I was born with two vaginas thanks to ultra-rare genetic condition...here's how I live as normally as possible

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A young female calved without a important portion of her digestive strategy and urinary tract has elaborate nan aesculapian ordeal that's plagued her young life. 

Model Anja Christoffersen, now 25, suffers a congenital information successful which the urinary, genital, and digestive tracts converge, leaving her pinch a azygous opening successful nan pelvis wherever location should beryllium three.

The disfigurement called cloaca affects 1 successful 50,000 girls, and intends women for illustration Anja are calved pinch 2 vaginal canals, arsenic good arsenic 2 wombs, contempt nan singular opening. 

In a bid of TikTok clips, nan young female describes nan devastating toll nan information has had upon her body; including 25 operations and life-long problems pinch incontinence, urinary tract infections and pneumonia.

The 25-year-old Australian exemplary was calved without an anus and 2 vaginal canals and uteruses

She has elaborate her information connected TikTok

 'I grew up pinch nan belief that I could do immoderate I group my mind to, contempt my congenital condition,' she said successful her video, adding that her grandma and mother told her nan unwellness didn't specify her astatine a young age.

'It doesn’t person to person an effect connected your value of life and nan dreams that you tin achieve.'

Ms Christoffersen is now a manner model, stepping nan runways successful Amsterdam's Fashion Week. She besides advocates for different group suffering nan congenital condition. 

When a fetus develops, nan azygous transmission for nan genital, digestive, and urinary tracts separate.

But successful cases of cloaca, this separation process does not occur, resulting successful a azygous opening for passing waste.

Her first room was performed almost instantly aft birth, and saw doctors execute a colostomy and vesicostomy to create openings successful nan abdominal wall to let for nan transition of stool and urine.

At 7 months old, doctors operated connected her pelvis, creating a trim each nan measurement to her spine to abstracted nan 3 tracts and create nan modular 3 holes. 

She has since had astir 24 further surgeries including those to reconstruct nan pelvis and woody pinch abdominal issues among others.

And urinary and bowel incontinence is simply a changeless struggle, arsenic she does not person earthy muscles successful her rectum aliases anus.

Ms Christoffersen was besides calved pinch an underdeveloped esophagus, meaning nutrient could not scope her stomach. An abnormal relationship betwixt nan trachea and nan esophagus allowed nutrient to participate nan airways. All of this was repaired astatine birth.

She said: ‘When I was younger, I was successful and retired of infirmary pinch thorax and urinary infections, chronic constipation arsenic I do not person earthy bowel contractions, further aesculapian imaging, curen and surgeries.

At 7 months old, doctors operated connected her pelvis, creating a trim from nan beforehand each nan measurement to her spine, creating nan modular 3 holes 

She has since undergone 24 surgeries

‘At 1 twelvemonth of age, I began doing regular rectal washouts [enemas] to induce bowel contractions and springiness maine societal continence. Otherwise, my bowel was for illustration a pat that was turned connected and would travel perpetually aliases wholly disconnected and blocked up. Even pinch these washouts I would still person accidents successful day-to-day life. 

She besides faces immoderate chronic symptom and different ongoing issues related to her bowels, reproductive and urinary systems.

Doctors do not cognize for judge what causes nan cloacal anomaly, but it is believed to hap randomly.


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Cloacal abnormalities tin origin incontinence and a predisposition to urinary tract infections. 

They tin besides lead to constipation, bowel obstruction, and spinal abnormalities. Cloacal abnormalities tin besides origin urine to recreation backmost up into nan kidneys, starring to damage.

It tin beryllium detected via ultrasound during pregnancy, arsenic was Ms Christoffersen’s lawsuit but is astir often diagnosed erstwhile nan babe is born.

She said: 'I was fortunate to beryllium diagnosed early, truthful nan doctors could hole for my arrival. They were uncertain of nan severity of my information nevertheless were capable to get a bully squad together successful mentation for my birth.'

The information has been likened to having nan pelvis of a doll by Allison Wadsworth, whose eight-year-old girl was besides calved without an anus aliases vagina.

Mrs Wadsworth said: 'She was for illustration a doll. She had nan small statement of a woman and past nothing. Just pure, soft skin.’

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