'If I don't get to see you, please know I love you very much': Dying mother of hostage Noa Argamani - abducted by Hamas on a motorbike - issues video plea to see her daughter before cancer takes her life

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The dying mother of Noa Argamani - a young female abducted by Hamas terrorists connected nan backmost of a motorcycle - has issued a achy video plea to spot her girl earlier cancer takes her life. 

Liora Argamani, who is presently battling shape 4 encephalon cancer, called connected President Biden and nan Red Cross to intervene, arsenic she told her daughter: 'If I don't get to spot you... please cognize I emotion you very much'. 

Noa, 26, an only child, was snatched astatine nan Supernova euphony show during nan Hamas incursion of Israel on October 7 and filmed begging for her life connected nan backmost of nan bike, screaming 'Don't termination me!'

The footage, which was wide shared online, brought a activity of insufferable bone-chilling dread for Liora, as she was forced to watch her girl suffer alongside nan remainder of nan world.

'Hello, I americium Liora Argamani,' she said to nan camera today, seated successful a ample leather chair pinch posters of her abducted girl adorned successful nan background, 'the mother of Noa Argamani, nan beautiful woman who was kidnapped connected October 7 by Hamas to Gaza. 

Liora Argamani (right) fears she will not unrecorded agelong capable to spot her only child, Noa, 26, who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists connected October 7

Noa was seen being driven distant connected a motorbike and crossed nan godforsaken by Hamas terrorists

'I person cancer, encephalon cancer,' she said from family’s impermanent flat successful Tel Aviv, adjacent her crab curen clinic.

'I don't cognize really agelong I person left. I wish for nan chance to spot my Noa, astatine home.

'I telephone upon President Biden and nan Red Cross to bring backmost my Noa arsenic soon arsenic imaginable truthful that I get nan chance to spot her. 

'Noa, if I don't get to spot you... please cognize that I emotion you very much. Please cognize that we did everything we could to get you released. The full world loves you.'

So far, eighty-one hostages held successful Gaza person been released, 7 weeks aft being taken captive during nan 7 October attacks connected Israel.

Sixty Israeli women and children were freed arsenic portion of a woody betwixt Israel and Hamas, while a Russian-Israeli man not included successful nan woody was besides freed by Hamas.

Nineteen Thai hostages and 1 Filipino were released arsenic portion of a abstracted woody betwixt Hamas and nan Egyptian government.

In addition, anterior to nan deals struck pinch Hamas, a further 4 Israeli hostages were released, and different was freed by Israeli forces.

On Tuesday 28 November, 10 Israeli and 2 Thai hostages were freed by Hamas.

Under nan exchange, 180 Palestinian person been released from Israeli jails - positive hundreds of lorries of humanitarian aid, aesculapian supplies and substance person been allowed into Gaza.

But nan pain-staking hold continues for Liora. 

This video, which circulated connected societal media, allegedly shows Noa successful captivity successful Gaza

Noa's father, Yakov, says doctors person told nan family his wife, Liora, does not person agelong to live

Earlier this week, she told nan Mail connected Sunday that she is only asking for 1 point earlier she deteriorates.

'My 1 wish would beryllium to hug and spot Noa earlier thing happens to maine owed to my aesculapian condition, which would mean I won't beryllium capable to.

 'I cognize she is simply a beardown girl. We're waiting for her. Only nan thought of her coming location keeps maine strong.'

Liora is battling shape 4 encephalon crab and her hubby Yakov says that doctors don't person hope.

'I don't want to elaborate but it's not good. The doctors haven't fixed a bully prognosis, but I judge it's successful God's hands. I judge it will beryllium OK.'

Aside from a photograph of Noa drinking h2o successful what appeared to beryllium Gaza that was posted successful a Hamas telegram channel, nan family person had nary news of her safety.

'We don't cognize thing much than what nan media has reported. All we saw is nan footage of Noa being kidnapped and past sitting connected nan sofa pinch a vessel of water.'

At his location successful Tel Aviv nan Argamanis are surrounded by friends and family who person arranged for a opus to beryllium performed successful honour of Noa and her fellow Avi Natan, who was besides abducted from nan Nova festival. 

On nan walls are photos of nan handsome couple, including nan Mail connected Sunday's beforehand page headline, 'Don't termination me.' which sits connected an quiet chair, symbolising her absence.

 Liora is excessively anemic to subordinate nan family and friends successful nan surviving room and Yakov can't thief but sob.

Along pinch hundreds of different young Israelis, Noa (pictured) had been enjoying a bid show successful nan godforsaken erstwhile they were forced to fly for their lives 

Her boyfriend, Avi Nathan, distraught and helpless, was besides seen connected video being kidnapped

A photograph taken earlier this twelvemonth of Avi Natan, who was besides abducted from nan Nova festival

'I'm going done nan astir difficult play of my life. Before Oct 7 I weighed 10 kilos much than I do now. 

'The thoughts I person would rip you apart. And this is connected apical of my wife's mediocre authorities of health. It's difficult to digest each of this.'

'As nan only child, Noa is nan personification that organised her mother's care, her doctors, her medicine and everything. 

'She had a reliable twelvemonth arsenic she was studying astatine assemblage and yet she still looked aft mother. 

'Now Noa is away, it's our work to look aft her family until she comes back.' says Noa's puerility friend Yan Gorjaltsan.