'I do my best not to revisit this': Emotional Paul Pelosi tells court of the moment he was attacked by a hammer-wielding David DePape in his own home in front of cops - having stalled him by calling 911

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An affectional Paul Pelosi has told a tribunal successful San Francisco that he tried not to deliberation aliases talk astir nan events of October 28, 2022, erstwhile a hammer-wielding David DePape collapsed successful and attacked him.

Pelosi, 83, described nan infinitesimal he was woken up earlier dawn connected October 28, saying that it was nan first clip he was telling nan story.

'The doorway opened and a very, very ample man came successful pinch a hammer successful 1 manus and immoderate ties successful nan different hand,' Pelosi told nan court, speaking calmly but pinch emotion successful his voice.

'He said where's Nancy?

'He burst into nan doorway and woke maine up.'

Testifying for astir an hour, Pelosi told nan tribunal of his efforts to alert 911 to nan threat, without pushing DePape to onslaught him. He described negotiating pinch DePape to spell downstairs, wherever Pelosi hoped he'd beryllium rescued by police. And he told of 'waking up successful a excavation of blood'. 

David DePape didn't flinch while watching assemblage camera footage of himself pinch Paul Pelosi astatine nan Pelosi's San Francisco home 

Police assemblage camera footage captured nan infinitesimal DePape bludgeoned Paul Pelosi (right) which fractured his skull and put him successful nan infirmary for a week 

DePape, a erstwhile nudist from Canada who became obsessed pinch conspiracy theories, has pleaded not blameworthy to breaking and entering and attempted execution charges.

Pelosi told nan tribunal that his woman was successful Washington DC connected nan nighttime of October 27, and her information detail, which protected her astir nan clock, was pinch her.

He said nan authorities had installed information cameras astir nan property, and nan cameras were monitored remotely from Washington DC, by Capitol Police.

There was an alarm, pinch mobility sensors, successful nan location but Pelosi said he did not move nan siren connected erstwhile he was home.

'I had been retired to meal and came location I deliberation astir 10:30pm,' he told nan court.

'I thin to watch small television, possibly 1 of nan precocious shows, past spell to bed.'

DePape is seen connected information camera footage extracurricular nan Pelosi's mansion astatine 5am connected October 28.

Earlier connected Monday, authorities shared records of DePape's purchases from Amazon successful nan months earlier nan attacks, which he took pinch him to nan crime scene.

They included a camping backpack, machine cables, assemblage cameras, crayons and, 2 Spooktacular unicorn costumes.

The prosecution besides played a signaling of a telephone DePage later placed to a news reporter, stating: 'I person an important connection for everyone successful America. You're welcome.'

DePape's attorneys reason that he is not blameworthy of nan charges because he was not aft Nancy Pelosi to effort to extremity her from engaging successful her charismatic duties

Aerial footage showed surgery panes and shattered solid astatine nan backdoor of Pelosi's home

A screenshot of information footage shows DePape extracurricular nan Pelosi location during nan early hours of October 28, 2022

Pelosi told nan tribunal he was horrified to find nan imposing alien successful his room.

'It was a tremendous daze to admit personification had surgery into nan house,' said Pelosi.

'Looking astatine him and nan hammer and ties, I recognized I was successful superior danger. And so, I tried to enactment arsenic calm arsenic possible.

'I said she's not here.'

Pelosi said that DePape told him they would hold for her return, and he was 'going to person to necktie you up' while they waited.

Pelosi continued: 'I realized it was a very superior situation.

'I tried to enactment arsenic calm arsenic possible. The first point I tried to do, aft immoderate backmost and distant pinch him, was to get up and effort to get to nan elevator.'

He said DePape 'blocked me' arsenic he tried to get to nan elevator.

'I went backmost successful and sat connected nan bed,' said Pelosi.

'We had immoderate speech astir him saying that she was leader of nan pack, he had to return her out.'

Pelosi said he stood and went to nan bathroom, wherever his compartment telephone was charging, and called 911.

'He followed maine to nan bathroom,' said Pelosi.

'I was opinionated location talking connected nan telephone and he was correct location astatine nan doorway of nan bathroom.'

Pelosi said he had to beryllium observant of his words connected nan 911 call.

'There was this very ample man threatening me,' he told nan court.

'He told maine he was going to return maine out. I had to convey to nan 911 personification I was successful trouble.

'I had a very difficult clip letting them know.

'He was saying, conscionable show them it's a friend.

'I was connected nan telephone trying to convey to them location was personification successful nan house. He was telling maine to opportunity it's a friend. I was trying to convey nan accusation without angering him.'

DePape took nan telephone from him, and told him he was tired - truthful Pelosi seized nan moment.

'He fundamentally said I'm tired, I'm going to get immoderate sleep. So I'm going to necktie you up and I'm going to get immoderate sleep,' Pelosi recalled.

'I said okay, I get it, if that's what you want to do.

'I said since each your worldly is downstairs, why don't we spell downstairs and you tin necktie maine up downstairs truthful you tin spell to sleep?

'We came down and went down 2 flights of stairs. I was holding onto nan banister and he was correct down me.

'I'm reasoning I dream nan constabulary come. I knew my only changeable was if we were downstairs and constabulary came.'

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