'I've lived for a year without a PULSE... I run on batteries': Massachusetts woman, 30, with rare genetic condition is being kept alive by mechanical implant as she waits anxiously for a donor to give her a new heart

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  • Sofia Hart has irreversible dilated cardiomyopathy - arsenic does her copy sister
  • She lives pinch a instrumentality called a LVAD to support her live until a bosom transplant
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By Caitlin Tilley, Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 18:06 EDT, 24 October 2023 | Updated: 06:41 EDT, 25 October 2023

A Massachusetts female pinch a uncommon familial bosom information has nary beat and says she 'runs connected batteries.'

Sofia Hart, 30, has irreversible dilated cardiomyopathy - a illness of nan bosom musculus erstwhile 1 of nan ventricles does not activity arsenic well, which tin lead to heart failure.

Ms Hart uses a life-saving aesculapian instrumentality to support her bosom pumping while she waits for a bosom transplant.

As galore arsenic 1 successful 500 American adults person cardiomyopathy - a much wide word for conditions relating to nan bosom muscle, but irreversible dilated cardiomyopathy is much rare.

Sofia Hart connected her 30th day successful May 2023 (pictured left). She lives pinch a near ventricular assistance instrumentality (LVAD) while she waits for a bosom transplant. She is pictured correct successful infirmary getting nan instrumentality fitted aged 29

An LVAD helps support humor flowing astir nan assemblage by mechanically pumping nan near broadside of nan heart

Ms Hart discovered she had nan information successful nan summertime of 2022 while moving astatine a equine farm.

She told PEOPLE: 'I started getting really achy and truthful fatigued. It's for illustration a fatigue that you can't really describe. I wasn't tired successful my brain, but my assemblage was truthful tired.'

Her copy sister, Olivia, was calved pinch nan aforesaid uncommon familial mutation, but nary 1 realized Ms Hart had it excessively until she fell ill.

Ms Hart's fatigue primitively led her to judge she had Lyme's disease, arsenic she had been moving extracurricular and could person easy been bitten by a tick. She took a Lyme trial astatine a walk-in clinic.

Olivia, who was moving astatine nan infirmary astatine nan time, delivered nan news to her sister.

'My sister said, "You don't person Lyme illness — and we really wish you did."'

Olivia had suffered bosom nonaccomplishment 7 years anterior and had to get an LVAD instrumentality to tide her complete until she had a bosom transplant successful 2016.

A near ventricular assistance instrumentality (LVAD) helps support humor flowing astir nan assemblage by mechanically pumping nan near broadside of nan heart.

Ms Hart received nan aforesaid people of curen aged 29 that her sister had astatine 22: surviving pinch an LVAD until a transplant was available.

When astatine location successful Boston, Ms Hart is connected to a wall outlet to powerfulness nan device.

She told PEOPLE: 'That cord is beautiful long, and I person mastered surviving successful places wherever I tin get astir connected that cord.'

When she goes retired and about, nan LVAD tin beryllium powered by 2 batteries, and Ms Hart ever makes judge to transportation spares.

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