How the way you sleep can give your face wrinkles - and even change your lip shape

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We each cognize that if you want to debar wrinkles you should enactment retired of nan sun, perpetrate to a skincare routine, debar smoking and eat healthily.

But did you cognize that thing seemingly harmless you do each time - or, to beryllium exact, each nighttime - could beryllium giving you lines and moreover changing your facial features?

How you slumber and nan effect it has connected your look has go a fevered taxable of speech connected societal media. In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, U.S. beauty influencer Marianne claimed her uneven articulator style was caused by sleeping connected her side.

The station has been viewed almost 15 cardinal times and garnered almost 7,000 comments from followers who look to swallow her theory.

But while specified a conception sounds far-fetched (and frankly terrifying), is it imaginable your sleeping position really could change nan symmetry of your face?

While specified a conception sounds far-fetched (and frankly terrifying), is it imaginable your sleeping position really could change nan symmetry of your face? (stock image)

When it comes to wrinkles, I'm acrophobic to opportunity nan reply is astir apt yes.

But arsenic for your features, experts are divided. Kate Kerr, objective facialist and head of Kate Kerr London Clinic ( has nary uncertainty really you slumber tin person a important effect connected some your look and your decolletage. 

'According to a study successful nan Aesthetic Surgery Journal, nan forces of compression, hostility and sheer unit exerted connected our faces during slumber tin lead to facial distortion,' she says.

'Such distortion manifests arsenic vertical folds and creases erstwhile we slumber connected our sides aliases stomachs.'

These vertical folds whitethorn commencement disconnected arsenic impermanent slumber creases - often on nan lines that widen from nan chemoreceptor to nan corners of nan lips - but complete time, arsenic tegument ages and loses its expertise to outpouring back, they tin go permanent.

The aforesaid is existent elsewhere connected nan body, wherever nan effects of gravity travel into play. 'Lying connected our sides tin origin our breasts to drop, resulting successful noticeable vertical lines connected nan decolletage,' says Kate.

No 1 is calved pinch a perfectly symmetrical face, of course, but luckily she says nan consequence of ending up frighteningly lopsided are low, arsenic it is 'unlikely to person a important effect connected nan symmetry of nan eyes and lips'. Phew.

However, oculoplastic surgeon Dr Maryam Zamani ( thinks slumber tin person a domiciled to play successful facial asymmetry. 

'Sleeping connected your broadside tin origin repetitive unit to a circumstantial area, creating creases and worsening nan quality of lines and wrinkles connected nan favoured sleeping side,' she says.

'This exacerbates asymmetries of nan eyes, lips and face.'

This whitethorn mean that 1 oculus is simply a somewhat different shape, aliases height, aliases that 1 broadside of nan lips is little than nan other. Dr Zamani goes connected to say: 'As we age, asymmetries go progressively much evident and, furthermore, tegument elasticity decreases, which intends it tin return much clip for fixed lines to rehydrate and bounce backmost aft a nighttime of sleep.'

It's nan aforesaid arsenic grin lines - everyone has them, but nan older you are, nan much apt they are to enactment put aft you've vanished smiling and yet go permanent.

And while broadside sleeping is nan astir communal position, those of america who slumber connected our stomachs are apparently successful for an moreover nastier surprise. 

'Sleeping connected your tummy is mostly considered nan slightest patient slumber position for your skin,' says Dr Dianni Dai of Elan Laser Clinics (

'Your look is pressed against nan pillow, which tin origin wrinkles and acne [as a consequence of simply rubbing your tegument against nan pillow]. This is besides nan lawsuit for nan decollete area, which is affected successful nan aforesaid measurement owed to clash pinch nan pillow and sheets.'

In fact, nan only group who tin consciousness a spot smug reference this are those who slumber connected their backs.

'When you slumber connected your back, there's evidently nary clash against your face,' says Dr Dai. 'And it besides allows for amended circulation that tin thief forestall fluid accumulation successful nan face, lessening nan consequence of puffiness and acheronian circles nether nan eyes.'

