How Gareth Southgate hopes to avoid a repeat of the WAG circus which overshadowed England's 2006 World Cup... as Three Lions boss sets out plans for his team's HQ at Euro 2024

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  • Gareth Southgate has targeted a secluded guidelines successful Germany adjacent summer
  • England leader wants to debar a repetition of nan WAG circus astatine 2006 World Cup
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By Sami Mokbel for nan Daily Mail

Published: 17:30 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 17:54 EST, 21 November 2023

Gareth Southgate has targeted a secluded guidelines successful Germany adjacent summertime to debar a repetition of nan WAG circus that overshadowed England’s 2006 World Cup.

England unit are identifying a location for nan team’s Euro 2024 HQ aft Monday’s 1-1 tie successful North Macedonia drew their qualification run to a close.

The tourney is nan first to beryllium held successful Germany since that World Cup and will invoke memories of nan chaotic run nether Sven Goran Eriksson.

Eriksson’s broadside were famously based successful Baden-Baden arsenic England collapsed retired to Portugal successful nan quarter-finals. But their performances were overshadowed by nan societal escapades of nan squad’s wives and girlfriends, who became front-page news during nan tourney and were accused of being a distraction to nan players.

Asked whether he’d want a repetition of what happened successful 2006, Southgate replied: ‘No. I wasn’t progressive successful that tourney truthful I don’t cognize really each that was but we person a awesome situation pinch our players.

Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Tweedy and Coleen McLoughlin watch England astatine 2006 World Cup

The squad’s wives and girlfriends became front-page news during nan tournament

‘We want their families to beryllium capable to spell and bask nan tourney arsenic well. We usually invited them successful astatine various times. It changes nan move of nan hotel, particularly if nan kids travel in, and those elements are important for nan players.’

Southgate has besides indicated England are apt to debar basing themselves successful large cities specified arsenic Berlin and Hamburg, successful favour of a quieter hideaway.

‘Really we want location wherever we tin beryllium a small spot connected our own,’ he explained. ‘We request that bully opposition of relaxation and areas wherever we tin work. You want to minimise recreation wherever you tin but wrong nan FA our unit are really bully astatine picking venues that nan players will bask and consciousness comfortable in.

‘You want to beryllium location wherever you tin area retired from everything that’s going connected astir you, but location pinch bully facilities.’

England will participate Euro 2024 arsenic 1 of nan favourites pursuing an undefeated qualifying campaign. They will find retired their group-stage opponents connected Saturday, December 2.

‘It doesn’t matter who we draw, successful nan end,’ Southgate added. ‘In Euro 2020 we had Croatia successful pinch us, who proved to beryllium 1 of nan champion teams successful nan world complete nan past fewer years, and we managed to navigate that. We’ve conscionable sewage to beryllium fresh for immoderate comes our way.’

England leader Gareth Southgate has targeted a secluded guidelines successful Germany adjacent summer


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