I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer aged 30...here are the symptoms people missed

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It has agelong been known arsenic nan silent cancer killer. Ovarian cancer, which affects much than 21,000 American women each year, is known for its postulation of vague, subtle symptoms specified arsenic bloating that often spell missed.

It's why 80 per cent of cases aren't diagnosed until nan illness has spread, and half won't past much than 5 years.

Now, 1 young, erstwhile diligent has elaborate nan 2 baffling signs of her tumor - which reached nan size of a shot by nan clip it was found.

TikTok influencer Dr Amy has shared her daze crab communicative pinch her 45,000 followers to pass others of nan little-known signs.

In a video posted successful October, she told of her bewilderment astatine nan diagnosis, aged 30, arsenic she lacked any consequence factors.

'I was already doing each nan correct things to forestall cancer,' says Amy, who worked successful a section crab center.

'Eating right, exercising...at slightest that's what I thought. That's what successful this video I americium showing you precisely what my symptoms were. These are things that astir group miss...sharing my communicative could prevention your life.'

At nan clip of Amy's diagnosis successful 2017, she was surviving a 'pretty mean life'. She had precocious bought her first location pinch her fiancee, and sewage joined 3 months later. 

But soon aft returning from a 2 week honeymoon successful Italy and Greece, nan first denotation cropped up. 

Dr Amy Fans had a 21cm tumor removed from her ovary, arsenic good arsenic nan ovary itself.

 'After 2 weeks of over-indulgence I had people gained a small spot of weight,' says Amy, who posts regular health tips to her celebrated channel. 

'Nothing major, possibly for illustration 5 pounds aliases so. I benignant of brushed it disconnected but moreover weeks later it didn't look to beryllium coming off.

'I knew my assemblage really well,' she adds. 'I eat well, one exercise. But I didn't suffer immoderate weight. If anything, I gained weight.'  

 But past came nan 'number 1 symptom' that began 'ringing siren bells'.

'I had relentless heartburn,' she says. 'I had heartburn each nan time. This had ne'er happened to maine before. I had to support Tums successful my table drawer astatine nan infirmary because I conscionable couldn't get done a time without them. My soul sound was saying thing wasn't right.'

Eventually, Amy visited her family expert who ran tests for ulcers among different problems, each of which came backmost negative.  Next, nan expert sent her to nan infirmary for an ultrasound scan. 

 'It was 5pm connected Friday day erstwhile my doctor's sanction showed up connected my phone. I stood there, stiff astatine my room counter,' she says. 'She said: "You person a tumor connected your ovary. It measures 21cm by 10cm. I'm sorry, you person cancer."'

Amy first started suffering symptoms of ovarian crab weeks aft returning from a European honeymoon.

 Amy was diagnosed pinch shape 3 illness - which intends nan crab has dispersed extracurricular nan ovary. Less than 40 per cent of women diagnosed astatine this shape will past much than 5 years. 

  Later successful nan video, nan medic explains why ovarian crab is linked to heartburn. 

'The size of nan tumor was pushing against my intestines and my stomach,' she says. 'It was causing maine to person acerb reflux. My tummy was moving retired of space.'

Shortly aft her diagnosis, Amy began a gruelling regieme of treatment. First, she underwent a awesome cognition to region nan tumor, and her abdomen was fixed closed utilizing 33 surgical staples. 

 'Surgery was nan easy part. Chemo was up next. The broadside effects terrified me. And rightly so.' The curen made Amy 'so exhausted', nauseated' and 'depressed', nevertheless it worked to destruct nan crab cells.

 Now, six years on, she is still crab free. 'Even pinch only 1 ovary my hubby and I were capable to turn our family,' she says, telling of her 2 'miracle' children.

'I americium surviving impervious that you really tin put each your eggs successful 1 basket.'


About 80 percent of ovarian crab cases are diagnosed successful nan precocious stages of nan disease.

At nan clip of diagnosis, 60 percent of ovarian cancers will person already dispersed to different parts of nan body, bringing nan five-year endurance complaint down to 30 percent from 90 percent successful nan earliest stage.  

It’s diagnosed truthful precocious because of its location successful nan pelvis, according to Dr Ronny Drapkin, an subordinate professor astatine nan University of Pennsylvania, who's been studying nan illness for much than 2 decades.

'The pelvis is for illustration a bowl, truthful a tumor location tin turn rather ample earlier it really becomes noticeable,' Dr Drapkin told MailOnline.

The first symptoms to originate pinch ovarian crab are gastrointestinal because tumors tin commencement to property upward.

When a diligent complains of gastrointestinal discomfort, doctors are much apt to attraction connected fare alteration and different causes than propose an ovarian crab screening.

Dr Drapkin said it’s usually not until aft a diligent endures persistent gastrointestinal symptoms that they will person a screening that reveals nan cancer.

‘Ovarian crab is often said to beryllium a silent slayer because it doesn’t person early symptoms, erstwhile successful truth it does person symptoms, they’re conscionable very wide and could beryllium caused by different things,’ he said.

‘One of nan things I show women is that cipher knows your assemblage arsenic good arsenic you do. If you consciousness thing isn’t right, something’s astir apt not right.’

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