IAN HERBERT: Will David Moyes be haunted by his words at his first West Ham press conference back in 2017? Plus why fans should be careful what they wish for with Graham Potter

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For galore who were location connected Sunday, it felt for illustration nan end. The tried and tested aspects of a David Moyes shot squad – its robust functionality and dependable solidity – vanishing successful plain sight. Eight months connected from nan indelible memories of European glory and Moyes’ ceremony creation successful a Prague dressing room, West Ham supporters stared into nan actual beneath their seats astatine half-time, trying to travel to position pinch nan measurement Arsenal were eviscerating their team.

Some wrong West Ham consciousness that there’s no measurement backmost from this 6-0 location defeat. That nan players are nary longer pinch Moyes. That nan nine request nan imagination and flair of ‘a caller Roberto De Zerbi.’ Graham Potter, perhaps. Out of activity and very overmuch available.

To me, that seems a very funny benignant of logic, fixed that De Zerbi – nan apparently exemplary head – has navigated Brighton to ninth position successful nan Premier League this season, while West Ham sit… eighth. For a 3rd successive year, nan knock-out stages of a European tourney dishonesty ahead. Springtime successful Istanbul, Braga aliases possibly Lisbon.

Delve into nan numbers, and you’ll find thing to deconstruct nan thought that it’s each been grey, solid, dull shot pinch Moyes and West Ham - immoderate nan existent extremity quality metric mightiness say. The nine person scored much goals per crippled successful his 2nd spell astatine nan helm than immoderate nether head successful nan Premier League era - moreover nan much-loved Slaven Bilic. Only Bilic managed much goals per crippled than Moyes successful his first spell.

Some wrong West Ham consciousness location is nary measurement backmost for David Moyes from nan 6-0 hammering against Arsenal - but he has taken this often-chaotic nine to awesome heights 

Fans deserted nan London Stadium successful their droves pinch West Ham 4-0 down astatine half-time against Arsenal connected Sunday

It is funny logic for group to deliberation West Ham request Roberto De Zerbi erstwhile Brighton are beneath them successful nan table

And past location are nan heights to which he has taken this often-chaotic club. West Ham had managed 3 apical 7 finishes successful nan full Premier League era earlier Moyes arrived. Under him, they’ve achieved two. A specified 47 days ago, they hit Arsenal astatine nan Emirates, having conscionable sent Manchester United packing. Yet, for each that, he is presently 3rd successful nan sack title odds.

Some connected nan extracurricular consciousness glee. There's been a prurient nationalist fascination astir really overmuch disapproval Moyes tin take, ever since those excruciating 10 months astatine Manchester United much than a decade ago, though he has resilience. An bonzer resilience, actually.

Arsenal’s biggest Premier League distant triumph connected Sunday eclipsed nan 6-1 conclusion inflicted connected Moyes’ Everton successful nan first play of nan 2009/10 season. Moyes – successful nan midst of a very nationalist warfare complete Manchester City’s moves to return Joleon Lescott astatine nan clip – was pictured pinch caput successful hands arsenic his broadside shipped their third. A mediocre commencement to nan play surely wasn’t terminal for that Everton team, who mislaid 2 retired of their past 24 games. They could flooded bad runs and large defeats because of nan civilization he instilled - fielding bully characters who could withstand nan very worst of clip times.

That resilience was ever a portion of nan furnishings astatine Goodison, wherever he made Everton ‘the People's Club', to quote an look he used, disconnected nan cuff, astatine his first property convention there, much than 20 years back. To this day, those words person adorned 1 of Goodison Park’s exterior walls. Moyes and that nine - that metropolis - were specified a fit.

When he first took nan West Ham job, he believed that benignant of enslaved was transferrable. He arrived connected a six-month statement astatine a nine which was transparently failing nether Bilic and said of nan request to make nan players ‘cry’ pinch sheer beingness effort. It was what West Ham needed. They could not truthful overmuch arsenic defend, astatine that time.

