How to use iMessage on any ANDROID device (with one tiny drawback)

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  • Several apps fto you usage iMessage connected PCs aliases Androids
  • There thin to beryllium drawbacks (from waiting lists to needing a Mac)
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By Rob Waugh Tech Correspondent For Dailymail.Com

Published: 10:57 EDT, 27 October 2023 | Updated: 10:57 EDT, 27 October 2023

With 1.3 cardinal iPhone users worldwide, iMessage reigns arsenic nan ultimate messaging app - and Android users are not invited to nan party.

Thankfully, location are respective ways to get Apple’s ubiquitous messaging app to activity connected Android handsets.

Android users tin download respective apps to entree iMessage, which besides comes pinch nan iconic 'blue bubbles.'

Below are immoderate champion ways to get iMessage moving connected your Android.

You tin get iMessage moving connected immoderate instrumentality (at a price) (Getty)


AirMessage offers a elemental measurement to get iMessage moving connected your Android - pinch 1 flimsy drawback.

To make it work, you’ll request a Mac, a phone, and AirMessage installed connected some (and you’ll besides request to guarantee nan Mac stays on).

First, connected your Mac, instal AirMessage Server.

Airmessage lets you usage iMessage connected immoderate Android (AirMessage)

Then click Connect an account: usage a Google relationship to registry your machine pinch AirMessage.

When prompted, let Airmessage automation access, and past spell to Under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access and adhd AirMessage.

AirMessage intends your Mac useful arsenic a server, truthful you’ll request to disable slumber settings: spell to System Preferences > Energy Saver and guarantee your Mac doesn’t slumber aliases move off.

Once nan app is group up (it doesn’t publication thing barroom your iMessages), you tin past entree AirMessage some successful a browser connected a PC astatine aliases via nan Android app.

To usage it, conscionable log successful via nan Google relationship you utilized to group up AirMessage connected your Mac.

Blue Bubbles

Blue Bubbles is akin to AirMessage but unfastened root and disposable via nan project’s page connected nan programming tract GitHub.

Drag nan DMG record to your Mac, unfastened it, and travel nan steps successful nan installation guideline (as pinch AirMessage, you’ll request to alteration accessibility and afloat disk access).

Follow nan steps successful nan package to group up (use your Google relationship and opt for Cloudflare).

Blue Bubbles is an open-source app to tally iMessage connected Android aliases PC (Blue Bubbles)

Then, you download either nan Android aliases PC customer from Blue Bubbles.

Enter your Google account, sync your messages, and you should beryllium bully to go.


Anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed by nan sheer number of messaging apps connected their instrumentality will respect nan thought down Beeper - each your messages successful 1 place.

Even better, you don’t request an Apple device: you tin group up an iMessage relationship pinch conscionable your email.

You tin tally galore messaging apps wrong Beeper (Beeper) 

Beeper aggregates up to 15 different messaging services into 1 app.

There are conscionable 2 hiccups: there’s a ‘warm up’ play wherever you’ll beryllium incapable to connection via your caller iMessage relationship for 48 hours, and location is besides a waiting database for nan Beeper app astatine present.

To subordinate nan waiting list, download nan app aliases spell to nan Beeper website and subordinate nan waiting database pinch your email.

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