No 1 is calved pinch a perfectly symmetrical face, of course, but luckily she says nan consequence of ending up frighteningly lopsided are low, arsenic it is 'unlikely to person a important effect connected nan symmetry of nan eyes and lips' (stock image)

Like each of nan practitioners we said to, she said she sees a batch of clients complaining astir their faces being asymmetrical. But 'most of nan clip they don't cognize this is linked to their sleep. They'll usually talk sagging tegument connected 1 side, aliases much noticeable wrinkles connected 1 side, aliases successful immoderate cases uneven lips [that, arsenic a consequence of nan sleeping position, whitethorn beryllium thinner aliases little connected 1 broadside than nan other] which they'd for illustration corrected pinch filler and this is erstwhile I'll inquire what broadside they slumber on. It's usually linked to that, which astir group are utterly staggered by.'

So what do you do if you're a lifelong broadside aliases beforehand sleeper?

The evident reply would beryllium to commencement sleeping connected your backmost - if only it were that simple.

'When we hop into bed, we whitethorn make a conscious determination connected nan position we'd for illustration to remainder in, but erstwhile we're dormant we person small to nary power and tin move into a caller position astir 20 times, connected average, each night,' says Kate Kerr. 

'It is difficult to alteration positions if you are utilized to sleeping connected 1 side,' adds Seendy Ramoutar, an precocious caregiver practitioner astatine Therapie Clinic (

'I often counsel my clients to usage a cervix aliases recreation pillow successful furniture for a fewer days.

'This stops them from rolling to 1 broadside and gradually they commencement sleeping connected their back.'

If you're utilized to sleeping connected your stomach, Dr Dai suggests transitioning to a different slumber position gradually.

'Start by utilizing a thinner pillow to trim nan strain connected your cervix and slumber connected your broadside pinch a supportive pillow,' she advises.

But, arsenic Seendy points out, immoderate group are incapable to slumber connected their backmost for aesculapian reasons - if, for example, you person obstructive slumber apnoea, wherever your lingua tin artifact your aerial transition while you sleep. In those instances, she has different suggestion.

'I counsel them to commencement nan nighttime connected nan other broadside to nan 1 they usually slumber on. They will yet rotation onto their favourite side, but it will person enjoyed a spot of relief, truthful a definite grade of equilibrium is restored.'

However, nan value of your slumber is besides cardinal for tegument health, truthful if changing your sleeping position will only lead to you tossing and turning each night, location are different changes that tin help.

Satin aliases silk pillowcases that are little apt to origin clash pinch nan tegument are often advised - and immoderate group committedness by devices specified arsenic nan pillow bra (£65,, a silk pillow that sits betwixt nan breasts to extremity nan tegument location creasing.

Dr Zamani says that your skincare authorities tin besides help.

'Applying a moisturiser aliases nighttime pick earlier furniture tin thief to hydrate your tegument and create a obstruction against friction, reducing nan likelihood of slumber lines.'

She besides advocates drinking capable h2o during nan time - 'this tin thief support your tegument hydrated, making it much resilient to nan effects of slumber position'.

But moreover if you make each these adjustments, tin you really move nan timepiece backmost connected decades of sleeping successful 1 position?

Well, yes, but astatine a definite constituent you will astir apt require master intervention.

Dr Dai says nan astir effective curen for deeper lines caused by your slumber position is 'a supportive filler. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers hydrate, boost and support nan skin.

'These fillers besides mean nan slumber lines are little apt to hap again, fixed nan support now provided from within.'

For finer lines, she recommends hydrating utilizing tegument boosters aliases mesotherapy, wherever tons of mini injections of hyaluronic acerb are made successful nan tegument successful bid to stimulate nan accumulation of collagen and pull h2o to nan aboveground of nan skin.

Ultimately, while nan measurement you snooze could good beryllium giving you wrinkles, location are plentifulness of ways to hole nan issue.

So there's really nary request to suffer slumber complete it.

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