Hilarious war of words between Tubi and Netflix resurfaces as Fox launches streaming service in the UK

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Netflix's main rivals successful nan UK person agelong been nan likes of Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. 

But that whitethorn beryllium changing arsenic media elephantine Fox has conscionable expanded Tubi, a streaming work that doesn't require costs aliases moreover a signup process.  

Now, a hilarious warfare of words betwixt Netflix and Tubi has resurfaced connected X (Twitter), showing that nan rivalry betwixt nan 2 runs deep. 

Tubi shared nan now-notorious clip of US stand-up comic Kat Williams ranting about fellow comedian Cedric nan Entertainer, accusing him of stealing his jokes.

In nan post, Tubi tagged Netflix and said it 'sounds for illustration it's conscionable you and maine baby' – suggesting it's accusing its rival of similar encroachment. 

Tubi shared nan now-notorious clip from January of US stand-up comic Kat Williams ranting astir chap comedian Cedric nan Entertainer

Netflix past replied pinch a viral meme from a Real Housewives of Atlanta section saying 'how did I get thrown into this?' 

The relationship from January takes connected caller relevance as Tubi (pronounced 'tooby') is now trying to prize distant users from Netflix successful nan UK. 

While some streaming services person exclusive TV shows and movies, location is immoderate overlap successful nan contented they offer. 

However, nan UK type of Tubi has been slammed for having very fewer celebrated titles, pinch 1 spectator describing it as like nan discount DVD section' of a rental store. 

It launches successful nan UK pinch 20,000 movies and TV episodes disposable – acold little than nan 240,000 movies and TV episodes disposable successful nan US. 

Tubi is wholly free, but users person to strengthen adverts during and aft their favourite content, overmuch for illustration rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

One personification said UK Tubi was for illustration stepping into nan discount DVD conception astatine a rubbish rental store, while nan US type is 'a thrill' 

Another personification made nosy of Tubi's seemingly random attraction connected British cooks Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood - stars of 'The Great British Bake Off'

Early users are being near disappointed by nan action of TV and films disposable - described arsenic 'so bad' and thing for illustration nan US version

There are besides galore little-known, low-budget selections that person near British streaming fans bemused. 

One personification said they searched for hits for illustration 'Babylon 5' and 'NYPD Blue' earlier being presented pinch bizarre equivalents – 'Babylon', a 2023 documentary, and 'Blue', a 2019 overseas film, respectively.

Tubi UK includes classical TV shows for illustration Twilight and Fresh Meat arsenic good arsenic classical blockbusters specified arsenic Kill Bill, Billy Elliot and Casino.

There's besides an extended action of cooking shows by British cooks Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – stars of 'The Great British Bake Off'. 

Tubi launched successful nan US a decade agone and has already been disposable in Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. 

Ernest Doku, telecoms master astatine Uswitch.com, said Tubi has entered nan UK video streaming marketplace astatine a 'highly competitory time'. 

'Being free to usage is simply a awesome positive constituent moreover pinch advertisement inclusion, as subscription costs proceed to emergence connected established alternatives specified arsenic Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime,' he told MailOnline. 

'As good arsenic thousands of movie and TV favourites, it’s awesome to spot Tubi besides has its ain original content, which continues to beryllium an basal differentiator for streaming platforms successful specified a saturated market.'

Cult Channel 4 sitcom Fresh Meat is among nan action of drama connected Tubi - but wide nan UK selction pales successful comparison to Netflix 

Both volumes of the Quentin Tarantino classical Kill Bill starring Uma Thurman are disposable connected Tubi UK

Tubi launched successful nan US backmost successful 2014 and has since gained an awesome pursuing successful nan US, yet being purchased by Fox successful 2020. 

Now, pinch 80 cardinal monthly viewers TV claims to beryllium nan number 1 advertising-based video-on-demand work successful nan US.

The logic Tubi is capable to connection truthful overmuch contented for free is that it is wholly supported by advertizing revenue.

However, according to Tubi, nan level only includes 3 to 5 ads (totalling 4 to six minutes) per viewing hour, occurring each 12 to 15 minutes.

Netflix vaguely claims to person 'a fewer short ads per hour' – though users are mostly exposed to astir nan aforesaid amount. 

What films and TV shows are connected UK Tubi? 

Billy Elliot

This British coming-of-age-drama, starring Jamie Bell and directed by Stephen Daldry, was first released successful nan twelvemonth 2000.

Set successful County Durham successful nan northeast of England during nan 1984 miners strike, nan movie follows nan communicative of a moving people boy who has a show group connected nan ballet.

Billy Elliot won nan Bafta for outstanding British film. 

Kill Bill (volumes 1 and 2)

Quentin Tarantino's 2003 pulp-samurai classical shocked audiences pinch its convulsive tail of revenge erstwhile it was first released.

Uma Thurman stars arsenic 'The Bride', who swears revenge connected a group of assassins and their leader Bill.

Inspired by 1970s grindhouse and exploitation cinema Tarantino's shocking classical features buckets of blood, over-the-top violence, and thrilling conflict scenes. 


Based connected nan novels by American writer Stephanie Meyer, nan Twilight Saga follows nan romance betwixt Bella and her vampire person Edward.

Originally released successful 2008, nan bid gained an aggravated cult pursuing and is still beloved by many.

Although Tubi does not person nan complete saga, fans tin still watch New Moon, Breaking Dawn, and Eclipse.


Of course, Tubi doesn't person nan authorities to nan celebrated tennis tournament, but nan 2004 movie Wimbledon is simply a British romcom favourite.

Starring Paul Bettany arsenic a low-ranked tennis pro and Kirsten Dunst arsenic an upcoming star, nan movie follows their blossoming relationship.

With nan existent Wimbledon tourney having started this week, it's a bully clip to get into nan tennis temper pinch this classic.

Fresh Meat 

Fresh Meat is simply a British drama bid created by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, nan creators of Peep Show.

Originally airing successful 2011, this show follows six assemblage students arsenic they unrecorded together successful a shared house.

Featuring Jack Whitehall, Joe Thomas, and Charlotte Ritchie successful starring roles, this hilarious drama ran for 4 seasons complete 5 years.

Stephen Fry successful America 

This six-part BBC tv bid shows Stephen Fry arsenic he travels crossed America mostly successful a achromatic London cab. 

Throughout nan series, Stephen Fry travels done each 50 US states and Washington DC. 

Alongside nan enigmatic QI host, typical guests see Sting, Morgan Freeman and American entrepreneur Ted Turner. 

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