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Why nan Biden management is considering moving pinch nan Taliban. A study finds that what you eat erstwhile you’re 40 could impact your wellness decades down nan road. And a Pulitzer Prize-winning newsman faces nan anticipation of jailhouse successful a defamation lawsuit. 

Here’s what to cognize today.

Biden admin weighs an improbable business to way ISIS-K

Taliban constabulary connected patrol Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images file

Until recently, nan U.S. and different Western officials believed nan ISIS-K violent group had nan intent but not nan expertise to orchestrate attacks abroad. But that changed pinch nan onslaught connected a Moscow performance venue successful March that near 130 dormant and injured hundreds more. Now, facing a world violent threat, Biden management officials are debating expanding practice pinch Afghanistan’s Taliban authorities to thief way ISIS-K, 2 sources acquainted pinch nan matter and a erstwhile U.S. charismatic said. 

The U.S.’s subject withdrawal from Afghanistan and declining Western power successful Africa person weakened Washington’s capacity to stitchery intelligence connected nan various offshoots of ISIS. ISIS-K is nan branch of violent group progressive successful Afghanistan and refers to nan Khorasan branch of ISIS. 

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Meanwhile, nan Taliban sees ISIS-K arsenic a threat to its norm and has launched a bid of onslaught against nan group. 

But there’s a heavy distrust betwixt nan West and nan Taliban. Some members of Congress who favour a business reason that nan U.S. would person to request concessions from nan Taliban successful return. Those who reason nan move fearfulness nan Taliban would usage nan practice arsenic a measurement to push nan U.S. to admit its authority successful Afghanistan, which it hasn’t. 

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Hurricane Beryl approaches Jamaica arsenic a Category 4 storm

Hurricane Beryl is forecast to walk adjacent aliases complete Jamaica today, pinch a large wind surge that could scope 5 to 8 feet supra normal tide levels. The powerful large wind weakened somewhat yesterday, but it is still a awesome Category 4 hurricane, nan National Hurricane Center said. Beryl is predicted to attack nan Cayman Islands tomorrow and scope nan Yucatán Peninsula successful Mexico tomorrow night. The National Weather Service besides said Beryl could origin insignificant flooding successful nan U.S.

Beryl has already been blamed for 7 deaths. Three group were killed successful Grenada, 3 were killed successful Venezuela and 1 was killed successful St. Vincent and nan Grenadines, officials said. In Grenada, wherever nan hurricane made landfall earlier this week, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell said, “the business is grim,” reporting downed powerfulness lines, impassable roads and destroyed buildings. Here’s nan latest forecast.

Dems nervously await polling aft Biden’s anemic debate

Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas became nan first Democrat successful Congress to telephone for Joe Biden to withdraw from nan statesmanlike race, arsenic nan president’s run squad rushes to reassure statement officials that Biden still has a viable way to reelection aft a mediocre statement capacity past week against Donald Trump.

While immoderate different Democrats person joined Doggett successful encouraging Biden to withdraw, others are waiting for canvass numbers to bespeak whether Biden’s support has collapsed. Still, they’re unnerved. One Democratic lawmaker wrote successful a newspaper op-ed that he expects Trump to win. A 2nd lawmaker said he and others are getting pressured by donors to publically travel retired against Biden. Some are opening to crippled retired what mightiness hap if Biden opts to withdraw.

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  • A post-debate bump and ineligible wins are helping Trump build summertime momentum — aliases “big mo,” arsenic 1 GOP charismatic called it.
  • Hunter Biden has joined White House meetings with President Biden and apical aides post-debate. 
  • Biden quipped astatine a fundraiser that he “almost fell dormant onstage” during nan debate.
  • Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it’s a “legitimate question” whether Biden’s statement capacity was portion of a “condition.”

What you eat astatine 40 whitethorn impact really patient you are astatine 70

Eat good now, and you whitethorn consciousness amended later. That’s what Harvard researchers concluded successful a caller study presented this week. According to an study of patients complete a 30-year period, group pinch a higher intake of fruits, vegetables, full grains and nan for illustration had greater likelihood of aging well. “Healthy aging” was defined arsenic making it to astatine slightest property 70 and having bully cognitive function, intelligence wellness and beingness usability and being free of chronic diseases. 

The investigation adds to galore different studies that nexus a patient fare earlier successful life to amended semipermanent health. But successful this study, which analyzed information from complete 106,000 participants complete 30 years, researchers were “surprised,” nan study’s lead writer said. Here’s why.

Mississippi newsman who exposed use fraud ungraded mightiness spell to jail

Mississippi newsman Anna Wolfe aliases her editor could become, successful Wolfe’s words, “the first personification to spell to jailhouse successful nan Mississippi use scandal.” Her reporting connected $77 cardinal of use fraud successful nan authorities exposed really national costs went to athletes, cronies and pet projects. Now, she and her editor, Adam Ganucheau are being sued by a apical taxable of their reporting: nan state’s erstwhile governor. 

They person been deed pinch a tribunal bid requiring them to move complete soul files, including nan sanction of confidential sources — an bid they opportunity they will resist. Former Gov. Phil Bryant didn’t writer aft nan articles were published successful 2022. But aft nan CEO of Mississippi Today mischaracterized nan reporting astatine a publicity convention astir a twelvemonth later, he took ineligible action.

The astir knowledgeable U.S. women’s gymnastics squad ever

Simone Biles, who has 37 Olympic and world title medals, will beryllium joined successful Paris by reigning Olympic all-around champion Suni Lee, Olympic metallic medalist Jordan Chiles, Olympic golden medalist Jade Carey and first-year elder Hezly Rivera. Biles called nan upcoming Games will beryllium a “redemption tour” for nan Tokyo returners — and each teammate has a individual extremity successful mind

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  • 🚴🏻‍♀️ Kristen Faulkner didn’t cognize really to clip into a motorcycle 8 years ago. Now, she’s an Olympic cyclist

Politics successful Brief

Sentencing pushed: New York authorities Judge Juan Merchan approved a delay of Donald Trump’s sentencing successful nan erstwhile president’s hush money proceedings to Sept. 18 astatine nan earliest aft nan Supreme Court’s immunity decision.

Next moves: The White House is considering its options for a consequence to nan Supreme Court’s blockbuster ruling, specified arsenic ineligible guidelines, while immoderate wide advocates knock Biden and Democrats for being “caught flat-footed.”

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It is very uncommon for vertebrates to springiness commencement without ever having interaction pinch a partner — a process called parthenogenesis. So erstwhile we heard astir a boa constrictor astatine a schoolhouse successful England that had reproduced asexually, delivering 14 babe snakes, we had to study more. NBC News intern Elysee Barakett talked to nan snake’s caretaker, who revealed he had thought nan snake, named Ronaldo, was antheral — until nan offspring appeared.— Dana Varinsky, science and wellness editor

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