How A Festive Pop-Up Captures A Dickensian Christmas

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There’s nary metropolis truthful beautiful arsenic London astatine Christmas time. Streets are festooned pinch lighting—look up to spot bluish electrical bows and neon angel wings; houses are aglow pinch Christmas trees successful their windows—looking cosy within; chestnuts are roasting connected corners—filling nan aerial pinch delicious, wintery notes. Yes, location is an unmistakable festive merriment successful nan air.

Step into a festive pop-up astatine Shapero Rare Books.

(Credit: AVC)

In nan bosom of town, on New Bond Street, high-end shops are dressed and primed for nan celebratory season—their gilded windows displaying tempting, sumptuous gifts. At first sight, Shapero Rare Books—its model spruced up pinch a greenish garland adorned pinch baubles—looks simply for illustration a shop you’d sojourn for a bibliophile loved one. It’s existent that wrong nan hushed store, shoppers will observe a world of ancient books, uncommon maps and collector titles. Except, this year, there’s a difference.

Step inside, and you mightiness perceive nan sound of ‘O Holy Night’ emanating from downstairs and there’s an aroma of mulled vino ascending from below. Indeed, walk by nan first editions and nan leather-bound tomes to nan staircase, and you’ll beryllium primed to participate a world that celebrates nan magic of Christmas.

Clementine's captures your imaginative imagination this month.

(Credit: AVC)

Clementine’s is an immersive Christmas pop-up (running for 1 period until 14 December 2024) curated by a collaboration of specialists. Found successful nan bosom of Mayfair, nan Christmas acquisition brings together Amie Bone, nan visionary floral artist, Alison Price & Co (AP&Co), nan luxury London events expert, and Shapero Rare Books, nan renowned London book store, wherever nan arena takes spot successful its lower-ground floor. Designed to bring together nan craftsmanship of nutrient and drink, floristry and literature, nan acquisition has been designed to return guests connected an unforgettable Christmas travel for a constricted clip only.

Fireplace tales astatine Clementine's.

(Credit: AVC)

Decked retired for illustration a Victorian home, nan abstraction has been inspired by a Dickensian Christmas tableau. There’s a richly dressed up fireplace, pinch chairs by nan hearth—gold-framed mirrors, ancient drinks trollies and vintage wallpaper return you backmost successful time. Another area has Chesterfield sofas, stuffed partridges connected sideboards and immense garlands decorating nan ceilings, made from caller foliage, leaves and dried flowers.

Wreath-making is simply a earthy affair.

(Credit: AVC)

Hosting up to 20 guests, nan attraction of nan pop-up acquisition is simply a wreath-making activity, led by master florists from Amie Bone. A solid of bubbles successful manus (there is unlimited champagne and seasonal cocktails during nan two-and-a-half-hour experience), you find your spot astatine a long, feasting table, which is laden pinch dried oranges, seed cases, dried chillies, lime slices and conifer cones, arsenic good arsenic baskets overflowing pinch ribbons. The purpose is to decorate a beautiful foliage wreath pinch dried fruits and flowers, cinnamon sticks and foraged blooms successful nan style of Amie Bone’s floristry – 1 which captures nature’s elegant and pared-back beauty.

Dried oranges and seed cases create a natural-looking wreath.

(Credit: AVC)

As carols play, you weave nan foraged items into your wreath, later to return location to adorn your doorway aliases to beryllium utilized arsenic a array decoration. An look of your imaginative imagination, each person’s is different contempt each having nan aforesaid materials to hand. Once finished, and pinch nan Champagne still flowing, guests tin bask a typical Christmas paper of treats – pigs successful broad Wellington; smoked salmon and caviar blinis; vegetarian butternut & chaotic mushroom mince pies; cakes designed arsenic presents and sugar-coated macarons. Afternoon slots return nan shape of an day tea, while nan evening slots favour much of a supper. Each crockery by AP&Co has been crafted utilizing locally sourced, seasonal nutrient and pinch sustainability astatine nan forefront.

You tin feast astatine a array of seasonal goodies.

(Credit: Clementines)

Furthermore, each impermanent tin besides observe nan literate splendour of Shapero Rare Books – nan only uncommon book shop connected Bond Street – pinch a backstage tour, which offers a glimpse into a world wherever stories and words are cherished. It’s nan very champion communicative of Christmas.

Opening times: Fridays: 3pm—5:30pm, 7pm—9:30pm, Saturdays: 3pm—5:30pm, 6:30pm—9pm. Price: £190.