Huge blow for Chris and Bec Judd as mining company they heavily invested in suddenly collapses... meaning power couple could lose close to half a MILLION dollars

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  • A mining patient has fallen into nan hands of administrators 
  • Chris and Rebecca Judd invested successful nan company 
  • They could suffer astir $500,000  

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 08:21 EST, 12 February 2024 | Updated: 08:21 EST, 12 February 2024

Footy awesome Chris Judd and his woman Rebecca person seen an finance reportedly worthy astir $500,000 collapse, successful a awesome rustle for nan powerfulness couple. 

According to The West Australian, erstwhile Eagles and Carlton prima Judd - on pinch his woman - were among a number of ample shareholders successful Elmore Limited, a Belmont-based mining company.

However, nan robust ore miner has fallen into nan hands of administrators from KPMG. 

KPMG trio Martin Jones, Matthew Woods and Clint Joseph will statesman discussing Elmore's destiny during nan first gathering of creditors connected Friday.

Shares successful nan mining patient were halted from trading past September arsenic nan institution encountered issues keeping their Peko robust ore and golden business successful nan Northern Territory going.

Chris and Rebecca Judd could suffer an finance worthy astir $500,000

The powerfulness mates invested successful a mining patient that has collapsed

Elmore revealed successful December that nan Judds owned 1.35 per cent of nan institution pinch conscionable complete 18.8 cardinal shares.

Shares were trading astatine 0.5 cents successful September, which intends nan Judds' shares are worthy astir $94,400.

The brace first invested 10 cardinal shares successful April 2021, a period aft they were trading astatine 2 cents a pop, which equates to $200,000.

They purchased adjacent to a further 9 cardinal shares betwixt September 29, 2021 and September 29, 2022. 

The West Australian claims nan Judds handed complete different $266,250 successful that further investment. 

The mates are astatine consequence of not receiving a azygous cent if administrators opt to upwind up nan business.

Elmore had nett liabilities exceeding $13.1million astatine nan commencement of nan 2024 financial year, pinch conscionable $50,000 successful nan slope by nan extremity of October. Creditors will person nan spoils salvaged from liquidation up of shareholders. 

Former footy prima Judd has excelled successful nan financial manufacture aft retiring

Footy leader Judd has forged an awesome profession successful nan financial assemblage aft retiring from AFL successful 2015. 

He hosts a podcast wherever he discusses nan finance manufacture while he besides oversees Cerutty Macro Fund - a boutique money he founded.

The Judds live successful a luxurious Spanish-style mansion successful Brighton - a suburb successful Melbourne. The spot is believed to beryllium weighted astatine $7.3m. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted nan Judds for comment.