Hiker Rich Moore, 71, who was missing since August is found dead in Colorado with his white Jack Russell dog still alive next to his body

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  • Rich Moore and his dog, Finney, had group retired for a hike connected August 19 to Blackhead Peak located successful nan San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado 
  • A section huntsman discovered Moore's assemblage connected October 30 
  • Moore's Jack Russell terrier survived and waited astatine her owner's side 

By Ruth Bashinsky For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:24 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 16:24 EST, 13 November 2023

A 71-year-old hiker missing since August was recovered dormant successful nan Colorado mountains arsenic his loyal canine - who didn't time off his owner's broadside - miraculously survived and stayed pinch nan body.

Rich Moore and his dog, Finney, had group retired for a hike connected August 19 to Blackhead Peak located successful nan San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. 

The hiking way to Blackhead's 12,500-foot acme is astir 3 miles pinch an elevation summation of 2,500 feet. The roadworthy to nan highest is described arsenic 'rough, rocky, and steep, but nan past agelong is an unmaintained 'social trail, The Mercury News reported.

The missing man's assemblage was discovered by a section huntsman connected October 30 successful nan Lower Blanco drainage basin. The pursuing day, members from nan Archuleta County Sheriff's Office and hunt and rescue were flown into nan area to retrieve nan victim. 

Moore's loyal dog, who miraculously survived, was transported to a section veterinary hospital, and was later reunited pinch her family.

Moore's origin of decease has not been disclosed, but authorities said that foul play was not suspected, The Denzer Gazette reported.

Pictured: Rich Moore, 71, went missing during a hike connected August 19 to Blackhead Peak successful Colorado. His assemblage was recovered by a section huntsman much than 2 months later connected October 30

Pictured: Moore's bestfriend Finney, a Jack Russell terrier, stayed by his owner's broadside for more  than 2 months during nan devastating ordeal. Finney was treated astatine a veterinary infirmary and reunited pinch her family

Colorado Missing Person Organization posted a flyer of nan missing hiker and his canine to their website announcing nan latest news 

Moore was from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and was trying to hike a upland conscionable to nan east.

Taos Search and Rescue wrote astir nan betterment efforts connected their Facebook page. 

Delinda Vanne-Brightyn, a personnel of nan group, elaborate her acquisition trying to find Moore. In nan post, she wrote that she responded to nan first hunt on pinch her certified K9 canine named Akio Yodasan.

'We searched from conscionable nether nan peak-top and straight west, searching down nan upland toward wherever his car was located,' Vanne-Brightyn wrote. 

She said astir nan upwind and nan conditions she and nan squad faced. 'Winds were straight from nan West/Southwest,' she wrote. 

Blackhead Peak is located successful nan San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado

'It was truthful steep, were inserted by helicopter. 'He was recovered 2.5 miles eastbound of nan mountain-top beneath wherever we were inserted [by helicopter].'

She expressed her condolences to nan family and wrote that they were 'glad they were capable to summation immoderate closure arsenic good arsenic bring their canine backmost home.' 

Others went online to definitive their condolences to nan family and shared what a typical canine Finney was, and shared their gratitude to nan hunt and rescue teams.

'Amazing that nan canine stayed pinch him. They are genuinely man's champion friend,' personification wrote.

'Kudos to nan hunt squad for their tenacity,' wrote another.

'Thank you for rescuing them and convey you Buddy for staying pinch him!'

While different wrote really 'sad' nan ordeal was but was grateful that Moore was not alone. They wrote, successful part, 'dogs are religious he did not dice alone.'

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