How a cyclone could dash Australia's ODI World Cup dreams in India - as rain is predicted ahead of semi-final against South Africa

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  •  Rain is forecast for Thursday's World Cup semi-final
  •  Worse conditions are expected for Friday
  •  South Africa will advancement to last if lucifer is washed out

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 19:11 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 19:26 EST, 13 November 2023

Australia's chances of qualifying for nan Cricket World Cup last whitethorn beryllium ruined by bad weather, arsenic a cyclone bears down connected Kolkata up of Thursday's semifinal against South Africa.

Australia and nan Proteas some vanished nan information robin shape of nan tourney connected 14 points, but South Africa took 2nd spot owed to a amended tally rate.

The India Meteorological Department says a 'cyclonic circulation' had entered nan southbound Andaman Sea from nan Gulf of Thailand.

'Under nan power of this system, a debased unit is apt to shape complete nan southeast Bay of Bengal by Tuesday,' nan section said connected Monday.

The upwind strategy has imaginable to create into a cyclone, and is headed towards nan Kolkata region of nan country, wherever Thursday's semi-final will beryllium held.

A 'cyclonic circulation' is threatening to rob Australia of making nan World Cup final

Rain is forecast for Kolkata for some Thursday and Friday. If nan lucifer is washed retired past nan Proteas will advancement done to nan World Cup final

The forecast for nan area (as of Tuesday) says there's a 60 per cent chance of rainfall occurring connected Thursday. Those chances summation to 90 per cent for Friday.

Friday is nan reserve time - and if that is besides washed retired then second-placed South Africa would spell done up of nan third-placed Aussies.

South Africa are looking to make their first World Cup last aft falling short successful nan semis connected 4 abstracted occasions. 

Whether it beryllium Herschelle Gibbs' infamous dropped drawback astatine nan 1999 World Cup aliases nan Proteas' record-breaking 434 run-chase successful 2006 - immoderate clip South Africa and Australia look disconnected successful a One-Day International - fans tin expect fireworks.

Despite losing to nan Proteas successful nan group stage, nan Aussies person strung together 7 consecutive wins and Mitchell Starc believes they will topple them successful nan semi-final.

'Probably some teams person kept a adjacent oculus connected each different and from a fewer games backmost we knew we're astir apt going to look each different successful nan semi-finals,' he told media connected Monday.

'Whether they consciousness differently, it's evidently been spoken astir extracurricular of their group.

'I don't cognize whether there's immoderate wrong (talk from South Africa), but we've had past players talk astir it.'

The Proteas are looking to make their first World Cup last aft falling complete astatine nan semifinal shape connected 4 occasions

'I cognize they're a very different group, surely to 2015. You tin ever publication into these things arsenic overmuch arsenic you like. 

'For us, it's surely talking and reasoning astir what we tin do nan correct measurement aliases really we tin attack it aliases our mindset to it alternatively than successful what they're going to do truthful much.'

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