I use old produce as a natural Botox to stay wrinkle-free - it's full of vitamins and makes my skin feel incredible

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A female connected TikTok has boasted astir her different method to support wrinkles away, claiming to usage stiff cucumber arsenic a shape of 'natural Botox.'

Kendall Rae Kahn, 28, explained that she started employing nan method aft she saw personification other make a video astir it, alleging it helped pinch inflammation and prevented her from 'forgetting' astir nan cucumbers she had successful nan fridge.

But dermatologists person shared their skepticism astir nan alleged beauty hack, telling DailyMail.com that cucumber should decidedly not beryllium viewed arsenic a replacement for nan existent thing.

In her precocious resurfaced clip, which was primitively posted successful January, nan contented creator, from Texas, showed disconnected really she utilized nan stiff portion of cucumber and laid retired nan alleged methodology down it.

Kendall showed disconnected really she utilized nan stiff cucumber connected her look and claimed that it was a 'natural Botox'

'About 9 times retired of 10 that I bargain cucumbers, I hide that I person them and I extremity up throwing them away,' Kendall told her viewers. 

'So, I really came crossed this video that said cucumbers are really bully for your skin, and for inflammation, and afloat of vitamins and it is really a earthy Botox.'

Botox, short for 'botulinum toxin,' is an injection made from neurotoxins, which activity to weaken nan muscles successful nan look aliases different parts of nan body, according to the Cleveland Clinic. 

Not only tin it beryllium utilized to soft and trim nan quality of wrinkles, but it tin besides beryllium utilized to dainty migraines and different plights. 

'From now on, alternatively of throwing distant nan cucumbers that I hide astir successful nan fridge, I'm going to frost them, which is what I did earlier. I peeled... trim them successful halves and frost them,' Kendall said.

The creator revealed that she was going to use nan stiff cucumbers aft she utilized her crystal roller, a beauty instrumentality that useful to combat facial puffiness.

She claimed that erstwhile she utilized nan cucumber earlier that day, her tegument was 'so soft' and nan smell was heavenly.

'Natural Botox cucumber, afloat of vitamins, helps pinch inflammation, and erstwhile I'm done, I'm conscionable going to trim disconnected nan extremity and put it backmost successful nan freezer for tomorrow,' she said.

Kendall says nan beauty instrumentality helps her not to discarded immoderate nutrient that she whitethorn person near successful nan fridge

Botox useful by weakening nan muscles, and is often utilized for cosmetic purposes (stock image)

She showed disconnected really to usage nan stiff cucumber. Here she is seen rubbing it nether her eyes

'I will not beryllium wasting anymore cucumbers, I tin committedness you that,' Kendall vowed. 

But it looks for illustration Kendall isn't nan only 1 to person utilized cucumbers to execute immoderate patient tegument benefits.

What do nan experts say? Dermatologists measurement successful connected 'natural Botox

  • Frozen cucumbers are decidedly not a replacement for nan existent thing, aggregate dermatologists person told DailyMail.com
  • Despite immoderate celebrated belief, location is nary substitution for Botox
  • 'Using cucumbers connected nan tegument is improbable to beryllium dangerous, but it won't springiness Botox-like results,' Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky said

In March, one TikTok personification named Nikki tried retired nan method, arsenic good arsenic different named Alyssa Michelle, who promised to support viewers updated.

However, according to aggregate board-certified dermatologists, using cucumbers successful spot of Botox does not work, and it's surely not a replacement for nan existent thing.

'Cucumbers cannot beryllium utilized arsenic "natural Botox" and do not exert immoderate neuromodulator effects connected nan muscle,' Texas-based dermatologist Dr. Jean Charles told DailyMail.com.

'Botox useful by blocking presynaptic merchandise of acetylcholine astatine nan neuromuscular junction causing impermanent paralysis of nan affected muscle,' she continued.

Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky, besides known arsenic nan popular @dermguru connected TikTok, agreed pinch Dr. Charles.

'Using cucumbers connected nan tegument is improbable to beryllium dangerous, but it won't springiness Botox-like results,' Zubritsky, who practices in Mississippi, told DailyMail.com. 'If you want to usage cucumbers for nan skin, beryllium judge to person realistic expectations connected what it tin and cannot accomplish.'

Dr. Zubritsky explained that though nan stiff veg was not a replacement for Botox, it could person immoderate 'minor benefits' connected nan skin, for illustration aiding successful inflammation, arsenic Kendall mentioned successful nan video clip. 

Kendall besides claimed that nan cucumbers thief pinch inflammation and that they smell awesome while applying it (stock image)

'The coolness helps to constrict humor vessels,' Dr. Zubritsky said. 

'Cucumbers are besides rather hydrating and incorporate vitamin K, which tin some thief to moisture nan tegument and amended humor circulation while reducing acheronian circles.'

What is Botox? 

  • Botox, short for 'botulinum toxin,' is an injection made from neurotoxins
  • The injection useful to weaken nan muscles astatine nan site, and tin amended nan quality of wrinkles
  • Not only tin Botox beryllium injected into one's face, but it tin besides spell successful different assemblage parts, for illustration nan hands

However, because of this, nan cucumbers tin thief springiness a impermanent solution, but it's decidedly not a replacement for nan injection. 

'Cucumbers people person hydrating, soothing, and anti inflammatory ingredients and tin surely amended tegument hydration and thereby temporarily trim good lines,' Minnesota-based dermatologist Dr. Jenny Liu told DailyMail.com.

If you're still looking for thing a small spot much earthy to soft retired nan tegument that's not a Botox injection, it's highly important to usage sunscreen, each 3 dermatologists advised. 

'There are nary bully "natural remedies" for Botox,' Dr. Charles said. 

'But if you don't want to do Botox, having a accordant skincare regular consisting of sunscreen and retinoids tin thief pinch good lines & wrinkles.'

In addition, Dr. Liu suggested utilizing a retinoid, Vitamin C serum and peptides. 

DailyMail.com reached retired to Kendall for comment.

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