Yet I retrieve thing somewhat discordant astir nan property convention astatine London Stadium that November time successful 2017. Moyes – whose grin seemed a spot stuck connected astatine times – discussed his utilitarian activity ethic successful beforehand of a formed robust montage of words erstwhile utilized to picture nan acquisition of watching Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters glide to triumph — 'wishing done bated breath, nan segment group for folklore'.

He would present much than supporters could conceivably person imagined – keeping West Ham successful nan Premier League; watching Manuel Pellegrini return his ain occupation and bask a £200million transportation kitty to boot; implacably returning to reconstruct nan pragmatism, quest for worth and activity ethic which person ever been basal to his management.

But an study Moyes made successful that inaugural property convention was much important than we knew astatine nan time. 'If style is much important than winning, past I'll find retired from nan fans erstwhile I return to nan job,' he said. His conclusion being that results transcended a shot aesthetic.

Moyes and Everton were specified a fit; 1 of his quotes, 'the People's Club', still adorns an exterior wall of Goodison Park

When Moyes first arrived astatine West Ham successful 2017, he implied that results transcend style - but style matters much to Hammers fans than to most

Firing Moyes because of 1 bad day would beryllium an unmitigated folly aft his successes

Supporters should beryllium observant of what they wish for successful Graham Potter, a Pro Licence coach lacking overmuch individual charisma

Style matters much to West Ham supporters than to most. A style of football, successful keeping pinch nan representation of nan 1966 World Cup heroes whose statue still stands connected Green Street, Upton Park. A style of head who, pinch characteristic and flair, tin merge a demanding instrumentality guidelines and springiness them thing beautiful to behold. It’s why they loved nan bones of Harry Redknapp and, for a agelong time, Bilic, too. It’s why Moyes doesn’t fresh arsenic he did astatine Goodison.

Supporters should beryllium observant what they wish for successful Potter - a Pro Licence coach lacking overmuch individual charisma who is nary much a fresh for them than Moyes is. It feels for illustration a alteration of head will bring caller peril and caller jeopardy to this club, who are not nan richest. It feels for illustration Moyes deserves a acold longer in installments statement and greater appreciation, for shot pinch nan frippery and nan dreaded ‘philosophy’ taken out. For ensuring that nan London Stadium and joyousness are not mutually exclusive.

‘I dream it is simply a agelong enactment - agelong capable for some of america to beryllium happy,' Moyes said that November time astatine West Ham’s stadium, arsenic a superb sunlight bathed nan room. The second stages of his managerial profession look to person been a changeless process of proving group incorrect - coming backmost - and nan aftermath of past Sunday’s brings that necessity erstwhile more. Bitter title astir that capacity is wholly reasonable. So, too, nan determination galore took to spare themselves vulnerability to nan full annihilation and time off earlier nan end. But firing a bully man and outstanding master because of 1 very bad afternoon? That would beryllium an enactment of unmitigated folly.

Thanks for galore messages from those who support their grandchildren’s teams from nan sidelines, which, arsenic I wrote present a fewer weeks back, is simply a caller acquisition for me. Saturday brought an 8-3 conclusion for ‘our’ shot team. All portion of nan rich | acquisition – learning really to suffer arsenic good arsenic win. Which I dream I’m doing. 

I'm grateful to 'very proud grandma' Janet Harris for sending this image which seems to encapsulate nan joyousness that athletics brings to our children 

I’m grateful to ‘very proud grandma’ Janet Harris for sending this image which seems to encapsulate nan joyousness that athletics brings to our children, pinch William, Sam and James kitted retired and fresh for action, and small Rose looking on. Thanks to Tom, their dad, for support to stock it. Let maine cognize astir your experiences of watching and supporting nan kids – games, goals, pitches, resources. And bully luck to those supporting this weekend.

‘Be careful,’ I show my daughter, earlier she plays rugby and pinch infinite patience she ever says ‘yes.’ 

Yet consequence resides successful nan astir unexpected places. She and her friends were watching England v Wales successful a London pub past play erstwhile 1 of nan TV screens fell disconnected its bracket and came crashing down connected apical of them. 

The pub offered them free Guinness for nan remainder of nan day by measurement of apology. Sore heads successful much ways than one.