How drinking more than a liter of water in under an hour can cause SEIZURES- as Brooke Shields reveals over-hydrating caused her to 'foam from the mouth' during fit

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Brooke Shields has revealed that drinking excessively overmuch h2o caused a frightening seizure that saw her foaming from nan mouth. 

The Broadway actress, 58, revealed her expansive mal seizure — which she suffered extracurricular a New York edifice — was caused by drinking excessively overmuch h2o arsenic she prepared for her show Cafe Carlyle and debased sodium levels successful her blood. 

Though she did not uncover really overmuch h2o she had consumed, nan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises nary much than 1.4 liters an hour, astir six cups. The CDC besides warns it tin hap pinch power drinks and different fluids.

When an excessive magnitude of h2o is consumed, particularly complete a short period, it dilutes nan sodium successful nan humor — successful a information called hyponatremia.

The little levels of brackish past origin cells to statesman to swell. In nan brain, this tin lead to accrued unit connected nan skull and neurological problems for illustration seizures.

Drinking 2 litres of h2o per day — astir 8 cups — is captious for keeping nan assemblage hydrated (left). But quickly getting done this magnitude tin beryllium deadly, experts warn. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bosses counsel nary much than 1.4 litres per hour, astir six cups (right)

The actress, 58, was days distant from her Café Carlyle debut erstwhile she collapsed 'headfirst into nan wall' and started having a expansive mal seizure extracurricular nan edifice L’Artusi

Dr Stuart Fischer, an emergency medicine expert successful New York, said it was imaginable for drinking excessively overmuch h2o to origin a seizure. Dr Keith Vossel, a neurologist successful California, said she was apt successful infirmary for a fewer days to person treatment

Dr Stuart Fischer, an emergency medicine expert successful New York, told 'Seizures tin hap pinch a information called hyponatremia, which is erstwhile nan humor gets excessively diluted.

'You would portion nary mini magnitude of h2o to origin a seizure.

'It could hap if it is simply a very basking day, for example, if personification is sitting astatine nan array and they are drinking a batch a batch of juice.

'But this type of seizure is very uncommon and I person ne'er seen it happen. These are really very rare.' revealed earlier this twelvemonth really mother-of-two Ashley Summers, of Indiana, tragically died aft drinking 2 liters of h2o successful conscionable 20 minutes. 

The 35-year-old, who was emotion dehydrated and wanted to quench her thirst, collapsed and ne'er regained consciousness.

Dr Keith Vossel, a neurologist astatine nan University of California, Los Angeles, besides told this website: 'A seizure from drinking excessively overmuch h2o is imaginable because it could little nan sodium levels successful your body. But this is very, very rare.

'You would person to portion a batch of h2o to origin it, astir apt complete astatine slightest a fewer weeks.

'I wouldn't want to put a number connected [how overmuch water], but it is recommended that pregnant women person 8 glasses of h2o a time — and that's nan precocious limit of what would beryllium normal.

'The excess h2o tin gradually little sodium levels successful nan humor because location is simply a maximum magnitude nan kidneys tin select retired each time [and they whitethorn not beryllium capable to support up if you devour excessively much].'

He added: 'Some group deliberation that drinking much h2o is healthy, but they whitethorn portion excessively overmuch erstwhile they are not thirsty and past spell excessively far. There is nary use to drinking excessively overmuch water.'

Shields revealed she was hospitalized successful September aft suffering nan expansive mal seizure, which sees personification suffer consciousness and autumn to nan level earlier their assemblage starts to convulse.

She was days distant from her Cafe Carlyle show debut erstwhile she collapsed 'headfirst into nan wall' and started having a seizure extracurricular nan edifice L'Artusi successful New York.

Brooke said nan expansive mal seizure happened because she was drinking excessively overmuch h2o and was debased successful sodium. But aft eating plentifulness of crisps, she is backmost to her best 

Brooke is now backmost to afloat wellness and stars connected nan Glamour Women Of The Year integer cover 

Speaking for nan first clip astir nan ordeal, she revealed Bradley Cooper rushed to her assistance and held her manus successful nan ambulance arsenic she was taken into intensive care.

Dr Fischer said she was apt kept successful nan infirmary overnight while doctors monitored her humor to guarantee her sodium levels returned to normal.

He said it was apt they would hold for nan kidneys to little nan h2o levels successful her humor alternatively than carrying retired surgery.

Dr Vossel said hyponatremia is treated by gradually bringing sodium levels up to nan normal level complete respective days utilizing an IV.

Both doctors said it was improbable that she would suffer immoderate semipermanent effects from her ordeal.

Seizures are much communal among group pinch epilepsy, which relationship for 3.4million group — aliases 1.2 percent of nan population.

But they besides hap successful group who do not person nan condition, pinch nan Cleveland Clinic saying they spot astir 100 to 200 patients each twelvemonth pinch this — mostly betwixt 20 and 40 years old.

Grand mal seizures are astir commonly caused by epilepsy, but they tin besides beryllium triggered by very debased humor sugar, debased humor sodium levels, a precocious fever aliases a stroke.

Doctors opportunity that successful astir cases patients who person them do not suffer different and do not request treatment.

A expansive mal seizure originates pinch patients suffering ocular disturbances, differences successful smell and sensation and feelings of fearfulness aliases deja-vu.

Patients past suffer consciousness and their muscles stiffen, which whitethorn make breathing difficult. The assemblage whitethorn past commencement to convulse rhythmically, typically for 1 to 3 minutes.

The diligent past enters a play of confusion, exhaustion and disorientation.

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