Here’s the Truth Behind the Biggest (and Dumbest) Battery Myths

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That’s why manufacturers group limits connected nan magnitude of complaint successful their batteries. Most of nan time, they’re group truthful only astir half of nan lithium successful nan lithium cobalt oxide furniture is removed during 1 afloat charge. “Your artillery could springiness you much complaint if you went beyond removing half of nan lithium, but you wouldn’t beryllium capable to do that very galore times.”

Charging your telephone connected airplane mode makes it complaint faster

True (kind of)

A communal extremity to velocity up telephone charging erstwhile you’re successful a hurry is to instrumentality it connected airplane mode. Airplane mode intends that each nan power frequencies are turned off, truthful you won’t person immoderate cellular information and—with immoderate phones—your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections will besides beryllium severed. In theory, since your telephone is doing little work, nan artillery should complaint faster, right? That’s technically true, but nan velocity quality turns retired to beryllium beautiful minimal. A proceedings by CNET successful 2014 recovered that turning connected airplane mode shortened nan charging clip by conscionable four minutes. Maybe being incapable to tweet while you hold isn’t each that worthy it.

Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected successful nan inheritance is simply a large drain connected artillery life


Apart from nan screen, 1 of nan biggest drains connected artillery life is nan power your telephone wastes trying to find and link to Wi-Fi aliases information networks. If you’ve ever noticed your artillery plummeting while connected a train, it’s astir apt because your instrumentality is moving overtime to link to a mobile network. “If you tin link to thing stable, for illustration if there’s Wi-Fi connected nan train, it’s astir apt amended to link to that,” Griffith says. Reducing surface brightness and nan clip it takes your telephone to spell to slumber are besides easy ways to widen your artillery life.

Using an unofficial charger damages your phone


Not each telephone chargers are created equal, and that could person a damaging effect connected your phone’s artillery life. Chargers person each sorts of controls that limit nan magnitude of existent delivered and extremity nan telephone charging erstwhile nan artillery is full, but immoderate off-brand chargers mightiness not person specified rigorous information settings.

And if excessively overmuch existent is delivered to a battery, that could mean ripping retired excessively galore of those lithium ions and starring to nan aforesaid benignant of degradation you publication astir earlier. That’s not to opportunity that each off-brand chargers will beryllium this bad, Griffith notes, but you’re still astir apt amended disconnected sticking pinch an charismatic model.

Charging your telephone done your machine aliases laptop will harm nan battery


If anything, charging a small much slow is astir apt bully for batteries, Griffith says. This goes backmost to those lithium ions again—are you sensing a taxable here? The much slow you complaint a battery, nan little strain that’s put connected lithium ions and nan structures accepting them, and nan little imaginable harm to nan battery. That’s why manufacturers spot limits connected devices truthful they don’t complaint excessively quickly.

Powering disconnected a instrumentality occasionally helps sphere artillery life


This 1 is simply a story too, but not a wholly unfounded one. Before nan lithium-ion artillery became ubiquitous, nan nickel metallic hydride artillery was nan rechargeable artillery of choice. In those batteries, it was intolerable to get an meticulous reference of nan artillery complaint level without afloat discharging and past recharging nan battery. “If they were half discharged and recharged, you’d suffer wherever you were. So you’d person to afloat discharge to support track,” Griffith says.

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