How Cunard Plans To Launch ‘Queen Anne’ Cruise Ship In 2024

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The maiden voyage connected Cunard’s latest cruise vessel ‘Queen Anne’ has agelong since sold out.


In May 2024, almost 3,000 guests and much than 1,200 unit will group sail from Southampton connected nan maiden voyage of nan Queen Anne, nan 249th alloy successful nan storied history of Cunard Line.

Following nan maiden voyage to Spain and Portugal, Queen Anne will characteristic cruises to historical Mediterranean cities, Caribbean islands, and nan Norwegian fjords during its first twelvemonth of operation.

The motorboat of a caller Cunard alloy is ever a typical occasion. Queen Anne’s position arsenic nan first caller Cunard cruise vessel successful 12 years adds moreover much intrigue.

“Queen Anne is going to beryllium rather different,” said 56-year-old skipper Inger Klein Thorhauge to The Telegraph. “She has a much modern touch. This is nan early for Cunard.”

Will nan statement negociate to clasp nan touch of people Cunard is known for while moving pinch nan times? With nan motorboat accelerated approaching, here’s what you tin expect from nan latest Cunard cruise ship.

Introducing ‘Queen Anne’

The Queen Anne cruise vessel marries Cunard's 182-year bequest pinch modern design, featuring an updated livery and interiors by apical creation firms for illustration David Collins Studio, renowned for its activity connected Claridge’s Hotel.

The ship's Grand Lobby boasts an Art Deco-inspired metallic mural, reflecting nan aureate property of travel. Theater-goers will admit nan lavish two-deck Royal Court Theatre.

‘The Pavilion’ connected Cunard’s caller cruise vessel ‘Queen Anne’ will characteristic a excavation pinch a retractable roof.


Dining connected nan Queen Anne is much divers pinch 15 restaurants, but traditionalists will beryllium happy that mainstays Britannia Restaurant and nan Golden Lion pub remain. The second has received a revamp, and will beryllium curated by Michelin-starred cook Michel Roux. New additions see premium Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, and steakhouse offerings.

Traditional features including nan white-glove day beverage work and ballroom dancing remain, but are joined by a caller late-night cabaret club, a excavation area pinch DJ and retractable roof, and a wellness area featuring a Himalayan brackish sauna.

The Maiden Voyage And Beyond In 2024

Departing Southampton connected May 3, 2024, nan 7-night maiden voyage will make larboard calls successful Spain’s La Coruña and Portugal’s Lisbon. With conscionable 2 ports, location will beryllium plentifulness of clip for guests to research nan marque caller ship.

Keen travelers hoping to subordinate nan maiden voyage will beryllium disappointed, however. The voyage has been sold retired for months. Accommodation is still disposable successful each but nan astir premium suites for nan 2nd voyage, a 14-night Canary Islands itinerary.

Mediterranean cruises will beryllium an important portion of Queen Anne’s first year, arsenic nan vessel visits historical cities specified arsenic Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Cartagena, and nan larboard of Civitavecchia for trips to Rome.

Flåm successful nan Norwegian fjords will beryllium 1 of nan first ports to invited ‘Queen Anne’ during its ... [+] maiden twelvemonth of 2024.


Norwegian fjords cruises will besides beryllium available, arsenic Queen Anne sails on immoderate of Norway’s astir picturesque waterways including nan Sognefjord and Aurlandsfjord.

The ship’s debut twelvemonth rounds disconnected pinch a Christmas and New Year ceremony cruise to nan Canary Islands, which lasts 14- aliases 18-days depending connected whether you committee successful Southampton aliases Hamburg.

Around The World On ‘Queen Anne’

The undoubted item of nan 2025 schedule for Queen Anne, released conscionable a fewer weeks ago, is nan vessel’s maiden world voyage.

Departing Hamburg connected January 7, nan 111-night voyage takes successful Honolulu, Sydney, Penang, and nan historical Suez Canal connected its measurement astir nan world. At nan clip of writing, fares commencement from $17,500 per person, pinch a Southampton departure besides available.

Other notable 2025 sailings see a 12-night exploration of nan Norwegian fjords successful June, and a 16-night Mediterranean voyage including calls successful France, Spain, and Italy nan pursuing month.