How Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan's grandson spiralled out of control on drugs - and the family tragedy that forever haunts him

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The grandson of Crocodile Dundee prima Paul Hogan lived a bully life. He had a bully home, a car, a occupation arsenic a carpenter and a beautiful woman whom he hoped to marry. 

But wrong a fewer years, Jake Paul Hogan's life spiralled retired of power and nan 34-year-old became a homeless supplier addict, sleeping successful abandoned buildings and stealing apparel and bicycles to sell.

He mislaid his friends and became estranged from his family, and would rhythm astir for hours each time precocious connected crystal and making tearful telephone calls to nan fewer group who hadn't abandoned him.

A erstwhile acquaintance of Jake - nan boy of Todd Hogan, grandson of Paul and Noelene Hogan, and nan relative of Network Seven TV newsman Mylee Hogan - has opened up astir his descent arsenic he is jailed.

The source, who requested anonymity, revealed that Jake was traumatised from a calamity successful his contiguous family that occurred agelong earlier he was jailed for breaking into flat blocks to substance his supplier wont and menacing an acquaintance.

Jake Paul Hogan (left), nan grandson of Hollywood prima Paul Hogan, had a normal life, a job, car and location until it spiralled retired of power owed to methamphetamine

Jake Hogan hoped to wed and person kids pinch his erstwhile partner Rachel Young, but erstwhile his dreams didn't travel existent he was haunted by nan calamity of losing his mother arsenic a teen

Jake arsenic a boy pinch his mother Marie and dada Todd successful astir 1990. Tragedy struck nan family pinch Marie being diagnosed pinch aggregate sclerosis and dying from nan illness successful 2006

Instead of moving successful his chosen trade, Sydney courts person heard really Hogan carried astir housebreaking instruments and loitered astir swanky flat blocks looking for opportunities to steal.

'He is really a bully personification pinch a very benignant characteristic and a supportive family,' nan acquaintance said.

'But he is truthful upset astir his mum dying. It happened she he was 14 aliases 15, but he ne'er sewage complete it because he ne'er processed it properly.

'When he met Rachel, he thought she was nan 1 and that they would person kids and a family.'

But nan narration ended and that 'destroyed his dreams of having a family and and past brought up each sorts of past trauma'.

'He was conscionable shattered. He mislaid each of his friends and [became] isolated from his family. 'He was stealing apparel from shops and bikes, loitering is because he was homeless.

'He utilized to break into a swimming excavation room and slumber successful 1 of hose buildings successful Pyrmont.

'Jake isn't a bad personification but he has wholly mislaid his way. He has ne'er sewage complete his mum dying. So he has existent abandonment issues.' 

Jake is nan grandson of Hollywood personage Paul Hogan whose break-out domiciled arsenic Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee (above) won him a Golden Globe grant and earned him millions

Jake Hogan pinch Rachel Young, who had plans to wed and person children, but he became a bum supplier addict and constabulary opportunity he began stealing to support his crystal habit

In 2006, Jake's celebrated grandfather, who was surviving successful Los Angeles pinch his 2nd woman Linda Kozlowski and their young boy Chance, made news by jetting backmost to Sydney.

The past 67-year-old was coming location to be nan ceremonial of his girl in-law, Marie Hogan, who had conscionable died from aggregate sclerosis.

Jake's mother had suffered a 'very sad' diminution successful nan weeks starring up to her decease from nan illness that she had endured during his childhood. She succumbed to it erstwhile he was aged 17.

Marie Hogan's widower, Todd, yet remarried, to registered caregiver Jane, and nan mates now unrecorded successful New Zealand.  

Jake Hogan remained successful Sydney and appeared to lead a normal and mostly blameless life until he began a narration pinch a young mother called Rachel Young.

Hogan had immoderate constituent maltreatment issues, but erstwhile his narration collapsed down and his hopes of having his ain family vanished he 'became earnestly addicted to narcotics that conscionable wholly took complete his life'.

Facing nan music 

Currently successful situation - believed to beryllium Silverwater jailhouse - Hogan is awaiting sentencing adjacent month for breaking into flat blocks 'to substance his high-level supplier habit' and for breaching an apprehended unit bid against a female he terrorised.

Paul Hogan, supra pinch his 2nd woman Linda Kozlowski successful 2013, earlier their divorcement nan pursuing year

Jake Paul Hogan was a teen erstwhile his beloved mother Marie tragically died from aggregate sclerosis aft a agelong unwellness which ended her life successful 2006  

Jake Hogan is 'a bully personification pinch a very benignant and bully characteristic and a supportive family', but crystal addiction and homelessness made him a hopeless man

Hogan was caught connected what constabulary described arsenic 'high value CCTV' breaking into different luxury flat blocks aft 'blatantly loitering' outside.

According to a constabulary connection of facts, Hogan could plainly beryllium seen breaking into an flat artifact successful nan soul Sydney suburb of Pyrmont, dressed successful a achromatic musculus T-shirt pinch 'Los Angeles' in golden lettering, shorts and achromatic New Balance sneakers.

On different juncture he was wearing a achromatic 'L'HISTOIRE' singlet and achromatic shorts to break into a artifact successful adjacent Waterloo.

Police later recovered him carrying Trojan marque ligament cutters, a achromatic torch, Allen keys and an adjustable wrench.

Hogan besides breached an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order 5 days aft it was taken retired by a woman, texting her nan connection 'DOG' while she was successful nan Prince of Wales Hospital.

The female past received a further 42 calls from different payphones complete 4 hours while successful her infirmary furniture pinch him either 'crying connected nan phone... aliases becoming very angry and yelling'.

The constabulary facts item Hogan's precocious numbers of arrests and breaches and anterior charges including custody of a weapon successful a nationalist place, malicious damage, supplier possession, shoplifting, and possessing stolen goods.

Hogan's erstwhile partner Ms Young besides has an AVO retired against him.

He has been arrested and charged aggregate times, but ever granted bail, 1 friend claimed 'because his grandfather is simply a celebrity'.  

Hogan was yet taken into custody and refused bail after being caught shoplifting astatine Coles and Myer in Sydney's CBD.

He was arrested connected February 5 aft a unit personnel spotted him stealing 2 Dare Iced Coffees astatine Coles World Square.

Hogan claimed to nan worker he was bum and had nary money, later saying to constabulary he had not eaten successful days.

He told constabulary he paid $380 play rent, and earned $500 play from carpentry activity and $500 successful Centrelink benefits.

He is owed to beryllium sentenced successful nan Downing Centre Local Court via AVL from situation successful early May.

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