Ian Wright claims Antony's swipe at Jeremy Doku shows under-fire Bruno Fernandes is NOT setting the right example as Manchester United captain and is just 'looking out for himself'

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Ian Wright believes Antony's petulant swipe astatine Jeremy Doku successful nan Manchester derby is straight related to Bruno Fernandes mounting nan incorrect example arsenic nine captain.

The £82million signing was fortunate to flight a reddish paper aft he appeared to kick retired astatine nan Manchester City winger in nan closing stages of United's 3-0 conclusion astatine Old Trafford.

Antony earned himself a yellowish paper for doubly taking a swipe astatine Doku and past slapping nan City player's limb distant erstwhile he remonstrated.

And Wright believes nan Brazilian's behaviour stemmed from Fernandes' example.

'Bruno sometimes conscionable goes disconnected and they’re not ready. It’s not bully for nan team,' he told The Kelly and Wrighty Show. 

Wright blamed Antony's petulant outburst connected Sunday connected Fernandes' deficiency of leadership

Bruno Fernandes' captaincy astatine Manchester United has travel nether scrutiny 

Ian Wright believes nan Portuguese is mounting nan incorrect illustration arsenic nine captain 

‘Watching Antony travel connected and his publication was to footwear retired astatine [Jeremy] Doku for illustration that, but nan illustration of nan skipper is seeping in. That’s nan skipper doing it.’

United were comprehensively outclassed by City astatine Old Trafford pinch Fernandes again coming nether scrutiny for a perceived deficiency of activity successful nan drubbing astatine nan hands of nan Premier League champions.

Speaking connected nan aforesaid show, erstwhile United midfielder Owen Hargreaves noted nan boundaries betwixt committedness and petulance tin often go blurred wherever Fernandes is concerned.

‘I cognize he looks moody but I deliberation he tried to footwear retired [to a City player] to show nan fans he cares but it doesn’t travel crossed successful nan correct measurement and it frustrates a batch of people,' he said.

The erstwhile England world believes Erik 10 Hag should enarthrosis immoderate of nan blasted for nan midfielder's behaviour successful nan Manchester derby.

‘[Ten Hag] gave it [the captaincy] to Bruno because he’s their astir accordant subordinate by a agelong changeable but yesterday [Ten Hag] played him retired of position. 

'Play him arsenic a No.10 and driblet different player. I deliberation his vexation came a batch from not having immoderate power connected nan game.'

Wright besides suggested that while Fernandes' will to property opponents and pursuit down seemingly mislaid causes whitethorn endear him to nan fans, it was not nan benignant of attack bound to animate players astir him.

The Brazilian winger was fortunate to flight a reddish paper aft petulantly kicking Jeremy Doku (right) during United's 3-0 conclusion successful nan Manchester derby 

'He closes down connected his ain arsenic well, that’s a awesome to players who you’re playing pinch that he’s playing for nan crowd,' he explained.

'When you spot group conscionable going connected their ain and you don’t spot anyone other backing up, you benignant of consciousness for illustration he’s looking retired for himself.'

Wright and Hargreaves aren't unsocial successful questioning Fernandes' skipper credentials. 

Speaking connected nan latest section of Mail Sport's It's All Kicking Off! podcast pinch Ian Ladyman earlier this week, Chris Sutton insisted the Portuguese was not captain's material, a constituent he first made successful August.

'You look astatine nan awesome Manchester United captains of nan past. [Roy] Keane, [Bryan] Robson, [Steve] Bruce, [Nemanja] Vidic and [Gary] Neville,' he said. 

'They're captains pinch a spot of clout, a spot of authority. [They are] personification you want to travel retired of nan passageway wherever you consciousness you'd tally done a wall pinch him.

'I ne'er felt nan aforesaid astir Bruno Fernandes. I deliberation he's petulant.

'He's for illustration nan talented, spoiled kid down nan parkland erstwhile things aren't going, who past takes his shot home. That's nan measurement he seems to me.' 

Speaking connected Sky Sports connected Sunday, erstwhile United skipper Roy Keane singled retired Fernandes saying nan Portugal midfielder's assemblage connection was nan 'opposite to what you want successful a captain'.

Roy Keane said that Fernandes' assemblage connection was nan 'opposite to what you want successful a captain'

He added: 'The first point I would do is return nan captaincy disconnected him. I cognize it's a large determination but Fernandes is not skipper material.

'He's a talented player, but what I saw today, he's whingeing, he's moaning, he's throwing his arms up successful nan aerial constantly.

'It really isn't acceptable. When you're talking astir wherever do they make changes - committee level, managers - I'd commencement pinch that because nan head is tin of doing that.

'Fernandes is simply a superb footballer but he's nan other to what you want successful a captain.'


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