Heartwarming photos show Maine elementary school students' Dapper Wednesday event where little kids dress up like 1940s businessmen

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They opportunity you should dress to impressment - and that's precisely what kids astatine 1 simple schoolhouse successful Maine are now doing each week.

From elegant dresses to swanky suits, Chelsea Elementary School's 'Dapper Wednesday' is simply a chance for children to show disconnected their fanciest looks. 

Eight-year-old James Ramage and his friend Lincoln Bolitho's inspired schoolhouse attire sparked nan contented and soon everyone wanted successful connected nan fun. Now, nan smart activity has moreover been picked up by neighboring schools. 

'When we started wearing it, a bunch of teachers conscionable complimented us, and past much kids get involved, and they get complimented. It conscionable keeps connected going, and a bunch of group tin make - tin consciousness good,' Ramage told NPR. 

Ramage's grandma gave him his first suit for a day present. Once he began wearing them to school, Bolitho decided to do nan aforesaid thing

James Ramage, 8, and his wardrobe inspired Chelsea Elementary School to commencement Dapper Wednesday past year 

What utilized to beryllium a nosy trio point for Ramage, Lincoln Bolitho and ed tech Dean Paquette turned into thing that nan full schoolhouse tin do together

Ramage began wearing suits aft he was inspired by nan wardrobe of a characteristic connected Fuller House - who only wore fancy attire.

He was past fixed a suit by his grandma for his day and he said it made him consciousness bully correct erstwhile he put it on.

'I felt good. Because I thought erstwhile I looked astatine it successful nan mirror, it looked cool connected me,' Ramage told Maine Public Radio (MPR).

According to his mom, nan caller look 'definitely helped his confidence.'

By December 2023, he owned a fewer much suits and allowed MPR to get a glimpse down nan scenes of his typical dressing up regular for Wednesdays.

Ramage is seen successful nan video moving apparel successful his closet from broadside to broadside while searching for nan cleanable suit to wear.

Once he has picked retired a suit, he past selects a garment and rummages done his container afloat of front ties.

Dressed and fresh to go, Ramage slides a comb done his hairsbreadth and tops disconnected his adorable businessman look pinch a fedora.

Paquette joined successful connected nan nosy truthful that he tin support nan boys and their nosy Dapper Wednesdays and gives retired front ties to nan children who hide to dress up

Ramage began wearing suits aft he was inspired by nan wardrobe of a characteristic connected Fuller House - who only wore fancy attire

Ramage's mom claimed that wearing nan suit made him consciousness overmuch much assured successful himself

Ramage revealed to MPR that he liked nan suit and felt bully erstwhile he wore it because erstwhile he saw himself successful nan mirror, he thought it looked cool connected him 

Ramage and Bolitho now ain aggregate suits and Bolitho has much than 40 front ties

At school, his friend Bolitho liked Ramage's look correct distant and thought it would beryllium awesome if he sewage a suit of his own.

Now, Bolitho owns astatine slightest 3 suits and much than 40 bow ties. 

Ed tech Dean Paquette besides took a liking to nan boys' suits and decided to subordinate successful connected their dapper fun.

'I first saw it, it's conscionable that I wanted to support it,' he told MPR. 

'That was that was my large point arsenic an educator, present are 2 young boys that are doing thing a small spot different.'

By nan clip Ramage's classmates starting getting involved, nan ed tech was location to thief walk retired bowties to nan kids who forgot to dress up.

One student told CBS News their general attire made them not consciousness for illustration they were a kid, while different schoolmate declared they felt for illustration they were a president. 

Paquette thought what nan boys were doing was nosy and wanted to support them. He besides gives retired bowties to students who hide to dress up connected Dapper Wednesdays

Chelsea Elementary School main Allison Hernandez was thrilled to spot what everyone has been doing and is besides a Dapper Wednesday participant

Not only are nan children and teachers dressing dapper for fun, they're besides receiving support from wrong and extracurricular of nan school.

According to Spectrum Local News, individuals person donated money to Chelsea Elementary on pinch different dress apparel to create nan Dapper Closet. 

Oklahoma precocious schoolhouse students besides sent nan schoolhouse a overgarment made of neckties, which was primitively utilized successful their schoolhouse play.

Fuller House prima Jodie Sweetin moreover took nan clip to meet Ramage and each of his classmates aft she recovered retired astir Dapper Wednesday.

'I deliberation they for illustration that it's squad building for nan schoolhouse and makes group consciousness bully astir themselves,' said Bolitho. 

'And I don't deliberation anyone would expect 2 kids to commencement a activity truthful big.' 

At slightest 2 schools successful Maine person started doing Dapper Wednesdays pursuing nan occurrence of nan 1 astatine Chelsea Elementary School

A coach astatine Oleson Elementary School successful Texas requested that teachers and students do a Dapper Wednesday past January

Other Maine schools now person a Dapper Day of their own, including P. Burr Elementary successful Lincoln and Greenville Consolidated School. 

Oleson Elementary School successful Texas besides joined successful connected nan nosy aft a teacher, Ms, Burton, insisted they introduced a Dapper Wednesday to help 'promote excellence and precocious self-esteem.'

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