IHOP has free pancakes today - here is how to get them

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  •  The short stack, worthy astir $9 to $10, is disposable free successful restaurants today
  •  Actress Xochitl Gomez is promoting giveaway and fundraiser for nan hungry

By Daniel Jones, Consumer Editor For Dailymail.Com

Updated: 11:24 EST, 13 February 2024

It's National Pancake Day - truthful nan International House of Pancakes is again offering free pancakes.

Customers tin get a free short stack - 3 buttermilk pancakes - until 7pm coming astatine IHOP. They conscionable request to dine in. 

The crockery usually costs astir $8 to $10 depending connected nan location. 

The yearly contented astatine IHOP comes during a month-long fundraising run - aimed astatine helping those who cannot ever spend food.

Customers during February's Month of Giving are being asked if they want to adhd $1, $2, $3 aliases much to checks erstwhile they pay, either successful restaurants aliases online.

Customers tin get a free short stack - 3 pancakes - until 7pm coming erstwhile they dine successful astatine IHOP. Actress Xochitl Gomez is promoting nan freebie

For each $1, IHOP will supply 10 meals to those who request them. It is partnering pinch Feeding America, a web of nutrient banks.

Actress Xochitl Gomez is backing nan month-long run and nan brand's yearly National Pancake Day giveaway.

'Growing up, I've ever enjoyed eating pinch my family and friends astatine IHOP,' said Gomez.

'IHOP's Month of Giving run is nan cleanable operation of eating astatine my favourite restaurant, giving backmost to nan community, and leaving pinch a grin and afloat heart.'

Actress and IHOP instrumentality Xochitl Gomez is backing IHOP's Month of Giving - to reaise costs to salary for meals for those who often spell quiet -  and besides for  Annual National Pancake Day, which returns coming (February 13) and sees nan concatenation springiness distant a free short stack pancake

'Millions of group are moving difficult each time to supply for themselves and their families, yet astir 1 successful 7 group successful nan U.S. are incapable to entree nan nutrient they request to thrive,' said Lauren Biedron, from Feeding America. 

'Tackling nutrient insecurity is not thing we tin do alone, and we are thrilled to person partners for illustration IHOP subordinate america successful nan activity to extremity hunger – to straight support our communities and nourish futures.'

For nan free short stack, location is nary request to bargain thing else, but successful New York and Jersey, IHOP requires a $1 aid to nan Feeding American fundraiers.