How many children does Conor McGregor have and how old are they? Inside the UFC fighter's family life with partner Dee Devlin - including stunning £2.5 house and huge net worth

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Conor McGregor precocious celebrated nan commencement of his boy Mack with his partner Dee Devlin, adding to their expanding family. 

The Irish UFC superstar juggles life arsenic a family man pinch his business interests and training, pinch his long-awaited return to nan octagon expected successful 2024. 

McGregor still lives and useful successful his homeland wherever he tin beryllium adjacent to his family and SBC Gym, wherever he honed his trade successful nan early years. 

Here, we return a look wrong McGregor's support system, wherever he lives and his unthinkable nett worth.  

How galore children does McGregor have?

Mack, calved 4 days ago, is nan 4th kid successful nan family. McGregor and his partner Devlin person a quartet nether 10 years old. 

Their firstborn was Conor Jr, who is now six and is regularly seen connected his father's Instagram page learning nan basics of nan conflict game. 

McGregor's only daughter, Croia, is 4 and his 2nd boy Rian, two, was nan youngest until Mack's arrival. 

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin, pictured pinch their children Rian (left), Conor Jr (middle) and Croia (right) added a sixth personnel to their increasing family 

Mack McGregor (left) is nan 3rd boy and 4th kid nan Irishman has pinch Dee Devlin

Is he married?  

McGregor is not joined to semipermanent partner Dee Devlin, though they are engaged aft he projected successful August 2020 while they were celebrating his 32nd day successful nan southbound of France. 

They met arsenic teenagers successful a nightclub and Devlin is simply a cardinal portion of nan MMA star's communicative having supported him erstwhile he was unemployed and committing himself afloat to making it arsenic a master fighter. 

He antecedently told VIP magazine: 'I asked her to travel complete and we conscionable started chatting. She seemed for illustration a bully girl, and I for illustration bully girls.'

Devlin and McGregor person been together since they were teenagers 

Devlin added: 'He was already training erstwhile I met him, truthful I really admired his dedication to that.'

McGregor besides told MMA Fighting: 'I emotion to spoil her. She does not activity anymore, I hired her to nan business. She useful for maine now and collects nan cheques.

'Dee worked very difficult passim nan years and stuck by maine erstwhile I had fundamentally perfectly nothing. I only had a dream that I was telling her.

'For maine to beryllium capable to return her retired of work, springiness her everything she's ever wanted and to recreation nan world pinch her fills maine pinch pride. It keeps maine going. We've been together a agelong time. She's been done it each pinch me.'

McGregor projected to Devlin backmost successful 2020 but nan brace are yet to necktie nan knot

Where does he live? 

McGregor lives successful Kildare, astir a 40 infinitesimal thrust from Dublin. He purchased nan spot successful 2019 aft becoming two-weight champion erstwhile he was astatine nan highest of his powers successful nan octagon. 

The location was bought for astir £2.5million and it antecedently belonged to nan boy of former taoiseach (prime minister) Albert Reynolds's son, Albert Jr. 

It is known arsenic The Paddocks, comprises of 5 bedrooms and six bathrooms, a surviving room, eating room, room and games room and stables adjacent nan landscaped plot looking retired onto nan stream Liffey. 

McGregor and Devlin were understood to beryllium willing successful a mates of different properties successful nan aforesaid area. 

One of them was owned by Formula One fable Eddie Irvine and U2 lead vocalist Bono would person been their neighbour had they opted for that one.  

McGregor bought The Paddocks backmost successful 2019 and has lived location pinch his family ever since

The mansion utilized to beryllium to a erstwhile Irish leader's boy and has a lavish interior

There is plentifulness of abstraction but possibly McGregor will request a bigger location now he has 4 kids

The awesome spot costs McGregor successful nan region of £2.5million erstwhile he bought it 

What is McGregor's nett worth?

McGregor claimed his nett worthy to beryllium successful nan region of £536million earlier this twelvemonth successful an interview pinch Megan Olivi.

His luck from fighting has been enhanced by his businesses. McGregor sold his liking successful Proper No. 12 Whiskey for an estimated £128m and liking successful nan Forged Irish Stout he launched is spreading for illustration wildfire. 

A top US sports expert claimed that McGregor will go a billionaire by this year. 

He's not location yet, but pinch nan 35-year-old father-of-three's postulation of cars, yachts and watches, has plentifulness to support himself entertained. 

McGregor flaunts a £220,000 reddish Lamborghini, 1 of a number of supercars he owns

What does he walk his money on?    

The former UFC lightweight double-champion owns 2 Lamborghinis and 4 Rolls Royce's successful a supercar postulation worthy complete £2.5m. 

McGregor’s civilization Rolls-Royce Ghost, which is worthy a cool £280,000, features an image of himself pinch his trademark moniker ‘Notorious’ connected nan broadside of nan car.

The stunning matte achromatic centrifugal was fixed to him arsenic a gift by Rolls Royce up of his New York showdown pinch Eddie Alvarez successful 2016 astatine UFC 205.

He is besides said to ain a Rolls-Royce Wraith which is worthy astir £250,000, a Rolls-Royce Dawn (£285,000) and Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII (£340,000).

McGregor has two Lamborghini Aventadors, 1 of which is successful achromatic and costs £280,000 while nan different is simply a greenish convertible worthy £276,515.

Other cars successful nan Irishman’s fleet see a £200,000 BMW i8, a £198,000 McLaren 650S sports car and a £110,570 Mercedes-AMG S 550 Coupe.

McGregor donning a $1.3million Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette watch, which features 342 invisibly group baguette-cut diamonds connected nan dial and 80 diamonds connected nan lugs

McGregor poses pinch his £110,000 Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible

On apical of this he besides has a £110,000 Bentley Continental GT, a £75,000 Cadillac Escalade and 2 Range Rovers worthy complete £90,000 each.

McGregor has amassed nan eventual watch postulation too, ranging from large multi-million lb pieces by Jacob & Co. to much accepted Rolexes and Patek Philippe's.

And his riches extends from nan onshore to nan sea. In 2019, McGregor bought a Prestige 750 yacht which has a value tag of astir £3m.

The 75-foot vessel was inspired by Muhammad Ali and features a quote from him that reads: ‘He who is not courageous capable to return risks will execute thing successful life.'

Two years later he besides purchased a £2.6m Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 centrifugal yacht, 1 of only 63 successful nan world.

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