I visited my doctor to get ear infection checked out and was told I had a BRAIN TUMOR

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  • Annette Courtier, successful her 50s, went for tests a week aft starting assemblage course
  • Doctors recovered a non-cancerous tumor connected her pituitary gland nether her brain
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By Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:03 EDT, 27 October 2023 | Updated: 17:26 EDT, 27 October 2023

A female successful Michigan who thought she had an receptor infection was shocked erstwhile doctors recovered her symptoms were caused by a encephalon tumor.

Annette Courtier, successful her 50s and from Lansing, went to doctors complaining of symptom successful her caput and astir her ear.

Scans revealed, however, that she had a non-cancerous maturation connected her pituitary gland, which is simply a pea-shaped building astatine nan bottommost of nan brain. Doctors said it had apt been increasing for 5 years.

Annette Courtier, successful her 50s and from Lansing, Michigan, was diagnosed pinch nan encephalon tumor aft reasoning she had an receptor infection

She underwent room to region nan maturation and a week later was backmost to doing homework for her assemblage course. She graduated pinch her twelvemonth group connected clip contempt nan diagnosis. 

The mini pituitary gland plays a captious domiciled successful regulating hormones successful nan assemblage progressive successful functions including growth, reproduction and appetite.

About 10,000 Americans are diagnosed pinch pituitary encephalon tumors each year, making up 17 percent of each encephalon tumors recorded.

The immense mostly of patients survive, pinch 97 percent surviving much than 5 years aft their diagnosis.

Ms Courtier mislaid her sister to shape 4 crab successful 2019, which took her to a 'very acheronian place' because her sister was nan 'closest personification to me'.

But successful 2022 she decided to return to assemblage 35 years aft leaving precocious school, enrolling astatine nan University of Michigan-Flint to study integer communication.

A week into nan course, however, she started experiencing symptom successful her caput which led to nan diagnosis.

Most pituitary gland tumors are removed utilizing transsphenoidal surgery, wherever doctors put an endoscope and specialized surgical instruments up nan chemoreceptor and done nan sphenoid sinus — an area down nan chemoreceptor — to entree nan gland.

They past trim retired nan tumor either full aliases successful parts.

After her surgery, Ms Courtier said: 'Having encephalon surgery, recovering from encephalon surgery, going backmost to work. All of those things.

'I don't deliberation I would've done thing differently. 

'I didn't springiness myself clip to dwell connected it because it wasn't necessary.'

The supra shows really Ms Courtier received room for nan encephalon tumor, which is usually removed via devices being stuck done nan chemoreceptor to entree nan tumor

She added: 'A encephalon tumor doesn't extremity your life. Your life is what you make of your life, and that's what I did. 

'Brain surgery, full-time work, full-time school, losing a 100 pounds successful six months — it's been rather a year.

'I'm a wholly different personification than erstwhile I started nan program.'

Symptoms of pituitary tumor see weight loss, headaches, excessive sweating and shifts successful appetite.

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