Heartbreak for more than 130 women at prestigious NHS fertility clinic as 'horrifying' fault destroys their eggs, meaning they may now never be able to have children (and it took a YEAR for patients to find out)

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More than 100 women mightiness person heartbreakingly mislaid nan chance of becoming mothers because of a responsibility pinch nan ovum freezing process astatine a apical fertility clinic.

Eggs and embryos being stored astatine Guy’s and St Thomas' NHS Trust successful London are now feared to person been destroyed by nan error.

Cancer patients who went connected to person their wombs surgically removed are among nan 136 women affected, it was revealed today. 

Treatment for immoderate types of crab tin render women infertile, meaning they tin beryllium recommended to get their eggs stiff beforehand.

News of nan blunder was only communicated to patients complete nan past 2 weeks.

136 women whitethorn person mislaid their chance to go biologic parents pinch an NHS fertility session informing their stiff eggs and embryos whitethorn not past nan thawing process owed to a responsibility (stock image)

All nan women had eggs aliases embryos stiff astatine nan Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust betwixt September and October 2022

However, The Times reports that nan infirmary was told astir nan correction successful March past year, suggesting they kept nan responsibility nether wraps. 

All nan women affected had eggs aliases embryos stiff astatine nan session successful nan autumn of 2022, betwixt September and October.

The clinic, which boats of being 1 of nan astir precocious of its benignant successful nan country, takes connected some NHS and backstage patients, charging nan second thousands of pounds for IVF curen and hundreds for cryopreservation of eggs and embryos. 

Patient leaflets database nan costs of an IVF embryo frost at £4,750 and an annual cryopreservation retention interest of £350. 

A missive sent to nan women, seen by nan newspaper, informed them that their eggs and embryos 'may not past nan thaw process' owed to a manufacturing glitch pinch bottles of solution utilized to primitively frost them.

Only nan portion astatine Guy’s is presently known to beryllium affected.

But Britain's fertility curen regulator says nan peculiar merchandise whitethorn person been distributed to different UK clinics, meaning much problems could beryllium uncovered successful nan future. 

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA) is actively investigating nan incident.

The hold betwixt nan incident occurring and women learning of nan responsibility intends immoderate whitethorn nary longer person further eggs to freeze, efficaciously dashing their hopes of ever being a biologic parent. 

Even those who whitethorn still person nan action for further IVF treatments could look vastly accrued difficulty.

The likelihood of successful IVF quickly diminish arsenic women age, from 32 per cent for women nether 35, to conscionable 4 per cent for women complete 44, declining by astir 6 aliases 7 per cent for each mates of years of age. 

Guy’s has reportedly apologised for nan hold and offered nan women counselling.

A missive sent to affected patients sounds nan Trust had 'made alert of a manufacturing rumor pinch immoderate bottles of a solution that whitethorn person been utilized to frost eggs and embryos successful September and October 2022', The Times reported.

It continues: 'This intends that location is simply a consequence that eggs and embryos stiff successful nan affected solution whitethorn not past nan thaw process, and whitethorn not beryllium capable to beryllium utilized successful treatment.'

Guy's Assisted Conception Unit treats astir 2,000 patients a year.

Women caught successful nan nonaccomplishment of nan eggs and embryos opportunity they are devastated. 

One, who said anonymously, said: 'The expert informed maine that nan eggs I had stiff are improbable to beryllium viable, owed to a faulty freezing process. It has been devastating.

'It is traumatising for those mediocre women to beryllium told their stiff eggs cannot beryllium used.'

She called for Guy's to screen nan costs of further fertility treatment.

A spokesperson for Trust said: 'We person contacted each of those affected and apologised for nan hold successful doing truthful and immoderate distress this whitethorn person caused. 

Currently, nan fertility curen has a occurrence complaint of up to 40 per cent. Around a 3rd of IVF cycles among under-35s resulted successful a unrecorded commencement successful 2019 successful nan UK. Yet this dropped to conscionable 4 per cent successful over-44s

'We are supporting those who whitethorn person been impacted, including done our counselling service, and would impulse anyone pinch concerns to speak to america straight via nan dedicated telephone statement we person group up.'

The conception portion reportedly became alert of nan problem connected March 10 past year, conscionable weeks aft nan regulator Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency issued an alert astir problems pinch nan freezing solution. 

Rachel Cutting, head of compliance and accusation astatine nan HFEA warned different fertility clinics whitethorn person been impacted by nan fault.

'We are alert that this affected merchandise whitethorn person been distributed to different UK clinics, though nan HFEA is presently not alert of immoderate different licensed session wherever patients person been affected,' she said. 

'We admit immoderate incident whitethorn beryllium concerning to patients. We counsel patients to interaction their ain session to raise immoderate queries aliases concerns arsenic nan session is champion placed to counsel individuals connected really they may, aliases whitethorn not person been, affected.' 

The HFEA recorded much than 4,200 ovum retention cycles successful 2021, almost double nan 2,500 successful 2019. 

It is thought nan number of women freezing their eggs surged during Covid because galore feared they were moving retired of clip to person a baby.

The pandemic brought making love to a halt for azygous women for months astatine a time, leaving immoderate unsure erstwhile they would meet nan correct partner to commencement a family.

Egg freezing involves pursuing nan first steps of IVF, which takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Women return narcotics to boost their ovum accumulation and thief eggs mature.

The eggs are past collected nether wide anaesthetic, mixed pinch a freezing solution and frozen.

Most patients nether 38 person 7 to 14 eggs collected.

On average, women suffer astir 1,000 eggs per month.