I'm a Celebrity LIVE: ITV show in chaos as Jamie Lynn Spears ditches the jungle leaving producers scrambling around for a new replacement

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By Kirsten Murray For Mailonline

Published: 16:02 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 16:29 EST, 29 November 2023


Chaos successful camp!

It is nan first clip successful nan show's 23-series history that 2 contestants person near connected aesculapian grounds, pinch insiders claiming unit connected nan programme 'aren't sleeping' owed to nan stress.

Official connection for Jamie Lynn's departure

On Wednesday afternoon, a spokesperson for nan show confirmed Ms Spears – nan younger sister of vocalist Britney Spears – had left.

He said: 'Jamie Lynn Spears has near I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! connected aesculapian grounds.

'She's been a awesome campmate who has triumphed astatine tests and bonded good pinch her chap celebrities.'

 Photo by ITV/Shutterstock (14232565ch) Grace Leaving - Jamie Lynn Spears 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' TV Show, Series 23, Australia - 27 Nov 2023

Will Nella Rose beryllium nan adjacent to quit?

No much Britney Spears gossip!

When viewers recovered retired Jamie Lynn was heading into nan jungle fans were excited to perceive nan prima spill each nan Britney gossip.

The prima and her celebrated sister person a famously rocky relationship, yet Jamie Lynn has opened up astir nan pair's emotion for each different during her clip successful camp.

'You cognize what, family’s fight. Listen, we conscionable do it amended than most.'

Here is everything Jamie Lynn revealed astir nan Toxic hitmaker.

Fans consumed pinch sadness pursuing Jamie Lynn's exit

Viewers headed to Twitter to definitive their upset arsenic Jamie Lynn's clip successful nan jungle comes to a close.

Jamie Lynn Spears becomes nan 2nd prima to discontinue nan show

ITV has been plunged into chaos after Jamie Lynn Spears discontinue nan show conscionable 2 days aft nutrient professional Grace Dent walked retired of nan show.

Insiders astatine nan transmission opportunity that they are 'struggling to support up pinch nan drama' pursuing nan American actress's exit for aesculapian reasons.

Jamie Lynn's jungle travel had proved to beryllium an affectional 1 arsenic she was often filmed successful tears arsenic she struggled to beryllium isolated from her family.

Ant and Dec corroborate Jamie Lynn Spears has near nan jungle

Hosts Ant and Dec person started tonight's show pinch nan news that Jamie Lynn Spears has officially near nan camp.

The brace wished nan prima good arsenic she decided to discontinue nan show connected 'medical grounds' aft 10 days successful nan jungle.

Leaving conscionable 10 campmates down nether arsenic they proceed to look nan Bushtucker Trials

 Photo by ITV/Shutterstock (14232565az) Morning Story - Jamie Lynn Spears 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' TV Show, Series 23, Australia - 27 Nov 2023