I've had an ongoing migraine for 9 MONTHS that feels like someone drilling into my head. Doctors aren't sure when it will end

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  • Mitta Quissorcumar, from nan UK, has struggled pinch migraines since early 20s
  • But successful January this twelvemonth a migraine erupted which refuses to spell away
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By Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 15:12 EDT, 25 October 2023 | Updated: 15:45 EDT, 25 October 2023

A female who has suffered a migraine for 9 months says it is truthful achy she feels for illustration location is simply a drill successful her eyes — and doctors don't cognize erstwhile it will stop.

Mitta Quissorcumar, a publicist from nan UK, has struggled pinch migraines since her early 20s which would past for hours astatine a time.

But successful January this year, a migraine erupted which has been 'relentless' and refuses to spell distant — moreover aft countless medications and trips to nan ER.

Doctors diagnosed her pinch atypical hemiplegic migraine, a uncommon shape of 1 of nan astir terrible types of migraines which is linked to problems pinch nervus cells.

She has now spent much than $1,800 trying retired cures — everything from narcotics to acupuncture and moreover oxygen therapy — but pinch small luck, pinch nan only point somewhat easing symptoms being cannabis drops to thief her slumber astatine night.

Mitta Quissorcumar, a publicist from nan UK, has struggled pinch migraines since her early 20s which would past for hours astatine a clip (stock image)

Writing successful nan Insider, she said: 'The symptom feels for illustration I person a drill successful my eyes and successful nan apical of my head.

'I'm tense and person developed cervix and backmost pain, arsenic good arsenic jaw symptom from grinding my teeth. I'm delicate to light, noises and smells.

'I'm perpetually nauseous — I struggled to eat erstwhile it began.'

She added: 'I walk my days putting each my power into getting done my workday, which is luckily a table occupation I tin do from home.

'I walk my evenings recovering successful my acheronian bedroom.

'If I effort to do thing additional, specified arsenic seeing friends aliases cleaning nan house, I'm retired of committee for nan remainder of nan week.' 

Ms Quissorcumar said her migraine began connected January 12 for 'no evident reason' arsenic she had been eating and sleeping good and avoiding her triggers.

The symptom was excruciating for nan first 4 days but past settled to a 'more tolerable' level.

She went to spot her doctor, who prescribed sumatriptan — which useful by narrowing humor vessels successful nan caput to thief trim a headache. But this 'didn't moreover touch nan pain'.

A fewer weeks later erstwhile pins and needles emerged connected her correct side, she was sent to nan ER.

There were initially concerns she was having a changeable because erstwhile she arrived she couldn't move nan correct broadside of her face, but aft tests ruled this retired she was diagnosed pinch an atypical hemiplegic migraine.

A hemiplegic migraine is simply a uncommon type of headache that causes impermanent paralysis aliases weakness connected 1 broadside of nan assemblage and tin mimic a stroke. It tin beryllium triggered by changes successful humor travel to areas of nan brain.

Estimates show this type of migraine is down little than 0.01 percent of each migraines.

An atypical shape is an moreover uncommon type of nan information that tin origin moreover much terrible symptoms.

Doctors carried retired respective MRIs, but were incapable to place a origin of nan changeless migraine — specified arsenic a tumor. 

Ms Quissorcumar has been prescribed respective drugs, but said these haven't worked — pinch a fewer making her business worse.

She has now tried acupuncture, a hot-stone massage, cervix and backmost massagers, meditation, yoga and moreover oxygen therapy to easiness nan symptoms — pinch nary effect contempt nan $1,800 invested.

She's besides tried cupping, which involves placing cups connected nan tegument to easiness tension, and a migraine hat, which allows group to insert acold aliases basking sachets adjacent to nan head.

The only point that has helped to easiness nan symptom is cannabis drops, which she takes astatine nighttime to thief pinch sleep.

Ms Quissorcumar said she besides feels 'constantly dismissed' by doctors who person sent her location saying what she is experiencing is 'just a headache'.

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