I just found out my husband of 10 years married me because of a BET - should I divorce him?

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There are galore ways to autumn successful emotion pinch personification - but 1 female feels deceived by her hubby aft discovering he joined her pursuing a juvenile workplace bet.

The unnamed female wrote an anonymous portion for nan Atlanta Black Star to detail nan circumstances which brought nan 2 together. 

In nan piece, she explained they met erstwhile she was successful her early-20s, and some of them were moving successful a telephone center, which she said was 'loud and rowdy.'

The female said each of her coworkers were young and peculiarly boisterous, adding they spent a batch of clip having inappropriate conversations.

'Somehow, it became nationalist knowledge connected nan level that I was a preacher's kid and a virgin,' she explained successful nan piece. 'I expected that accusation to origin maine to beryllium ostracized, but it really had nan other effect.'

The unnamed female admits she feels deceived by her husband, aft discovering he joined pursuing a juvenile workplace stake (stock image)

The female said she abruptly became a 'hot commodity,' and recovered nan attraction she was receiving beautiful overwhelming - isolated from 1 man, whom she ended up giving her telephone number to. 

The female and this man, Thomas, ended up talking for 'hours' connected nan telephone and yet went connected to wed each different and commencement a family, surviving a very happy life.

But she has since uncovered a shocking truth astir their matrimony that has made her 2nd conjecture their full narration - a decade since nan mates worked astatine nan telephone center.

'One day, I was astatine a statement pinch 1 of our communal friends who worked successful nan telephone center, [and] he fto it gaffe retired that location had been a stake successful nan telephone halfway erstwhile we each worked there,' she recalled.

'Apparently, my husband, Thomas, was a portion of nan stake to spot who could return my virginity,' she revealed. 'I was crushed and really disturbed by nan admission.'

The female confronted her hubby who admitted he had been progressive successful nan stake and assured her it was a 'childish' point betwixt immoderate of nan men successful their workplace.

'He said that moreover though he was motivated by nan stake erstwhile he sewage to cognize me, he fell successful emotion pinch maine and doesn't regret tying nan knot,' she recalled.

The female was furious and upset by nan revelation, declaring it to beryllium 'crude and downright disgusting.'

She was shocked erstwhile an aged co-worker fto it gaffe that location had been a stake successful nan telephone center  to spot who could return her virginity (stock image)

She angrily berated her husband, telling him she couldn't judge he went arsenic acold arsenic to 'marry me, conscionable to triumph a stake and return my virginity.' 

However, her hubby refuted this and alternatively became protect earlier accusing nan female of overreacting. 

'[He] decided to move his backmost connected maine and spell backmost to sleep,' nan wounded female explained. 'I person spoken to my parents astir nan matter and americium considering divorce. 

'Am I being overly delicate astir a foolish and immature bet, aliases do I person grounds for dissolving our marriage?' she asked readers.

The article was republished by Yahoo News, wherever group commented connected nan analyzable business - galore urging her not to propulsion nan trigger and record for divorcement excessively quickly.

'As agelong arsenic he treats good you, arsenic an adjacent and respectfully now and has ne'er cheated divorcing seems a immense leap for thing that happened years agone and can't beryllium changed now, particularly if you person children,' 1 personification commented connected nan story.

'Are you kidding? Do you deliberation he joined you - connected a BET?' exclaimed different reader. 'Stayed joined for 10 years - connected a BET?'

'Get real, woman! What's nan existent logic you're reasoning astir a divorce,' they continued. 'Be honest, and don't usage nan BET arsenic an excuse, for crying retired loud!'

Others came to her defense, admitting they would besides beryllium upset to find themselves successful that situation.  

'He should person told her nan truth BEFORE sleeping pinch her,' a personification agreed, adding her hubby doesn't look to show immoderate 'remorse' complete nan wager.

'I wholly understand why she feels utilized and disgusted. Him sincerely falling successful emotion pinch her doesn't alteration what a gross point he did,' they added.

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