I fell for a drop dead gorgeous stranger in a country hat who walked into my work - so I turned to internet sleuths to help me track him down

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  • Brittany fell successful emotion pinch a 'beautiful' alien astatine work
  • Two weeks later they reconnected 
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By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 09:48 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 09:48 EDT, 1 November 2023

A azygous female was overjoyed after search down a 'drop dormant gorgeous' stranger she ran into astatine activity weeks later - and she has nan net to convey for her blossoming relationship.

Brittany helped a 'beautiful' man wearing a state chapeau at her unit occupation successful Canberra and instantly regretted not asking for his information.

'I would've joined that man connected nan spot,' she recalled telling her friend. 'I noticed him instantly because of nan achromatic state chapeau - Canberra group don't dress for illustration that.'

The 30-year-old went on: 'He was stunning. He had bluish eyes and gorgeous hair. We had a really tiny interaction, our eyes were locked, but past he left.'

Brittany shared her communicative of woe connected TikTok to inquire nan net sleuths for thief uncovering her man - and they delivered.

'I request your thief to find a man,' she said successful a now-viral video explaining their little encounter.

The alien came into nan shop and asked for thief locating an point - but Brittany couldn't find it and asked him to cheque online. 

He besides donned a flannelette button-up shirt, jeans, and a overgarment while carrying a David Jones bag.

Brittany thought she'd ne'er spot him again - but destiny was connected her side. 

'He came backmost successful nan afternoon. I thought, 'Oh my God, this is my chance... this is nan beingness telling maine I request to spell and attack this man again'.

'So I spell up to him and I ask, 'Hey, did you extremity up uncovering what you were looking for?' And he said he hadn't.

'I was astir to inquire him if he was unfastened (to dating), but different customer interrupted america and asked maine for a footwear size.'

A azygous female was overjoyed aft search down a 'drop dormant gorgeous' alien she ran into astatine activity weeks later - and she has nan net to convey for her blossoming relationship

Brittany helped nan different female and prayed for her handsome alien not to time off - but she soon had to watch helplessly arsenic he walked out.

'That was my 1 opportunity,' she said sadly. 'I request each nan FBI girls successful present to hunt for him.'

She pleaded, 'If you cognize a man and he's not from Canberra, he's from nan country, and who wore a achromatic state chapeau connected October 12, I request your help.

'This man was stunning. And I conscionable want to show him really beautiful he was.'

Brittany went to activity the next time and kept an oculus retired - she moreover tried to look astatine information footage but her leader denied nan request.

Two weeks of mendacious alarms and countless fruitless DMs later - she yet had an breathtaking development. 

'I received an Instagram connection from personification that wasn't him but knew him. Long communicative short, they said that he's seen nan video. He isn't connected societal media, but wanted to connect.'

Brittany was sceptical astatine first but soon realised it was nan man she was looking for.

'I sewage his number and we said complete nan phone,' she said. 'He's 29. He is from nan country. He's single, and erstwhile he comes backmost to Canberra we'll beryllium gathering up for a drink.

'He told maine he was a spot overwhelmed by nan situation, but still wanted to spell out. It's been perfectly unthinkable to reconnect pinch him again. He's truthful kind, funny and down to earth, which is really lovely.'

Millions were happy for Brittany and wished her good connected her travel to uncovering love. 

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