How much does Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce earn? Fans will be shocked at his NFL salary

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  • Jason Kelce entered nan NFL successful 2011, but isn't 1 of nan NFL's highest earners 
  • Kelce being an violative lineman comes pinch definite net expectations
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By Eric Blum For Dailymail.Com

Published: 18:54 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 18:54 EST, 21 November 2023

Jason Kelce's personage position has skyrocketed successful nan past twelvemonth to epic proportions. 

First came nan Philadelphia Eagles center's related rivalry pinch Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity and younger relative Travis Kelce that played retired during past season's Super Bowl. 

Then Travis started dating 12-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift, and everything Kelce became a media frenzy.

But newer, and perchance longtime, fans of Kelce mightiness beryllium shocked to study really overmuch he's paid pinch nan Eagles.

Here, takes a look astatine really overmuch Kelce makes annually and really that compares to his relative arsenic good arsenic different violative linemen.  

Jason Kelce's rising personage floor plan doesn't mean he's lining his pockets from nan NFL

Kelce has marque deals and took portion successful a Prime Video documentary adding to his nett worth

How overmuch is Kelce paid?  

Kelce's statement for this play pays him $14.25 cardinal and he's nan highest-paid halfway successful nan league. 

The second-highest paid halfway is Frank Ragnow of nan Detroit Lions, who'll make $13.5 cardinal this year. 

The mean halfway is paid $2.39 cardinal per year, nan lowest connected nan violative line.  Kelce's opening net successful nan NFL was hardly much than $700,000 per year. 

Kelce's net for adjacent play isn't set, but should spell up successful offseason negotiations.  

Kelce has made complete $80 cardinal successful his profession successful nan NFL, entering nan convention successful 2011

What is Kelce's nett worth?

Kelce's nett worthy is simply a reported $30 million, but it could beryllium higher owed to different forms of income that aren't publically reported. 

Jason and Travis Kelce big nan podcast New Heights pinch sponsors specified arsenic State Farm and Buffalo Wild Wings.  

The elder Kelce has besides been successful commercials for Dial, Tide and Campbell's Soup. 

Kelce and his family besides were portion of nan most-watched documentary connected Prime Video, entitled Kelce, which was released earlier this year. 

Jason and Travis Kelce person been successful nan nationalist oculus for astir 2 decades successful the 

How does Jason comparison to relative Travis? 

The younger Kelce signed a four-year, $57.25-million statement pinch nan Chiefs successful 2020, meaning connected mean he'll make $14.3 cardinal a year, somewhat higher than his halfway brother. 

Kelce should beryllium successful statement for a immense payday this offseason erstwhile he negotiates his adjacent contract. 

The mean tight extremity does make little than nan median center, coming successful astatine $2.05 million.