium celebrated erstwhile we execute it, and I americium honored to beryllium successful this position and to beryllium a portion of this awesome and knowledgeable crew,' he said during a news conference. 

'I look guardant to getting up location and doing my champion to make sure, you know, we are worthy of each nan activity that's been put into mounting america up for this mission.'

In an interview pinch The Christian Chronicle later that year, he said location were qualified achromatic astronauts that should person earned nan grant earlier him.

'I've had immoderate astonishing colleagues earlier maine that really could person done it, and location are immoderate astonishing folks that will spell down me,' he said. 

'I wish it would person already been done, but I effort not to tie excessively overmuch attraction to it.' 

Who is Christina Koch? The first female NASA astronaut group to orbit nan moon

Christina Koch is group to go nan first female to spell astir nan satellite erstwhile NASA's Artemis II ngo takes disconnected adjacent year.

Christina Koch, 44, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is group to go nan first female to spell astir nan moon

The Grand Rapids, Michigan native, 44, is already nan record-holder for nan longest magnitude of clip a female has spent successful space, 328 days, and for taking portion successful nan first all-female spacewalk successful 2019.

Selected to go an astronaut successful 2013, Ms Koch said she has not followed a 'checklist' successful bid to go an astronaut — but alternatively chased her passions whether this beryllium stone climbing, sailing aliases moreover learning to surf successful her 40s.

She said successful 2020: 'I really don't retrieve a clip erstwhile I didn't want to beryllium an astronaut. 

'For me, I learned that if I was going to beryllium an astronaut, it was because my passions had turned maine into personification that could lend nan astir arsenic personification contributing to quality abstraction flight.'

While she's exploring space, her hubby Robert will beryllium near taking attraction of housework and nan couple's puppy, LBD. It is not believed that they person children.

'Am I excited? Absolutely!' she said astatine a news convention astatine nan crew's announcement Monday.

‘The 1 point I'm astir excited astir is that we will transportation your excitement,your aspirations, your dreams, connected this mission.’

She besides said: ‘We are going to motorboat from Kennedy abstraction center, we are going to present nan words “go for launch” connected apical of nan astir powerful rocket NASA’s ever made.’

NASA has sent a full of 355 group to abstraction truthful far, of which immoderate 55 person been women — aliases 15 percent. It has besides sent 24 group to orbit nan satellite and 12 to locomotion connected nan lunar aboveground who were each men.

Russian Valentina Tereshkova was nan first female to ever time off nan earth's ambiance — mounting disconnected successful 1937. American women did not get sent to abstraction until 1983.

Ms Koch, however, will make history on nan Artemis II ngo erstwhile she completes her long-awaited travel astir nan moon.

She revealed her emotion of abstraction successful a video erstwhile she was announced arsenic a personnel of nan Artemis I squad successful 2020.

The astronaut said: 'I americium personification who has loved exploration connected nan frontier since I was little. 

'I utilized to beryllium inspired by nan nighttime entity and passim my career,  it's been this equilibrium betwixt engineering for abstraction subject missions and doing subject successful really distant places each complete nan world.

'I loved things that made maine consciousness small, things that made maine ponder nan size of nan universe, my spot successful it and everything that was retired location to explore.'

She added: 'I didn't needfully unrecorded my life pursuing cheque boxes of really you could go an astronaut.

'But I followed those passions and 1 time I looked astatine what I had go and nan skills I had gathered and I asked "could I beryllium crossed from a array and coming myself arsenic personification who could do this well?". And I thought, I'm going to springiness this a shot.' 

She went to North Carolina State University successful Raleigh to get a bachelor's and a master's successful Electrical Engineering.

She past became an Electrical Engineer astatine NASA Goddard Space Flight Center successful Greenbelt, Maryland, earlier becoming a investigation subordinate for nan United States Antarctic Program — surviving an full twelvemonth successful nan Arctic.

Ms Koch was 1 of 8 selected arsenic portion of NASA's 21st people of astronauts successful 2013. After 2 years of training, she became a full-fledged astronaut.

Her first abstraction formation came successful 2019 erstwhile she was sent to nan International Space Station (ISS) to activity arsenic a formation engineer.

She stayed up location for 328 days, taking nan grounds for nan longest spaceflight by a woman. The erstwhile grounds holder, Peggy Whitson, was successful abstraction for 288 days.

While successful abstraction she besides took nan grounds for nan first all-women abstraction locomotion — erstwhile an astronaut gets retired of a conveyance while successful abstraction — pinch Jessica Meir.

The brace spent 7 hours and 17 minutes connected nan broadside of nan ISS arsenic they worked to switch a powerfulness controller. The locomotion besides included a little telephone pinch President Trump.

Upon her return to Earth successful 2020, Ms Koch said she felt 'like a baby' who was 2 weeks aged and moving difficult to clasp up its head.

Back connected Earth, she lives successful Galveston, Texas, conscionable extracurricular of nan Houston area.

Among her interests are backpacking, running, yoga, photography and travel.

Now she will beryllium a portion of a groundbreaking ngo successful NASA's extremity towards putting a man connected Mars. 

The Artemis II mission marks NASA's first travel to nan satellite successful half a century. It says it will beryllium performed to thief trial kit successful mentation for getting humans onto Mars.

The agency sent an quiet Orion capsule astir nan satellite past twelvemonth earlier it returned to Earth successful a long-awaited dress rehearsal.

If this latest ngo goes well, past different formation to onshore group connected nan satellite will beryllium sent successful 2025 — arsenic portion of tests up of getting group onto Mars.

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